Poems of Process!

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  1. They can be abit on the dark side.. Opinions welcomed!

    - I wrote this in about 10 minutes while in English class. (Well aware that I learned nothing in English that day.)

    Stunned, lost in the scrambling mind of a losing person.

    Sweating, walking down the dark hall, or at least to your blindfolded eyes.
    Voices come at you in a rush, crying and screaming. Even cheering.
    Chilled, shivering, trembling when pushed against the cool metal of a chair.
    Ashamed, teary eyes uncovered and shown.
    Silence, dull silence fills your ears, shielding your mourning cries and pleading.
    Shocked, thousands of bolts shoot through your body, painless.
    Done for, the pain comes swiftly, allowing those half opened eyes to stare at the man before.
    Finished, numb empty silence, wondering why an Executioner could smile so wide.

    - And this one I wrote over the period of 6 months. The first half at the beginning of the 6 months, the second half after the 6 months. I wrote each part without trying to connect them, I think it turned out well.

    I feel as if I've been locked away in the closet.
    One who's only source of light, a bulb sways from side to side, like in a movie I saw once.
    I'm standing in the middle of this darken closet.
    All the silence and shadows of the swaying bulb are hidden tears and screams of sorrow.
    Nearly all of them screamed out, classing out, calling, just calling and hoping he might answer.
    But slowly, they fade, dying off, losing hope.
    The light bulbs seems to be dying too.
    Soon the closet is pitch black, there's nothing left.
    My head feels like a black hole.
    Always sucking in the sights, sounds and information.
    But never giving any back.
    How sad.
    How cruel.
    What to do?
    I suppose I could stay here, just for a little while longer.
    Or i could reach for the doorknob and hope someone will be waiting for me on the other side.
    I haven't decided, but I'll let you know.
    Curiousity soon gets the better of my empty mind, and my hands slowly creep to the doorknob.
    Gripping the cold metal, rising to my feet.
    My teeth sink into my lower lip as my fingers twist the knob, pushing open the door...
    Its bright out here, blinding white light streams into my eyes.
    Squinting I look for someone, anyone, hoping to not have to go back into the closet.
    Yet... when I see nothing I began to draw back, guiding the door closed.
    A smooth hand grabbed my arm, pulling me out into the warm light, arms embracing my form.
    Shocked, even surprised my eyes stare into the shirt of the being.
    I didn't know who it was, but it didn't matter.
    .. The fact that someone was there was enough to make my heart flutter.
    This person, whomever it may be... Shall always have my never ending love. <3

    - I wrote this one after school, in the car... Waiting on someone.

    I've come to find out that my body does not work like yours.
    Your heart is the strongest organ in your body!
    Its always warm and kept hidden from sight.
    Mine is not, my heart is cold and frozen.
    I wear it in my sleeve.
    How do I function, you ask?
    Well, you know what energizer bunny, who always bangs together those symbols?
    That's what I have, he lives in my head.
    except, he doesn't bang symbols, he has two little mallets he taps on a drum.
    He keeps me alive.
    But even he can become tired of me.
    Even he needs a break from me.
    So he sets down his mallets and takes off for a beer.
    Once he is gone, my head becomes empty.
    My imagination comes out of hiding.
    And my god how it goes wild!