PROMPT Plot Practice: Week 1, Privilege

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  1. Everyone loves plotting! Plotting is a fabulous way to find new ideas, breathe new life into old ones, and otherwise just have a really good time.

    I'm going to throw three basic plots (in various formats) a week, and users are welcome to post their takes and what they'd do with any given plot.

    1. Princess x Sanitation Worker
    2. Parental Favoritism
    3. The protagonist has to end the magical enslavement of a people.

    Below are my examples.

    1. Princess x Sanitation Worker
      The princess of a small country is forced by her mother to learn everything about how to run a household, including the less glamorous sections. While she's learning about what happens with the chamberpots during the day, she meets the woman who tends to her chamberpot every morning. The sanitation worker returns something she lost, and says she took great care in washing it when she found it. The princess later meets the worker when her mother is teaching other important things, and the worker ends up getting along with the princess to the point that the princess's mother assigns the worker as her daughter's tutor.
    2. Parental Favoritism
      The beloved Emperor of Pehl'la's son-in-law and daughter have passed, leaving only his two grandchildren—a young man and a young woman. He insists the younger sibling inherit because of his sex, while the older be married off for the sake of the empire. Instead, his own mental decline leads to the princess becoming chosen by the high priest to act on his behalf as regent. She must perform her duties and try to earn the respect of her grandfather, while her brother supports her along the way.
    3. The protagonists have to end the magical enslavement of a people.
      Called a warrior princess for her prowess in battle, Sharo Zul was saved from enslavement by her mother. They lived in the forests and wild places until they were found, and a spell was cast on them and all others of the orcish race that they could not harm a human, could not disobey a human, and would feel agony if they ever disobeyed the two first laws. Sharo Zul seeks to find a way to escape her magical and physical shackles, even if she must rely on craftiness rather than her incredible physical strength.
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  2. When put next to her sisters, princess Jezebel is the ugly duck in a flock of swans. Ashamed to call Jezebel their own, her mother has kept her from public sight and she's been the butt of all her sister's jokes. Convinced that she is trash, Jezebel decides to run away from home and ends up having to take shelter in a not so-metaphorical dumpster. It is only when the sanitation elf, a mister Biggus Diggus, finds her at the bottom of the barrel, she is for the first time reached a helping hand. Not caring much for appearances or even knowing Jezebel is the princess, Biggus tries to pick her up and get back on her feet. After a lady and the tramp style dinner, Jezebel decides she doesn't care about her title or her family's riches. She tells Biggus she wants to run away with him. There is just one problem; the sanitation elves are bound by magical contract, to which the deed lies hidden in her mother's most private chambers. Can Jezebel and Biggus muster the courage, will and ability to sneak (back) into the royal palace to find and burn the deed? How will Jezebel deal with once more facing her sisters? How much is Biggus actually packing? This is a story only we can tell. Coming soon to a libertine near you. Apply today. Literate writers only.

    ... I'm sorry.
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