PROMPT Plot Picture Challenge 1

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  1. Pictures can inspire stories within us, from characters to creatures and even whole storylines.
    The purpose of this exercise is to craft an idea for a roleplay, story, or whatever else based on the image.
    There is no right or wrong - just create a plot from the picture!

  2. The Depth's Are Calling
    (Roleplay/Story Concept)

    A mysterious, unnamed lake is infamous for it's rumors of being bottomless... And it's strange, monthly phenomenon where it seems to draw multiple individuals towards it's location... Enticing them to swim out into it's very center, and dive down into it's depths.

    Oddly enough, those who attempted to dive using diving gear... Or in cases, submarines, have found themselves too buoyant to dive any further than 5 meters, and any underwater cameras or probes that have been lowered into it's depths, lose signal at around 20 meters in.

    It seems that the only way to truly find out if there is a bottom to the lake, is to swim down yourself... And most who have been enticed to try this, have returned to the surface after their lungs could no longer take the stress, some cutting it close than others.

    However... The rare few that didn't surface... Were never heard from again, and a common conclusion was that they drowned, but not a single body has been found to confirm this.

    Because of this lake's seemingly bottomlessness, multiple people, animals, dead bodies, and carcasses aline have been dropped into the lake, often weighed down by heavy weights, or particularly dense stones, focing them to sink below the depths, never seen again, and eventually... Authorities have taken it upon themselves to close off the site.

    However, even with it being a legal offense to dive down into the lake... Some have still tried, either because the depths had been 'calling' them, or simply because some friends had dared them to do so.

    For whatever reason... You too, have been enticed, or perhaps just pressured into diving down into this very lake, and have made a late night excursion, over the "no tresspassing" sign riddled the chain link fences, and swam towards the middle of the lake.

    Now... All that remains is to dive...

    How deep are you willing to go, before you are too scared to go any further?

    How many times, will you keep coming back... To try again?

    It's all up to you, to decide how you might handle, the calling of the depths below.

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  3. The girl leaped from the cliff, various thoughts cascading through her mind as she edged ever closer to the respite from her problems. "Why was it me... Why on earth me... Of all the people... It was me..."
    She thought to herself as the woman seemed to float down to the calm waters below.

    It had begun like any other day.

    Home, breakfast, driving, working, lunch, chatting, driving, home, sleep.

    But by the time she began working, she felt different. Very different. She had forgotten what she was doing, everything felt so surreal all of a sudden and her mind went black. The next moment she knew, she was home again with a knife as he husband lay infront of her with several stab wounds to the chest.

    The girl had screamed on instinct, nothing could have caused her so much shock and pain as this, the man she loved, his essence dripping out of his body. "What the fuck have I done..." She asked the walls, her heart crushed, broken, split open and stomped on all because of whatever mysterious forced that had willed her to commit such an act.

    He mind went black again, the next thing she knew, she was kneeling at the edge of a cliff with a note held in her blood-stained hand. "Jump, and you will see who I am." The note read, written in blood.
    She knew she didn't have a chance. The woman could have tried running, but knew that this monster would most likely just bring her back. No escape. No hope.

    She cried her last few desperate tears and stood up, her mind broken into smithereens. "Why?!" She called. No answer. "Please! Just tell me why!" She called again, to no avail. "I'm begging you..." She whispered. Her throat hoarse from all the yelling and motivation gone as she finally realised what she had no choice but to do. She jumped. She fell.

    She died.

    This was probably terrible but I hoped you enjoyed it. Sorry for wasting your time >.<
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  4. Water is such a fickle element. Sometimes calm and soothing, sometimes harsh and angry, a tempest. Sometimes solid enough to pierce you through, other times surrounding you, yet you perceive it not.

    Perhaps this is why it makes the perfect place for portals to lands unknown.

    Perhaps this is why you continuously dreams of yourself dropping into a lake, only to emerge from the other side, eyes gazing upon different landscapes with every new dream.

    Perhaps it is time for you to awaken and find the lake. Make your dream a reality.
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  5. The water reflected her face as she hovered just above the water, eyes wide and with a child like look of curiosity. looking into the rippling surface that was undisturbed until she had arrived. Tilting her head from side to side she examined her face.
    She never got to see herself much, the water in the ponds and rivers from where she was from was always as see through as the air around her. The only thing showing it to be there was the off color and the bright sun dancing overtop of it.

    Her mind drifted thinking of her home, and its colors, this place in comparison was dull and not bright at all. It was unsettling, the only color was blue here. She had only seen this shade when looking at flowers and to the sky, and even then this blue was much Delete repeated word darker and more heavy. She shuddered as her guardians voice flew through the air calling all of her sisters, brothers, and all of those in between.

    She hurried as she memorized how she had gotten here so some other day she could return and look closer into the deep blue lake. Again her guardian called out and she could hear the few voices of her siblings as some of the joined in with her. Together making the voice that called that much louder.

    Turning her head towards the sound of the others calling she dissolved into butterflies flying away to where her sisters and guardians voice called upon her to return. As she flew she remembered the how her reflection looked in the lake and decided that she would most definitely have to go back eventually. some time when she could sit by the edge and stare into the water. and listen to the lapping of the shores as it spoke to her in its awn unique way.

    Taking one last fleeting glance from they eyes of one of the vibrant bugs she smiled and flew away. As she joined the flock of every animal and insect imaginable she sung with them. Calling the still missing sibling and as she did she wondered if they had ever found a lake like hers to which they could look into.​
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