PROMPT Plot Practice: Week 18, Sadness

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  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot. Participants can use the inspiration and prompts however they wish!

    This is primarily an exercise in how to make use of inspiration even when you maybe aren't 'feeling it'.

    1. Widow + Predator
    2. Depression Notes from TV Tropes
    3. "My king died for me, and now I carry his wearisome burdens."

  2. She already lost count of how many times that she has sighed for today, how many times that she walked around the large bungalow that she lived alone, or how long did she spent the week sitting at the beach chair facing the pool. This time was different however, as Evelyn slumped in a silver colored sofa. But the thing that she held on her right hand remained the same, a glass of red wine. Her cheeks were slightly red and her expression were somewhat intoxicated.

    Mind you, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

    Clad in a grey-colored short sleeved t-shirt and shorts, the voluptuous blonde struggled to sit upright. After placing the glass of wine on a coffee table nearby, Evelyn began to rub her forehead and her eyes, as if she was trying to keep herself sober. She also lets out a depressed grunt, before covering her face in her hands.

    "Damn it... I'm feeling like a big pile of sht." Evelyn thought to herself. "That overpriced psychologist told me to get myself a man. Hell no, I don't want that. That is the least thing that I want right now."

    The feelings of emptiness continued to assault her, as Evelyn once again slumped to sofa once more. Her straight, long disheveled blond hair were strewn all over where her head was.

    "Is it that I felt guilty for the crimes that I did in my past years? Is this why I'm feeling unusually miserable?"

    Evelyn closed her eyes, letting her thoughts running unchecked. She was hoping that she can think herself to sleep. However...

    "Good Lord." A female voice that was surprisingly familiar to Evelyn commented. "Is this the great Evelyn C. Summers that I used to know 10 years ago?"

    At first, the blonde thought that she was hallucinating. But something was telling her otherwise. When Evelyn turned to the source of the voice, her emerald eyes were greeted with a smug ponytail woman in casual clothes.

    "Rena...!" Evelyn responded, her mouth agape from shock of her appearance. "I thought you were---"


    Rena interrupted, before letting out an unusually evil smirk to her... friend.
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  3. You lay in a room with the curtains drawn over the windows. You liked the darkness and hated the light streaming in, but you felt nothing whenever you pulled the curtains close. When have you ever felt anything? You can't remember a time when you've felt emotion and it drives you mad to know that you can't feel a damn thing.

    You're too tired to get out of bed, too tired to actually do something worthwhile and meaningful. Reading books doesn't engage you anymore, nor does playing video games. You were bored out of your mind, but you couldn't find the strength to get up and go do something.

    How long have you been feeling numb? Empty? It was a long time when you got together with your friends and smiled and laughed. You're not too sure if you can still smile and laugh as you are now. And you doubted anyone would care, despite your therapist saying the opposite.

    You should go do something, you know? Like wash the dishes or take out the trash. But you're too lazy to do anything and you know you'll get yelled at for it later but you're too damn lazy to do anything. You're a worthless piece of trash that needs to be thrown out and you can't help but get a little teary eyed at that thought.

    Why won't people leave you alone? You're perfectly fine, aren't you? But you aren't fine, you're bored and lonely and sad and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Already you can feel the weight of everyone's stares on your chest and it makes you even more unmotivated to do anything, more unlovable. Yes, you were unlovable and you'll always be unlovable. Just listen to your mother's screams and father's distant attitude, they are proof that you are entirely unlovable. And it makes you ill and sad just thinking about it so you try to think of something else.

    You decide to think about your future. Well what can you do? You've written your resume and looked for jobs, but nobody has accepted you as of yet. Besides, you don't think you'll get a better job than fast food worker. You wanted to make your life meaningful, right? You can't do that if you're stuck in retail or fast food or other low paying, less prestigious jobs. You're a waste of space and you have no idea how to rectify that.

    Sometimes you think of ending it all. But you don't have the courage to do it. You can't lift a gun to your head or slit your wrists, that brings pain and you hated pain. So the only option left was to take as many pills as possible. But even that was inefficient and you're not sure if you're just crying out for attention if you do take the pills or if you really are suicidal. You're not sure if you'll ever have any meaning in life and have something you can be proud of. But hey, that's life and life is a bitch.
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  4. [I think I did pretty well with these >.< I like what I came up with at least and that's what matters! ^-^]

