EXERCISE Plot Picture Challenge 7

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  1. Pictures can inspire ideas within us, from characters to creatures and even whole storylines.
    The purpose of this exercise is to craft an idea for a roleplay, story, or whatever else based on the image.
    There is no right or wrong - just create a plot from the picture!

  2. "Finally, it is to happen."
    Finally, the world can be reborn."
    "To our own image."
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  3. She looked out at the sky, dark with disaster and chaos, a smile on her chrome face.

    "I told you I would pay them back for hurting you," she murmured.

    "Yes, but don't you think this is a little too much?"

    "Perhaps. But, as humans love to say, I don't care."
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  4. Porshanx-8 tore off her helm and edged her bulbous buttocks onto the viewing platform, watching debris swarm the sky (after the self-implemented destruction of her latest effort), and then finally fall into the building graveyard. She just couldn't get it right!

    There were only three more days until the contest ended. She simply had to win! "Design an alien city." She was talented and imaginative (she told herself). This should have been easy. And yet, she loathed every model that she had made.

    Each student had been allowed to pick the dead world of their choice, travel to it, and draw inspiration from it. Porshanx thought she had made an excellent choice, but the ruins here began to irritate her. It was their fault she was going to lose. Whatever stupid stupid beings had once inhabited this place. And then Verga-65 would triumph over her again.

    Ooooh. She just couldn't stand it. And she had seen the way Merph-210 had been looking at Verga-65...
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