Poetry Challenge #23 -- The Mask


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Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Superpowers, Drama. Also, romance is required with me because I will get bored without it.

[dash=silver]There are many possibilities for this theme, I reckon. A mask can symbolize many things; festivity, mystery, emotion... Seeing as it's Halloween this month, that can be used as inspiration as well. Using any poetry style of your choice, write me something about a mask. A mask of any kind! It does not have to be the example above. (: That's simply there for decoration.

I offer a list of ideas you can use as inspiration if you need it:

  • A grand ball
  • Halloween
  • Hidden feelings
  • Romance
  • Something mysterious
  • A prank
  • Pretending you're somebody else
  • Heroes/Villains

I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. (; And if you desire a specific structure for your poems, I recommend Shadow Poetry. Don't hesitate to ask any questions!
well this'll be a slightly adapted form of an older poem of mine entitled Curtain Call

Curtain Call

I'm tired of living a life that's not mine,
Living a lie to please those around.
I put on my costume to play the part,
I put on my masks to cover the scars.
Stepping out on the stage
I wait for the curtain to rise.
The spotlight on me,
They wait to see my act,
My disguise.
The face upon my mask smiles,
But behind I hide tears.
I'll give my best performance,
Make them all believe.
Believe that this is the real me.

Acting my part, as if everything is alright,
Even though I want to scream, to escape.
Make my pain disappear and my wounds heal,
Show the audience my true self.
Even though I don't know who that is.

Life turns to act, and act turns to life.
Until I no longer know which is real,
Which is fake.
Unanswered questions flow through my mind,
As like a puppet on strings I'm lead,
Though each scene of the play.
Conforming to the ideals of the audience
Which I entertain.
As time nears an end,
My masks change once again.
Taking a bow, the curtain falls,
To mark the act's end.

As my masks come off, and costume is put away
I'm left alone with only my painful thoughts.
As I look in the mirror to see my true self,
A tear rolls down my porcelain face.
I'm sick of the lies
I live over each day,
Haunting me and following me
Wherever I may be.
All the plays that I've lived,
I want them to end!
And I finally decide this is the last straw
It's time this madness came to an end.

As I put on my masks and costume for one final take
Back to the stage I go,
Plastering on each face once more.
Taking a deep breath, my own hell will finally end.
As I take my final bow ever, and the lights slowly dim.
The audience applauds and
The curtain falls one last time.
A crimson robe to mark my final act.
As black roses fall, an encore,
To mark my final parting, my death.


Masquerade No More:rose:
It is that time again,
The night of the Mardi Gras Masquerade.
Where ladies and their gentlemen will waltz
In their gowns and costumes.
Beauty of the Masquerade, a dwindle of colors and roses.
Fabrics will shine as the dancers dance and bow;
The music will sound; a melody of romance and shingles that'll play.
May the gents and gals play with the unknown.

Fabricated masks mark the letter;
The feathered unknown, only eyes will show.
Crystalline eyes and smooth, perfect; rosy lips.
May the hands incline; we shall dance.
Wrapped partials between two partners,
A lightning romance bring they together.

A Mardi Gras Masquerade,
Where the beautiful masks
May bring two together, a hand over one;
Lips close together and crystalline eyes shut tight.
The linen fabrics intertwine; hands are a tangled mess.
"Lift off your mask, my dear."

Dead monotone silence
As the one brings a hand over her mask,
Slowly lifting, slowing turning her head away.
"My life is only beautiful with my mask on."
She says, fading back away.
The mask fully on her face once again.

"The mask is a hideous lie.
Give me your hand, and we'll take them off at the same time."
He inclines his hand and she slowly reaches out.
Both turn their heads,
Reaching for their masks.
They fall to the floor as both stand silent and still for short moments.

"The Masquerade is a lie.
You are beautiful without those hideous lies."
He says and brings her close.
Their faces meet, nose at nose.
Eyes close tight, as the lips come together; a spark of beauty.
"Will you be mine?"

The crowd is watching in awe,
As each individual brings a hand to their mask of lies.
One by one, they all fall to the floor, and look their partners in the eyes.
The Masquerade is no more.