    3. "My king died for me, and now I carry his wearisome burdens."
    A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I entered my small apartment. Ever since he had died life has only become harder for me as I worked three jobs in order to maintain my bills, car, and food, while also trying to pay off debts. All were long, however, they paid decently enough for me to keep going back. I hated it. This new way of life I was forced to enter. However, I couldn't hate him, my king, as he was the one who had given me everything... Even his life. I locked the door and stumbled into the kitchen where I plopped myself into one of the two chairs which sat on opposite sides of the round table. My eyes wandered to the empty seat and I remembered all the good times we had. A flame started within me. Anger. I slammed a balled up fist onto the table, tears slipping from my eyes onto my cheeks. "God dammit Danny!! Why didn't you talk to me about your problems?!" I screamed into the still air, filling it with my negative feelings. It wasn't fair. Only three weeks ago he passed away, taken by the hands of a debt collector. Apparently had been diagnosed with Cancer and would go in to see how much it had progressed, yet he never tried the surgery. I slammed my fist onto the table a few more times, forming a gross bruise where my hand had met the table. Instead, I rested my head on the table, a headache starting to form. My eyes closed as more tears fell, and I let my arms lay beside my head. ''Danny... Please come back to me." I muttered to myself, silence filling the air once again. I accepted this was how it was going to be for the next year or so until I had paid off the debts and slipped into sleep with that thought on my mind.

    2. Depression Notes from TV Tropes
    My eyes fluttered open as I awoke from my restful slumber. I was greeted by a dark room in which not even moonlight shone through the curtains. I slowly sat up, a soft yawn escaping my lips. Tonight was the night. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, where they reached the fluffy carpeted floor. As I rose to my feet the comforter I had been sleeping with feel off my body, half on the bed and half on the ground. I didn't care to fix it. In fact, for the last month, I hadn't felt like doing anything. Not since my best friend passed away. Evan and I had been close since we first met in first grade. After that, we were always with each other and became like siblings. Tears slid down my cheeks as I remembered all the good time we had while I slowly opened my door, checking to make sure the coast was clear, before stepping out into the hallway. I hadn't even realized I was crying until a teardrop hit my arm. I'd become to use to it. I slipped my hand into my pocket as I crept into my parent's room, fetching a white piece of paper. I opened the note and placed it on the nightstand beside their bed, a small smile forming on my lips as I looked over them once more. I would miss them. I wish I could've done more for them, yet like usual I proved to be a failure. When did I start feeling like this? Like nothing mattered? I tried to think about it but I lost my concetration as I made my down the stairs. It was hard to focus on things when my mind was filled with so many other thoughts. All of them bad. I successfully reached the bottom floor and grabbed my jacket from the chair beside the door. I recalled all the times I ran in and out of this door, always so full or energy and happiness. "Times change..." I whispered to myself, slipping my bare feet into my sneakers. I had always been the adaptable type but that seemed to change after his death. I just couldn't accept it. I refused. Just the night before it happened we had promised to go see a movie tomorrow. There's no way he left me. No way. I stumbled out the door, closing it behind me and making my way down the sidewalk. As I did I thought about the week before his supposed accident. Everything was as it had always been. Peaceful, warm, happy. I soon found myself standing in front of the train tracks nearby, my eyes set on the other side. The bells rang and the board started to lower itself, and that's when I saw him. Standing on the other side of the tracks dressed in a white button up shirt and jeans. It was him. "Evan! I knew you weren't dead! Evan!!" I called out to him, stepping past the board just as it closed behind me. The train closed in as I walked onto the tracks, a large smile on my face as I walked towards my best friend. "Evan..." I felt the impact of a thousand cars hit me at once, then it was gone in the blink of an eye. I now stood on the riverbank, arms wrapped around my best friend. I knew he wasn't dead. Everything disappeared in a field of white and for the first time in a month I felt... peace. It was nice. I held onto that feeling and never let it go.

