EXERCISE Poetry Challenge #26 -- The Cryptic Skull

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    There's a mystery behind every bone you dig up. How did it get there? Who did it belong to? There are many questions, you see? Imagine you come across a mysterious looking skull, be it during a treasure hunt, grave robbing, a murder, etc.! This seemed like it could be an interesting, fun topic for poetry. Use any style of poem you wish and get as creative as you'd like. I'll provide a few ideas to help get started, if you need:

    • Digging for treasure
    • Exploring a cave
    • Solving a mystery
    • Telling a horror story
    • Murder
    • Curse
    • Nightmares

    I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. (; Also, look at Shadow Poetry for structure ideas. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
  2. [Hi, is this challange still running?]
  3. Yessum. You can post in it whenever you'd like, even if it ain't sticky'd. :D
  4. I have a secret,
    But I simply can't keep it hung up.
    Not in the shadows of a proverbial closet.

    It's far too close to me,
    I cannot leave it behind.
    Fear, I suppose, is the reason
    I carry it at all times.

    Nobody seems to suspect.

    In spite of keeping it in the open,
    Everyone sees what they wish to.
    I guess only a genius could keep it
    Hidden in plain sight.

    It drives me to the edge,
    At the times I want to shake it off.
    Deceptively white,
    It digs it's fingers into my skin.
    skeletons won't leave me.
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  5. (This poem is strange and came out of nowhere, and has no real format, so all apologies for confusion and eye scarring.)

    I found you.
    I loved you.
    Despite all the meat on you,
    I admired you,
    I desired you.
    I would take you for my own.
    I didn't cut you.
    I didn't kill you.
    But I surely must have scared you.
    Through the wood,
    for hours I chased you,
    You still rolled away from me.

    I left you,
    though I loved you,
    let the flies and worms take you,
    rushed to save you.
    You were there,
    waiting for me.

    I brought a bucket full of lye.

    I scrubbed the last of your life off you
    boiled you,
    bleached you,
    brushed you clean.
    You're almost sparkling,
    twinkling madly.
    Your smile literally gleams.

    You are my precious treasure.
    Dust and grime I won't abide.
    Now you're ready for the wedding.
    My pure beauty,
    my white bride.
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  6. you're in luck fluffers....i found an old poem that fits this nicely : D

    On the darkest hour of this ever dark day
    We find our sanity drawn thin and beginning to stray

    Hope drifts just out of greedy fingers way
    And Death doth walk the dark corridors we paved
    With our blood our hearts cry out in pain
    Forever lost in this sea of darkness with no hope to gain

    This coldness, that seems to ever grow,
    Settles into my decaying bones.
    My eyes shine dully with lust no more!
    My soul cries out, it falls to the floor.

    A heart once beating turns to ashen gray.
    As I close my eyes and begin to pray.
    Darkness slowly creeps into my sight;
    As Death's hand sweeps his mighty scythe​
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