Poetry Challenge #16 -- Summertime


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For the Northern hemisphere, summertime officially begins on June 21st. In honour of this upcoming date, let's make some poetry! The environment is already nice and warm for some places. Even over here in Washington, we've had a few days of warmth and sunshine. Here are some ideas if you have trouble getting started:

  • Flowers
  • Swimming
  • Traveling/Vacation
  • Sunshine
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Why you hate the hot temperature so much
  • Summer love

I hope I was able to inspire you with my lovely list. XD I'll post up a poem of my own if I can get a member or two to join in. I encourage you to make the poem(s) look pretty with bbcodes. If you need some guidance as to what style your poem should be, take a look at Shadow Poetry.
Love me twice in the Summer.
Leave me once, forever.
I gave you a flower,
A token of my Love.
A sunshine of my life;
and a Radiant of my smile.

A heart made of diamonds,
your gaze is amazing.
Your heart solid as gold,
afraid of what might happen.
Essence of Summer

What is the essence of summer,
crystal blue waves
crashing in salty foam
on white or golden beaches?
Is it the wild and exotic blooms
the color heated landscapes
of freshly cut green
and throw sweet scents about
in the cool gulf breezes?
Is it the chirping of crickets
crying for rain or the cry of
cicadas longing to mate
on a warm starry night?
Is it festivals and parties
and dark night skies lit
with the many colors
and patterns of fire works?
The essence of summer is
all of these things and more.
The essence of summer is you.
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The heat cripples,
Knocks you to your knees.
Summer is here.

The heat is hateful,
Wilts the grass and trees.
Summer is here.

The heat crumbles,
Clouds, come to save me, please.
Summer is here.

The heat runs,
Rain returns, so does the breeze.
Rainstorm is here.
The gentle scent of lilacs
The sound of busy bees
The laughter of children
The wind rustling the trees

The sparkle of sunlight
The blue of the sky
The warmth of the morning
The annoying fly

All mark the grace
And elegance of the day
When Spring looses its grip
And Summer has its way
Like a lizard I lay upon a blanket
soaking up the noonday sun
steadily turning golden brown,
turning over when one side's done.

My love believes me a lunatic,
to lay underneath its rays,
but I'd sooner praise the sun
and outside spend my days

taking in that radiation,
soaking in those cosmic waves,
storing heat inside my bones
for colder, winter days.