Poetry Challenge # 33 -- Fable

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    For this week's challenge, I ask that you write a Fable! (click on link for information and examples!)
    one of Indian's most popular Telugu poems. Naani means an expression of one and all.

    Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Your own creative juices. :P

    Have fun, and try using bbcodes to make your Fable look pretty!:)

  2. There was a man who sat alone
    Upon the pier outside the house
    And every morning I would see him
    Patiently baiting his line

    During the long days of summer
    He would come to me and ask
    If I would like to join him
    In his seemingly endless pursuit

    There was always something more
    Things that I had to get done
    So each time, I would refuse him
    Promise to help him another time

    When the old man stopped showing
    At first, I did not notice he was gone
    But as the days trickled by,
    I realized that something must be wrong

    Without waiting for me to help him
    That old man had passed away
    And I never did go fishing, not once
    That's all I remember, not those things I had to do.
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  3. [Penguins!]

    Somehow I always wanted to be a bird
    Being the way I am
    With two webbed feet, a bill, and feathers
    It still wasn't enough

    Every day I envy the little birds
    They could fly where they wanted
    Exploring the world

    One day they stopped showing up
    The bird was suppose to be fishing
    I knew this because I too fished

    For a while there were't birds
    So I got worried and swam across
    Across the ocean and beyond
    Until I found a ship

    What I saw disturbed me
    People without furs or feathers
    They caught the birds
    Had them in cage

    I realize what was happening
    Not until it was too late
    Every creature has its own predator
    That is when I stopped my wish to fly
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  4. The Cheater

    It was a busy night for "The Hole,"
    A seedy bar with patrons surly.
    They weren't the type of people to mess with,
    Deadly sharks and bruisers big and burly.
    Some played billiards and others poker,
    Gathered around the tables placing bets,
    Gambling with their money and their lives,
    The sharks always won, leaving others in debt.
    There was only ever one man who won,
    A man of many different tricks and trades.
    With a pile of money and a smile,
    He deceived everyone with his charade.
    How eloquent and charming was the man,
    At first no one could see through his lies.
    But when he proved to be too talented,
    The sharks no longer fell for his guise.
    After a most profitable game,
    The man left to make his way home.
    He stuffed his winnings into his bag
    And set out on the empty streets alone.
    All was calm and quiet 'neath the full moon,
    There was not a single soul in sight.
    It was a few days before any knew
    The man never made it home that night.
    Authorities investigated it,
    And although never a suspect pinned,
    All who frequented "The Hole" knew well
    What exactly happened to him.
    The money was never recovered,
    The man's body was found bruised and beat.
    The man became a lasting example
    Of what happens to those who cheat.
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  5. Pen in my hand,
    I stare down at the blank page.
    It shimmers in the moonlight,
    But nothing comes to mind.

    I am happy now,
    But my mind is empty.
    Perhaps that's why all my stories are sad.
    For when tears come, so do words.

    It is a lesson you learn,
    When your mind wants release.
    If everything was okay,
    There would be nothing to write.
  6. The Sheepdog and the Mule

    The faithful guardian of the sheep
    Watched the herd within the glen
    And kept them safe from every harm
    Til the were rounded up safely in their pen

    The mule watched the dog running around all day
    Laughing and braying at the his folly
    "They're stupid and foolish and wander off
    Let them learn their lesson by golly!"

    The dog shook his head and kept his watch
    "They are gentle and sweet and far too kind
    How could I ever allow danger to come
    When all I must do is make them mind?"

    The mule laughed the louder
    "Whatever you say, but I like my way."
    "I like the farmer's way myself"
    And protected them the rest of the day

    But the farmer came out to the glen next day
    And set the Mule to work in the field
    The Mule didn't like the yoke now the plow
    And he stubbornly refused to yield

    A whip to his back was the punishment
    For his rebellious impertinence
    He bucked and fought the whole day long
    Til the field was plowed to the sheepfold fence

    His back was raw from fighting the yoke
    His legs were red from the whip
    He watched the dog and sheep beyond
    And bowed his head as his tail gave a flip

    "I should have heeded your wisdom my friend
    For now I have found out too late
    That the farmer's ways are higher than mine
    And it is better to cooperate"