PROMPT Plot Picture Challenge 5

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  1. Pictures can inspire stories within us, from characters to creatures and even whole storylines.
    The purpose of this exercise is to craft an idea for a roleplay, story, or whatever else based on the image.
    There is no right or wrong - just create a plot from the picture!

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  2. Bumps and creaks at night are simply the house settling. You've heard this countless of times, enough times that you wish to believe it yourself.

    But you cannot. That memory of when you were but a mere child has plagued you your whole life, so much so that you refuse to sleep unless all the lights in the house are on.

    Yet this cannot go on, and you know that yourself. You will be leaving soon, leaving your home and venturing into the world. This fear will only hinder and harm you out there.

    It's time to find out for yourself if what you saw was truly there. It's time to figure out how to defeat the monster that has plagued you for far too many years.
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  3. Ah gee, Kitti. I hadn't seen this section before. This is cool! Added to my watched threads.

    Vignette (at least) instantly springs to mind. Writing now and will post soon.
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  4. They stared each other down. Tessa and the demon, Vanieh, who was the son of one of the Grand Lords of Hell. Multiple yellow eyes from a writhing tree-like tail met childish sky-blue eyes unblinkingly.

    Sorry, kid, but the fun’s over,” sighed Tessa in a weary, resigned voice.

    Noooo!” screamed the demon, petulantly raising his hell weapon up in his chubby hand (said weapon currently masquerading in the form of a pacifier) to blast Tessa back to the depths. To his chagrin, nothing happened. Vanieh pouted hideously.

    Tessa lifted a gray admonishing finger at him and tried not to smirk at the spoiled son-of-a …. Well you know. Bosses’ kids! Sheesh.

    None of that now,” tsked Tessa, “Your dad sent me here, well-prepared. By the way, I love what you’ve done with your hair.”

    In a gravelly voice at obscene odds with the innocent face of a child, Vanieh cursed at Tessa viciously in a dead language.

    Tessa ignored the tantrum and peered around at the blood-spattered old house. “Nice job, kid, but you know…your old man had other plans for these humans.

    Fear crept into Vanieh’s chubby baby face, comprehension dawning.

    Yup,” chortled Tessa, “You are in BIIIGGG trouble, my little runaway. Oh I understand, a kid has to get his kicks. And if you like masquerading as a two-year-old girl, you kinky thing you, and getting adopted by some poor unsuspecting sods, that’s your business. But you shouldn’t have crossed your daddy.

    Vanieh instantly abandoned his guise of a toddler and flashed into his true form (so hideous that no mortal could look upon it without screaming) and tried to flee. Tessa spoke three words of binding, infused with the arch demon’s seal (which sorely tested the foundation of the house), and transformed Vanieh (temporarily) into a kind of vaporous mist, which Tessa drew into her huge pulsing belly and sealed inside for transport back to hell.

    Job almost done, Tessa’s long spiked tongue flicked out of her jaw in anticipation. The bodies were not yet cold. It was time for a drink. After all, the Minor Principalities Union DID provide for meal breaks.
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  5. The Alder Beast had lain dormant for many years after being dismembered from its host and used to build this...dwelling. It had been difficult to find sources of nourishment and set down roots once more but after decades of frustratingly slow progress he finally had roots in the rich well of nutrients in the ground beneath the foundations of this place. Drawing up day upon day the power and life he had been missing, the Beast was finally able to have the strength to seek revenge for the brutal attack he'd suffered.

    His many eyes searched out the place seeking those that caused his pain. One by one he destroyed them in the same manner they had destroyed him. Slicing at them over and over as the axe had done so many years before but which the Beast could still feel with every beat of its heart. Revenge was almost complete, there was still one. He swelled from the wall and extended long spindly arms to reach for the last surviving being only to stop short at this tiny one's offering of peace. The many golden eyes fixed on the tiny creature in wonder and curiosity. Smiling though at the tiny child the Beast took the gift and bowed its head slightly before retreating to leave that small one, revenge had been taken and sated, and a tiny offering had stayed its hand from further bloodshed.
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  6. Tap.... Tap..... Tap.....

    shhh hes coming....

    Tap.... Tap.... TAp...

    hes near....

    Tap.... Tap... -

    Where is he. Find him. His hiding. Behind you. Beware. Hes near. He wants you. Hes coming. Hes-




    you turn on the new not care much on what it has said.

    "A family was brutally murderer in their own home, all was left of the said family is a daughter. a full investigation has began with very little to no evidence to who has done this horrific crime if anyone knows anything please inform your law enforcement straight away-"

    "If anything they'll just get a bunch of bull crap" you said with a laughed turning it off and walked away; a dark figer stayed a smiled wickedly as you walked away.
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  7. Have you ever seen what's inside the walls? Concrete. That's what we all tell ourselves. What we choose to believe. To place ourselves in little bubbles of comfort and the everyday. To not think of what could be beyond our understanding. Why? Because we are afraid of what we can't control, of what we don't know. That's why science pursues to know everything, to control it. But there are things beyond the everyday. There are things that science can't- and will never know. And when those things approach our weak bubbles of our concept of reality, they make them pop as balloons, for they are so fragile; as fragile as us.

    Eldritch horrors of the Elder days are more than you and your government believe. They cause madness, despair, disease. That kid born with three legs in India. Do you think that was but an aberration of nature? A mutation produced by X-rays? Oh my friend, further away from reality couldn't you be. But what I say doesn't matter, because sooner than latter, your bubble of reality will pop.

    And it won't be pleasant.
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