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If paper faces tell a story
they tell a story not their own
for however much we dare to try
there is no truth upon that visage
Under all the masquerading
there is superfluous leagues of shame
Let us no rejoice with learning
let us play and laugh and sing!

Let us drink now, and by merry
Now with Dionysus sharing
Twirling in the swirl of colors
Faster past the twilight orders<o:p></o:p>
Do we know a better way<o:p></o:p>
Not when joy and rapture sway us<o:p></o:p>
I indulge in this serenade<o:p></o:p>
Here with many, many others.

This is our first and final chapter
This is our darkest, brightest hour
All this written on the faces
That we refuse to emancipate of<o:p></o:p>
Colors flourish, bold and sour<o:p></o:p>
Glitter, laces, now disgrace us<o:p></o:p>
For this mask I speak so fondly, <o:p></o:p>
Is the mask the world is donned in.

If paper faces tell a story
they tell a story we have chose
for however much we dare to try
there is no truth without strength or hope.
If you do not wake tommorow
Carry with you this song of sorrow
For the living, this message sent<o:p></o:p>
By the mask of pale horse, death.<o:p></o:p>
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Note: I had a very great poem written for this challenge, but I got eaten by the internet T.T Not even auto-save could help me...That aside, I'll try my hand at a different poem...though I have a feeling it wont be as good as my *sniff* deleted one *cries*

Masked Romance

A half mask covers your visage
As I approach

Green eyes peer at me through
Two slits

Curiosity piqued, I step closer
Within inches

Following your jaw leads to
Kissable lips

My finger slides down your cheek
No resistance

Your hand creeps up my back
Pull me close


A half mask covers your visage
As you approach

Blue eyes gaze at me from
Under mask

My heart is pounding with you so near
Within inches

Skin so soft, and pale in the moonlight
Delicate floret

Your finger slides down my cheek
Cannot Resist

My hand presses upon your back
Come closer


The night is still young
Romance blossoms
The Evening Primrose

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At first glance you will never tell,

Smiles, laughs, and faces I sell,

In my enigma people bask,

No one can see behind my mask.

Living a life of make-believe,

Not a soul I cannot deceive,

Why do I play this game, you ask?

No one can see behind my mask.

I can no longer live this lie,

Tis time for the façade to die,

Pretending is a grievous task,

No one can see behind my mask.

((A little play on words. ;) ))
(This one is very freeform...but that's just how I like my poems. I hope you still count this, lol)
The Hidden Girl

How did it all start?
A word.
A look.
Something to remind her that she was not who she first thought.

Words can be damaging,
An insult.
A sneer,
Like a knife cutting through the heartstrings.

Looks can be painful,
A glare,
A scoff.
Like a needle piercing to the heart.

But the most damaging thing,
Is nothing at all.
Words left in the air.

It builds and builds until there is nothing left to salvage,
And the girl that was once happy is happy no more.
She puts on a mask so people don't worry.
But she wonders if they would worry if she didn't.

Life is not a masquerade,
But still people don't notice the masks.
Or perhaps they ignore them,
And you have to find the one person that doesn't.

But the Hidden Girl's mask was good,
And it smiled for her,
Even as her heart ached.
And no one ever saw through it, even as she screamed for help.

How did it all end?
A note.
A noose.
Something to remind you that the Hidden Girl could be anyone.
People hide behind beautiful masks
But do no hide what any lacks
Fearful of the light
Shining bright

Risking nothing by the mask concealed
And no truthful thing revealed
Fearful of the light
Shining bright

Until someone rips the mask away
Exposing them in a way
Fearful of the light
Shining bright
Hiding behind the mask
Concealed from none that pass.
Hiding your truest self
From both yourself and us.
Strangers pass in the crowd,
Eyes seeing who you are
With just a passing glance.
Your mask doing nothing
To conceal your visage.
You can try and hide, or
You can run away to
Somewhere far from here, and
Keep yourself away from
All those who can see through
That mask you wear. There is
No other decision.
No other choice for you
Hide and conceal or run
and keep yourself away
From those that could love and
Those that could lift you up.
Maybe you're better off
Without the mask, without
hiding who you are.