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  1. Yes, I had another poetry thread on here, but I have closed it. Reason? I have written new poems as of late, and I have become better with words. My old thread was receiving no attention by both myself and other Iwakuans. So, in hating on my old poetry, I have decided to bid those farewell and create, in absolute reasoning with myself, a new poetry thread that which will hold my new poems and any poems I have written that I hold dear. So, behold, a new era of written words called poetry.
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  2. The Clear Glass Window

    Hello, my dear.
    Look, as you wake,
    through the clear glass window.
    Do you see the golden leaves?
    Close your eyes and imagine the scene;
    make a wish that belongs to you.

    Hear the birds calling your name.
    Listen carefully to their bright, joyful tunes.
    Hear the sounds they produce as they
    sing your name.
    A lullaby of song and a wakening of day.

    Gently, softly, feel the breeze of the wind
    from the open window.
    Wake my dear,
    and inspect the day's surroundings.

    Fly with the birds and
    hunt with the bears through the clear glass window.
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  3. A City With No Name

    Have you seen
    a city with no name?
    The trash cans filled
    with rotting trash,
    the streets covered in a littered haze,
    the park growing pale
    with no birds to sing a song of day?

    Have you seen the sky gone
    grey, the night that which covers
    day with no clouds and
    no sun to set?

    Have you seen this world before?
    Silence; cracked streets,
    robbed buildings and flickering
    street lights.

    I am sure you haven't.
    But can you imagine,
    in a thousand years,
    what mess; the destruction
    that we'll leave behind?
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  4. I did this one a little over a year ago, but it holds a special place in my heart. It is also one of my favorites, and I thought it deserved to enter this thread.

    Dear Madame

    Oh, dear madame!
    Dear madame by the sea!
    Who's hair tangles in the wind!
    And who's thoughts I conceive.

    Your beauty shines,
    Dear Madame,
    Madame by the sea.
    It shines and it dances
    From the moonlight above!

    Oh, dear madame,
    Madame by the sea,
    Your heart is a thundering,
    Thundering against your lovely bosom.
    Crying out for all the gulls to hear!

    And the sea, dear madame,
    The sea sings along
    With its ocean waves a hitting,
    Hitting against the seashore.

    Oh! Dear madame!
    Dear madame!
    How I love thee!
    My words; if they can!
    Can only express my love for thee!

    Dear madame,
    Dear madame by the sea,
    If only I could take thee
    Into my arms
    And to let all feelings free. ~

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  5. ... Ghandi? Is that the one who says that?

    Also I love that first poem the best. I can't really say why.
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  6. [​IMG]

    The Simple Circle

    A circle, a dot
    Something that seems so meaningless
    yet without it, nothing would be the same.
    For without it, our world would not exist.

    The round planet of which we live,
    the very thing of life, yet a simple, round circle
    in the middle of darkness.

    (Yes, Zen it is indeed Ghandi! :D And thank you! <3)
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  7. Necrosis

    I once swam through subversion seas
    upon which were littered with a vicious vapor.
    Flocking, feverish ravens dominated the daytime sky
    and shriveled ships rested upon sinful waves.
    Eyeing me, were the wives of the deceased;
    depraved Osiris.

    Through the indistinct water arose the hands
    of the one called Anubis.
    Honorably horrid and hungry; abomination.
    Seven deadly years of decay;
    how spectral of a stench,
    though which carried far the nightmares of the necrosis.
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  8. (Whoever has me on facebook may recognize this particular poem.)
    Not too long ago I submitted this one into a contest, and it is now officially a published poem, so... I thought, why not share it with you guys as well, and see what you think. ^^;;

    The Controversial Spring

    Shimmering waters
    reflecting the rays from above,
    if only for a little while.

    The fire beyond the mountain is
    rising, fast and furious -
    glorious and strong-footed.

    Smoke rises, and it lifts, blackened
    into the clogged atmosphere.
    And the moon! She fights downward, creating a
    shadowed colossus.

    Where is the sun? Covered up and almost defeated,
    banished, or so it seems.
    Tugging at one another, the three forces of nature -
    watch as the branches create a ripple in the window.

    Dancing fairies sprout the water, as conflict
    arises and the heart of war conveys...
    as identity slowly drifts,
    waving goodbye and slipping into its last words.

    Where has peace gone?
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  9. Take my hand, my dear, and swallow deeply;
    fly your spirits skywards to mine.

    Follow this wasteland to seas of forgiveness and gratitude,
    and hold your strength and falterations.
    Dance your almighty breath upon the glass
    of appreciation.

    My dear sweet, do not be afraid,
    this is not our lullaby.

    This is our future beginnings and our pavement of existence.
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  10. Greta oto

    A spectrum of colored beauties
    full of peaceful melodies breached
    with magical wisdom.

    The wings of fate, like
    the eyes of a dragon,
    flutter through a crystal atmosphere

    The mirrors in such wings,
    create worlds unbelievable
    to human eyes alike.

    Hues of reds and blues
    rejuvenate a wisdom unlike
    anything reclaimed before.

    It is a love unknown and
    difficult to comprehend.
    Such may be the way intended.
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  11. The Woman in White

    The woman dressed in full white lied on a bed of tears
    she wept into a piece of dampened fabric, darkened and
    heavy by her unwanted tears.

