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    Have you ever been bullied? Have you bullied? Would you have the guts to write about your bully in poem form and allow others to read it? Sadly, I was a bully. I made a chick cry at my lunch table, and I knew how to make other people feel.. stupid I guess? I think that comes from when I was bullied in middle school... that is my story!

    What about in roleplay? Is your character a bully? Does your character get bullied? Have you even had a bully in your roleplay?

  2. I think being bullied and bullying someone yourself isn't as contradictive as it might seem. I've been bullied since fourth grade and bullied someone myself in my first year of highschool. It made me feel like I was the powerful one this time, which, let's be honest, is a feeling most people enjoy, especially if they've felt so powerless in the past.
    I've stopped the moment he told me into my face that I'd hurt him, but I still feel ashamed for some of the things I said.

    I have roleplayed bullied characters before and bullies. Writing a bully is difficult for me, but sometimes... almost satisfying. I'm only in the mood to write a bully rarely, though, because it tends to bring up memories of my own bullying...
  3. I've been bullied all my life. Ever since elementary school because I was a pretty sickly child so I wasn't in school sometimes, but I had family issued that no 5 year old should have to deal with that made me not want to go to school, so I would make myself sick to not have to deal with people whose families seemed perfect. I was bullied for being quiet, for trying to participate, and even for coloring the 'wrong way' (by a teacher to top that off). And it didn't stop when I went to high school, in fact if was even worse. My experience in elementary school made me quieter and even more shy so I just stuck with the friends I had made and was bullied and teased about the way I dressed. It got a bit better as I came closer to graduating, I became involved with Student Council and stuff like that, but it never really quit. They would just do it secretly or just give me that look.

    And its sad to say but I have tailored myself to become more acceptable, like I don't openly talk about anime or drawing anime or enjoying Japanese music, which saddens me because I really enjoy doing those things. It makes me even more mad because when I was in high school, anime made you a loser because you liked 'cartoons' still, but then people would turn around and talk to other people who enjoyed the same shows as me and talk to them like they were the best people ever.

    As for roleplaying, I don't make bully characters because I know how much it hurt me and others (one of my friends actually committed suicide because one of my teachers in high school was bullying him) so I don't like to associate myself with the bully persona, but I do sometimes have characters who were/are bullied because I can relate to them easily.
  4. I've been bullied. ._. A lot.
    Grade school, catholic grade school, the girls were.. quite vicious. Just because I didn't really like girly things, and I liked most of the things the boys liked. Also, I hung out with the boys more than they did, casual hanging out, since we all got along great.
    They didn't like that. >> the girls, I mean.
    It got a little better through the years, but.. they didn't quite change. ^^' oh well.

    High school, was bullied quite a bit as well. A lot of it, actually, came from girls liking my boyfriend around freshman year. They wanted him and kind of banded together to break me down until I would leave. But I didn't leave and took it, even though he was kinda a jerkface mccracker. I was naive Staci, learning from experiences and how people acted. ^^' It helped make me stronger.

    I guess now I dont get bullied so much. But, I still get those random glares that are unnecessary from people. I never know what it is I get it for.. I try to be nice to everyone, because, I feel everyone deserves a smile, and deserves to be treated nicely, even if they are mean themselves. I believe in Karma.

    Now if I am bullied, more than a glare or something, I just cry it out and let it pass. I've never been the type to "get revenge". I don't like that.
    If someone chooses to be a complete jerk, then that is their decision. Every action reflects who someone is. -nod.-

    I have never meant to intentionally bully someone. -shakes head.-

    AND my characters!
    Well, most times I don't play the bully, but if I feel like making a jerky character, I will. Just to play out the persona I have created.
    But most times, naaah.
  5. I was bullied so much. How and why is unimportant, but it sticks with you. I am bipolar, and bullying really exacerbated my depressive cycles. The article posted really resonated with me, considering that ever since Facebook became popular, I've had old classmates -- my former tormentors, people who made me hate myself inside and out for six years-- try to add me on facebook, and try to reconnect by trying to "remember all the good times" we shared. Clearly, we have very different opinions of what was 'good'.

    Would I have the guts to write to my bullies? Yes, I would. Not necessarily in poem form (I don't write poems) but I have told at least a few people who tried to add me on facebook how much they hurt me over the years, and how it stayed with me.

    Have I forgiven them? Yes, I have. But I have I forgotten? Never.

    Someone posted above that being bullied isn't too far from bullying, and that's true. Unfortunately. But that's because, as was stated, bullying victims are desperate to feel good about themselves, and lash out in the only way they know how. Bullies always seem to be popular, to have a lot of 'friends', and they think it's an acceptable way of making yourself feel good -- by making others feel bad. It's a self supporting system, and it's terrible.

    I don't play bullies. I don't see why being a 'bully' would be an interesting character -- there are just some tropes and stereotypes that I think are better avoided, as it could be problematic to read for other people (even if you don't personally have an issue with it).
  6. I was abused at home and bullied at school. o____o It took years of self help and even now I still have a lot of lingering emotional effects from it. I wrote -A- poem about one situation, but poetry was not my thing. .__.; So I stuck to writing stories. And then later when I discovered roleplaying that was my new outlet.

    As for characters... >:D Because roleplay WAS my outlet I absolutely love rolling with both ends of the spectrum. I will abuse the fuck out of characters just for the opportunity of dealing with situations. Finding resolutions. Both good and bad. And I love playing bully characters cause it does give that rush of power, and a chance to change them or develop them.
  7. I have never been bullied until recently. It really sucks.

    I like being the bully in my role plays, actually. Only in good spirit, though.