EXERCISE Poetry Challenge #19 -- Candlelight

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    The theme is candlelight set in any mood you'd like. Happy, sad, cozy, scary, romantic... Do whatever you'd like with it. Here is a list of theme ideas if you need any:

    • Birthday
    • Power outage
    • Wintertime
    • Darkness
    • Getting lost
    • Date night

    I hope I could inspire you with my lovely list. XD I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. If you need some guidance as to what style your poem should be, take a look at Shadow Poetry.
  2. A pathetic attempt at explaining what implicitly goes down in my poem: A girl broke up with her boyfriend because he did her wrong in some sort of way so she's taking anything that reminds her of him to a candle and burning it.​

    My Memories to the Candle

    This murky darkness

    Shatters into shady
    Fragments as its flames
    Burst forth

    This passionate flare
    Illuminating my
    Humble, hidden

    This heavy feeling
    Must be consumed
    In this ephemeral
    blaze's heat.

    Take my uncertain
    Emotions and let
    Them emerge

    Let your petite spark
    Erupt into an inferno
    That will consume these

    Incinerate my frozen
    Sentiments for
    He who froze my
    Heart so.
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  3. Little Light

    What a little light that dances
    on the wick of a candle.
    What a little glow the flame provides,
    fighting not to be swallowed by darkness.
    Ever it burns,
    a beacon of hope in the shadows,
    guiding the lost.
    Eyes that see nothing but blackness
    gravitate towards it,
    as if by magnetism.
    The flame reflects in their despair,
    tears sparkle like drops of gold.
    It embraces the tired hearts,
    envelopes them in its tiny warmth,
    and starts their fires anew.
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  4. A Candlelit Promise

    She sat near the window, her hands on the glass,
    The candle burned slowly, in it's old stick of brass.
    She hoped and she prayed, that he'd see the light,
    Of the candle in the window, that cold autumn's night.

    The candlelight flickered, but her faith did not shake,
    She had given the signal, and now she must wait.
    She knew he would come, so her eyes searched the night.
    For another faint flame, another flicker of light.

    Tomorrow she'd be married, as she'd known she would be,
    But now she'd decided, that she'd rather be free.
    So she signaled her love, as she promised to do,
    If her resolve ever broke, and she couldn't go through.

    Our duty comes first, her mother once said,
    So she followed her orders, ignored the dread.
    But tonight she'd decided, for better or worse,
    Our duty comes second, our heart's wishes first.

    He promised he'd love her, to the ends of the Earth,
    And she clung to their love, for all it was worth.
    Thus she waited and waited, till at last all was right,
    For there in the distance, was a small point of light.
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  5. Candlelight

    He sees me now, I must run
    Run, run, run, as fast as I can
    I trip, and stumble, and fall and tumble.
    The candle flies from my hand.
    The flame, my hope! It quenches
    On the carpet, my despair, the darkness closing in.
    I take a lighter to the candle. I pick the wax monolith up with a sweating palm.
    Flick flick. Flick Flick. Flick Flick.
    The lighter does not work.
    A laugh, a dark laugh, a malignant, devious laugh is my only company.
    The Midnight Man has arrived.
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  6. Flickering light --
    intensifies the mind's eye
    The Face In The Dark
    perhaps --
    is just another jumping shadow
  7. [And By Candlelight]

    By candlelight
    we twist and sputter
    in heavy layered robes
    that dance with us.

    And by candlelight
    we clean our knives,
    scoops, and mini-pitch forks
    with grins as wide as Blood Moons.

    And by candlelight,
    we form into odd shapes;
    a single body, if you will.
    A beautiful mass to celebrate!

    And by candlelight,
    we chant thrice-
    "Happy birthday!"
    then "Make a wish!"

    And by candlelight,
    we tear apart
    the soft flesh
    of the child's cake

    And by candlelight,
    we lap up the
    chunky, red liquid
    that resides within the vessel.


    Hooray for creepy birthday tales that are poorly written and based off of Tumblr posts! yAAY PARTY
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  8. [BCOLOR=#666699] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#666699]Candle Light [/BCOLOR]

    It's no wonder I hate this day
    Nothing ever seems to go right
    It is supposed to be a wonderful day
    With the one I love, by candle light.
    But it seems to be a curse...
    I sit at the small table, waiting.
    Snow filled winds hit the windows

    The food has become cold
    The DVD has become heavy in my hand
    The lights have flickered out
    The house is cold
    But my body is even colder
    The dark envelops me

    All hope was lost as night turned into day
    Winds slowed
    Snow fell gently now
    And the power returned
    But he did not
    And then my light was lost
    "Your boyfriend has died in a car accident"

    ...Happy Birthday to me...


    My poetry always seems to take a dark turn. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it
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  9. The Night

    Sudden hiss
    Light, shadows, bright
    A spark, gloom, a face,
    Warm, golden, a sparkle in his eyes
    A sea of icy blue...

    The smell of smoke, head throbbing,
    A vision?
    No, it's not future
    Past torments
    Coughing, heat,
    Wet cheeks, dried, so sudden
    Strong arms, reaching
    Pain, oh it burns!
    A hand, then leg, scars

    A scream, shaking head
    Hushed voice.
    A wind, the flame goes out
    Darkness, silence.
    Strong embrace, a kiss
    A caress, scars tingle, not burn
    Hushed voice, just one.
    Wet cheeks, not so dry.
  10. She wandered.
    Lost and alone,
    One light to guide her.

    She wandered,
    A candle lighting the road,
    The flame embedded in her chest.

    It flickered,
    Her heart, locked away,
    A fire in a golden cage.

    He saw,
    The Thief watched,
    And he offered to free it.

    He smiled,
    Disarming, alluring,
    And told her to trust him.

    He lied,
    Said she would be free,
    And that her Candle would grow.

    She fell,
    His trap too hidden,
    And let him too close.

    She slept,
    And the Thief snuck in,
    He stole her Candle away.

    She wandered,
    Lost and alone,
    No light to guide her.
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  11. The candle flickers on the desk
    The quill dips in the black ink recess
    The scratching scrawling of words to page
    The violent fist crumples in rage

    The writer pens another line
    The dancing flame a shadow fine
    Casts a mocking doubt to mind
    Another page the can will find

    Until the candle burns its last
    And scribbles come now hard and fast
    As brows furrow and eyes squint
    Pen drops in defeat tis time to quit
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  12. Storm Lantern

    You were my storm lantern
    in a time when all the power went out,
    when my money had dwindled
    and the utility company abandoned me
    because I could give it no more.

    You were my storm lantern,
    surprisingly bright to me in the dark,
    but I only needed you at night,
    and yet you stayed by my side
    because where else were we going to go?

    You were my storm lantern
    when the winds outside dizzied me
    and I felt that even a candle would go out.
    Your flame held steady inside a glass chimney,
    and I weathered your stench to read by your light.

    But you were a storm lantern
    and when the lights came back on
    you seemed dimmer by far
    to the lamps and the lightbulbs
    scattered about the house.

    Because a storm lantern is needed
    only when there is nothing else
    to provide light in a dark world.
    I am sorry, but I don't need you now,
    and I cannot keep feeding you either.

    Forgive me for putting you away
    behind the linens in the closet
    for the day I may need you again
    but for now I will pay the light bill
    and ready by a lamp's light.