    She tried, she knew, as many times she could to gain the one she loved.
    She was denied and abused and left as she was,
    but still she tried on to gain his love.

    The woman in white was to be his betrothed,
    and as happy she was, he was not happy at all.
    Still she tried on, to be the one for him to fall.

    The man in adorned apparel stressed forth she was not the one,
    but still the woman in white tried on.

    She cleansed his body and breathed his soul,
    yet she was denied and left to be shoal,
    as he strode forth in ignorance, as ignorance is bliss,
    while the woman in white tried on.

    She gave her heart to him through meals
    and tried affections,
    and in return she received hurtful inflictions.

    The woman in white stressed on that she could be
    the one,
    and as the marriage ceremony drew near, she tried on.

    But the man did not fall and as he became relentless,
    it was in his heart to ruin hers.

    And so he kissed her on that day, only to flee,
    and to leave the woman dressed in white to weep.
    And as she wept, he found another, while the
    woman in white was left to suffer.
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  12. Unveiling
    Maybe one day understanding will shine through
    these feelings of masked temptations
    of which are impossible to deny.
    Within myself.

    Questionable antics, how might I comprehend?
    Confused I am; worried, should I be?

    How to approach this,
    it lies unclear.
    Shrouded in doubt and irritable conflictions,
    might one be of angst?

    Desperately awaiting,
    not of good use.
    Not able to shine through,
    how might I reach in?

    Not to be a shadow,
    yet one I feel.
    What to do?

    Shuttered in behind the sweat
    from the uneasiness of fear;
    my mind is abliss with wonder.

    What to do?
    How to approach?
    In need of assurance, am I?
    I am.

    Not able to shine through.
    Not able to reach in.
    How to fix this?

    A tap on the shoulder,
    a sideways look,
    a forgotten fragment,
    a broken swing...

    Must I wait longer?

    The unveiling is a patient game,
    of which I stand to argue,
    but to misunderstanding,
    patience is a virtue.

    For I might be the one who has misunderstood.
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  13. Labyrinth

    Within the deepest chambers of thy heart
    There lies a secret of which shall baffle and defy.
    I it defies with greatest puzzlement, for
    I had thought thy held it not.

    Angry I am not, but joyful is unwordly.
    To describe the madness that rests
    within thy heart's catacombs,
    there is not a way.
    For this madness shall never end,
    though of course, it would seem.

    To still the weeping and to control
    thy heart's struggles,
    there lies one way only.
    This option rests upon an
    external force, one of which thy heart
    wishes to seek.

    The quest for this external force foretells
    to be a simple one, but indeed, it is not.
    For although it is close in reach,
    there remains a barrier between myself
    and thee.

    This imperialistic boundary, erected
    so that thy may not cross, although
    not of true matter, but of self-doubt and of humanistic fear, holds steady
    while I try to decode its complexities.

    Complexities that which include a
    partnership that may float
    upon the surface of harsh waterways, and
    which may hold a promising compromise.

    Such a promise that will ease
    thy heart's uncertainties,
    and of which will carry thy secret
    that rests within the deepest tunnels
    of thy heart's chambers.

    A secret in which truly belongs
    to thy heart's acclaimed treasure.
    A treasure to be fought for, for
    it holds the key to thy soul's labyrinth
    that thee has created.
  14. My Punishment

    I almost got sick again today, and I was afraid.
    I could feel the heat creeping upon the left side of my face,
    as my heart fluttered with worry.
    I remembered all the times that I've been sick before;
    felt the numbness and the pain.
    I quickly ran for air.

    When I felt the coolness on my face, I began to
    breathe again.
    I sought for my hands; the sight of them relieving me.
    Not rubber. Not yet.

    When entering the house again,
    I approached the room with caution. My friends were in there.
    I don't like people worrying about me, so I
    pretended like nothing was wrong.

    The headache that had begun had stopped.
    The numbness; the pain... they never came.
    Relief. Even if briefly.

    Soon, I know, it will happen.
    It has been over a month since the last one hit,
    and I'm waiting for it, though not eagerly.

    It has been nearly eight years, and I'm still
    not ready.

    They call them migraines, but sometimes I wonder.
    Why do I suffer the numbness?
    My face, my arms and hands... even my legs sometimes.
    The pain. My entire body feels it.
    The pain that resides in the bones.
    Even the numbness doesn't stop me from feeling it.

    After all these years, it should be nothing new;
    a feeling grown old.
    But it will never be that simple.

    It's not just a migraine.
    It's punishment.
    For what, I don't know.
    But I know it is.

    And I never want anyone to witness me in that
    miserable state. And the ones that have, I wish

    So I'm glad it didn't provoke me today.
    It's my punishment. And mine alone.
    And whoever reads this, don't feel pity for me.

    I've written this only to get it out there.
    To calm myself; to face it.
    And maybe to show that I'm not
    always laughing and smiling.

    That everyone feels pain,
    and I'm just sharing mine
    to show that no one is alone.
    Facing it just helps.

    Even if just briefly.
  15. I've always loved your poems, Lovesis. c:
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