Poetry Challenge # 28 -- Fireplace


Manikos Karagiozis
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As the months get colder, the more we wish for warmth and something to cuddle up to. So for this challenge I want you to write a poem on a fireplace! The style of poem is your choice and you can write about anything pertaining to.
Here is a short list to help get you started:

Snuggling near the fireplace

I also encourage you to use
bbcodes to make your poem(s) look pretty! Using Shadow Poetry will also help you for structure ideas. Have fun and be creative! Don't hesitate to ask questions!



Cold and freezing, I light that small match.
A match whose light only flickers on the wooden stick.
The right of me sits and old fireplace.
I throw in the light awaiting for a spark.
The small flame spread in a matter of seconds.
The fire is burning with such power and might.
Without knowledge, I put a finger at the tip.
My finger it burned, only a little bit.

> <'' spoke out my mind right here. I bet it doesn't even qualify as a poem...
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The Bartender
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I've got it under control,
I think, I hope.

This flame,
Used to be wildifre,
All consuming.

But the fire was good,
Cause it was motivation at its core.
I didn't care,
about the damage it did
to other souls.

But patience, skill, and willpower,
It has shrunk the wildfire,
To a fireplace.

The coals are warm,
The heat just enough to be felt, not burned.
It is the embodiment,
Of determination and perseverance.
So I can let the fire go on...

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eneath the covers where we lie,
nly the night can tell where we will be.
eliberately enclosing one another,
et another shiver escapes my skin.
olding me closer all the while,
ternity awaits us beneath this blanket.
gain we sigh. Again we lie.
il' all is silent and a fire is formed.
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Warm, cozy
Burning, crackling, dancing
Bright, beautiful, hot, indiscriminate
Breathing, destroying, creating

Ashen, new
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My God, it's full of stars and eyes!
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Crackling as the tinder breaking under foot, a smorgasbord of sparkles.
Such a comforting calm to soothe the aching bones.
Ah but a warm sliver of fiery scant mountains to fuel my desire.
Hmmm, such a quaint delight to feast upon the fireside.
Flesh on stone on wool on warmth.
Speckles of furious red and lavish yellow flurry about.
Snuffed like ethereal flies, smitten unto ash.
Seep into the stone my dear, breathe life anew into my foundation and core.
Breathe deep and take in your fuel, sacrificial coal of lambs.
My gluttonous raging friend.
Char as
you must, scorch deep your grounds.
Braziers of tru
st stand vigilant lest you spread oh so undesirably.
Clouds of ch
ain repel your frivolous bombardments of specks and ember.
Oh but
a prisoner forced to feed upon natures fuel,
your oppression brings me solace on a cold winters night.
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Poe Dameron

Fire in the place
More frequent in the cold
The warmth it provides
Never ever gets old

The sound of the flames
The crackles and the pops
I frequently enjoy it
With freshly brewed hops

When the holidays end
And the cold still remains
Sometimes a little fire
Would just keep me sane

When the heat no longer emanates
From the place near the sill
It just means its now time
To go burn food on the grill!


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His heart was hot,
And like a fire it burned,
Passion was is fuel,
And Anger was its flame.

Her heart was cold,
Bred in the cold winter of Life.
It was numb, unresponsive,
And ice kissed its surface.

And though it could hurt,
She couldn't help it,
She got close to his flame,
Knowing it was a danger.

And though it could hurt,
He couldn't help it,
He got close to her ice,
Knowing it was a danger.

Ice and fire rarely mix,
For with the death of one,
The other is extinguished.
But they came together anyway.

Quite a pair, the two were,
One a fiery passion,
The other, a cold winter.
But it could not last.

His passion became too much,
And she left him with naught,
Only a small puddle,
So that his flame fizzled out.
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Flames dancing atop amber logs
Inside the hearth's embrace
Romantic light invades the room
Enticing cuddling ones to linger
Puffs of smoke from crackling wood
Lend their magic to the scene
Ashes sifting gently down
Coals begin to ease their glow
Extinguished sadly...time to go