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  1. Only have three so far ^^ enjoy!


    Hear me now! let me speak!
    On this day! we shall not be weak!
    On this day...
    We will strike down our foes!

    With clashing of steel and roaring of thunder!
    We will tear our foes asunder!
    On this night...We, will fight!
    On this night! we will with no doubt blunder.

    But fear not! For on this dusk!
    We will do what we must!
    To take back what they stole from us!
    Take back what we rightly deserve!

    Upon this dusk, I promise you this!
    Upon this dusk, there lies a great risk.
    Either I shall fall or,
    Send mine enemy into the abyss.


    Burnt is he who stood before me,
    his dust settling in the tainted breeze,
    that whisper unto me; "What demon-

    …doth possess thee in the course?
    were you once good?
    Or without remorse?
    Do you have a just cause?"

    I laugh - of course,
    overcome with glee.
    As I realized that neither dead,
    nor living could harm me.

    But upon the hill,
    my foe watches me intently,
    distraught by the madness called me.

    As I gaze into her eyes,
    as she recognizes me as Aira
    and herself as Elyd.

    By any other circumstance,
    would she smile? would she laugh?
    have a good time? ...well.
    For a while.

    But as fate decrees it must be so,
    I am undoubtedly this woman's foe. So...
    What will it be? A victorious villain?
    or will the "righteous one" slay me?


    Upon a waterfall, was where we met.
    My clothing see-through, sticky and wet.
    Jagged, and hard were the stones against my feet.
    As I looked up I saw her lean, beautiful against a woodland tree.
    For a moment I stared at her, and she back at me.

    A smile upon her warm, rose red cheeks.
    She grinned merrily and said "Hi, i'm Elyd"
    Holding out her hand to help me up,
    I trusted her - she looked generous enough.

    Open to warmth,
    I took this kind gesture and smiled back at her.
    To my surprise, she handed me a knitted sweater.

    I shall never forget that moment, that time,
    when I met Elyd in the great wild.
    Gentle and warm, with kindness she tended to me;
    like the radiant sun warming dew covered leaves