    1. Widow + Predator
    I sat in Starbucks, a coffee placed in front of me as I stared out the window. Dark clouds had covered the skies and rain poured from above, as thought the gods were still weeping over my husband. He had died two months ago on the road, swerving to avoid a deer on the moutainside. When they found him he had already been dead for a couple of hours, meaning he had died while the car was still rolling down the hill. It was rather sad back then but now... "Whatever." I muttered to myself, wrapping my fingers around the cup and raising it to my lips, taking a long drip from the straw. After he died I learned that he had been cheating on me with two others women, even had a son with one of them. There was no way I could feel sad for such a man after learning that. It helped me actually, because after I learned that news I seemed to stop giving a fuck. That didn't change anything though. I was still a widow. A widow who had been cheated on. Yay. I sighed softly as I placed my drink on the table, leaning back in my chair. The rain was calming. However my attention was caught by a man who sat at the same table as me, on the opposite side. Quirking a brow, I crossed my arms over my chest and looked him over. Dark black hair, ocean blue eyes, caramel skin, and muscles. "Do you need something?" I asked, my voice cold. The man chuckled, setting his drink down in front of him. He cracked a smile, showing his white teeth. "I'm Dustin. I was a good friend of your dead husband. I heard you had recovered quickly and became interested. It's the first time a women got over him leaving her so quickly." He responded, causing me to sigh in annoyance. I rested my hands in my lap and sat up straight. I told him about being cheated on, his son, and how it affected me ater hearing the news. Dustin didn't look surprised when I told him the first parts of the news however did seem to smile when he heard the last parts. From there we engaged in a long conversation, which soon left the topic of my ex husband. I soon found myself laughing with him and opening up a bit. It had been so long since I had a nice talk with someone. I had missed it. We left the Starbucks and headed to the park near his place, where we wouldn't disturb other people. It had stopped raining, which was nice, so everything smelled so fresh. After we got there though, things became a little weird after I finished telling him an embarrassing story about me and my friend. "Damn! Laura sounds awesome. Haha, that's just crazy." I chuckled, but stopped upon realization. I had never told him the name of my friend. I decided to confront him about this, suspicious. "How did you kknow her name was Laura? I never said her name..." I prodded, taking a step back from Dustin. We were the only ones here, which made me worried. Who was this guy? Dustin turned to me, his smile turning into a dark smirk. Fear ran down my spine and I stepped back more as we walked towards me. "I know everything about you, Karen. I've been watching you for a year, y'know. I love you, Karen. I have ever since I laid eyes on you. And now..." I turned to run, but Dustin grabbed my wrist, pulling me towards him. I dropped my drink and he tossed his to the side and I hit his body. He wrapped an arm around me and I struggled, trying to get free but he was too strong. "You belong to me." I felt a needle insert my neck and I felt the energy drain from my body, my eyesight becoming hazy. The last thing I saw was Dustins terrifying face before everything went black. I knew what had happened. I was been kidnapped by a stalker. I really did belong to him now.
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  5. 2. Depression Notes from TV Tropes
    i drabbled uwu)

    There's not really a point to anything.
    This thought floats up from the back of her mind while she's walking home from work, and it doesn't surprise her in the least. Rather she feels as if it's an actuality that she's known all her life but has simply tried her best to ignore, much like the fact that she cannot fly of her own ability and will never be able to, or even that fantastical things such as magic and spirits exist only within the realm of fiction. Something that had to be pushed down or she wouldn't be able to go on as usual, a bit of information that'd only distract her if she dedicated time to thinking it over in length.

    She's about to push it down again and keep on walking, until something compels her not to. Maybe it's the glow of the setting sun? The world around her is painted in melancholy colors, she feels like entertaining thoughts that usually get covered up by something else.

    In a world as big and advanced as the one she lives in, it's strange to her that there's not a single thing that manages to catch her interest these days, or make her happy. Actually, scratch that - she can deal with not being happy. A point has been reached in her life where she simply accepts that being in a constant state of dullness comes with being an adult. This sounds terribly negative she thinks, but weren't her parents and teachers in a mental muck 24/7? She can't seem to remember a single time her mother smiled at her father, or vice versa. Admittedly she'd never liked her teachers, so maybe her interpretation of them as bitter dinosaurs that only lit up when correcting some student are a little incorrect, but still.

    A sudden rush of emotion comes over her. She wants to be engaged. She wants something to appear that calls her attention. What's the point of life if there's no point to be found?

    That dramatic line makes her pause in her tracks, and she turns to look at the rapidly darkening scenery behind her.

    It's just an average city street, touched in the deep hues of late day. Normally she'd find it beautiful, but currently it does nothing but stir up the faintest feeling of disappointment. Nameless chews on the inside of her cheek, tongue trailing across skin that's been gnawed away from spending time on moments such as this before.


    She's standing on the edge of a very high building, wondering what led her up here. A small thump resounds through the air as she shifts, looking down at the twinkling city below. Adolescence is a difficult time she decides, and she doesn't feel like dealing with it any longer.
    One moment passes.
    Another moment passes.
    Before the third moment can march by, she leaps. Goodbye California she titters, laughing before she falls back onto the hard concrete.


    There's not really a point to anything she decides, lying on the damp concrete. There's not really a point to anything, but surely she can mark her own. A hand stretches up to reach up at the dark sky - well actually, if she squints a few pinpricks of light make themselves known.
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