Poetry Challenge #4 - A Confession of Love


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Not just any old confession, though. Your confessing your love to a food! Write a poetic confession to the food you love most. If there is more than one, feel free to creatively combine them into one poem or talk about the conflict of choosing one over the other. If not that, write more than one!

This is food, mind you. Not drink. No poems about beer. :P

Here is my poem:

Hello, Pasta
Sitting on the shelf
caged in some coloured cardboard
I'll have you to myself
you're so easy to afford!

Red, white or plain
just butter and garlic is great
I feel so insane
about this flavour debate

Never without cheese
Always a delicious shape
I say thanks and please
for this heavenly escape​


OMFG I wish I still had a poem that I wrote about tacos and sodomy for a 'goth' themed party my friend threw a couple of years ago.

Anyways, those unfamiliar with Mr. Noodles, they are essentially a Canadian (aka more awesome) version of ramen noodles. While I love many other foods more than Mr. Noodles, Mr Noodles still holds a place in my heart for always being there when I needed him most.

What's Shaking, Mr. Noodles?
What a glorious cardboard cup,
I just can't wait to fill you up.
Beef, mushroom, chicken or curry,
It's you I go to in a hurry.

But before I do the deed,
I must instructions read:
If you really want to dine,
Fill with water to the line.
While you wait for your noodles,
Fill a page with tiny doodles.

And with that task complete,
I taste your broth so sweet.
For me there is no other,
I love you like a brother.
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Breathless on the counter
A heart thats struck so deep
I'd give the years Before now
Just to watch you sleep

A heart that once was tortured
I swear that now is free
Dreaming of a life
Together, You and me

This distance isn't all that bad
The things that I'd go through
I'd travel to the end of time
Just to be with you

OF all the things I am to you
I hope one day I can
Be the one who walks with you
Together, Hand in hand

Apart, we start, but finish
Together, this I swear
I'd give my arms to hold you
Wherever you are, I'll meet you there

Dry them eyes with razors
The pain of distance leaves
The first time that I saw you

I loved you, as I breath.


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I used to hate the autumn
so distant, cold, and lonely
I used to hate the winter too,
But what would that mean to you?

In times past there was brief warmth
but it never stayed and would always fade
And back to chills I would go
my heart was wintered
without snow

I wear these clothes to keep me hot
but with you I need them not
and I stumble on these verses
like horrid rancid hearses.

I hope this poem explains
the feelings that I keep
you've taken away my pain
as I watch you fall asleep

You're everything I'll ever need
Without you my world goes gray
I promise I'll do my best to please
and smile when you stay

I now love all the seasons
because you showed me the light
And you gave me reasons
to look at them with a different sight

I love you, Twizzlers.

*Grins a sly grin and slowly walks away*


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I know this is late,
I know this will hurt,
I know time has passed,
I know so much more.

I know its not fate,
I know this is curt,
I know this will last,
It is you I adore.


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A Confession of Love (Birthday Cake)

Oh! Sweet birthday cake,

With your icing and candles,

Become one with me.
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