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  1. I have a few idea's that have been going on and on in my head! So I am going to post them and hopefully I can do them with some body!

    Run,Baby, Run
    She had always been on the move with her father but she was unsure why. Why did they always move? Why did he never stay still? That was all she wanted was to stay still, a real life where she could make friends and grow to like the place. When they finally move back to her original home town she learns why they have always been moving. Unlike most places and people she is from a demonic blood line? One that she is only half part of! So what happens when she meets the person that her father has been running from. The one person who wants her all for himself. Who will do anything to keep her by his side and only his side. *Dark *Supernatural *Fantasy *Any pairing
    Server Me.
    She grew up in a dark place of herself. Never caring always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Her parents never home so when she decided to move into a fancy place claimed to be 'the best of the best' because she wants to be alone. What happens when she gets a special body guard who is more than meets the eyes. Who wishes to help her in all things but protects her with his life. Claims that she had helped him, but even she is unsure of how. Will he help her over come her own dark parts are will he push them onto her more? *Fantasy *Any Pairing *Slice of life

    For better or for worse
    He had always heard the stories of forced marriages and slavery but he never thought it happen to him. So when he wakes up not only in a odd place but being told that he is to be married and what is worse it's to a man! Though not just any man a wealthy, stubborn, foul tempered man! How did he get part of this? He doesn't even like men! *Dark *Kidnap *Modern *M/M (Only)

    Friends with death
    She had always been sick for as long as she could remember most people where waiting for her to die and when she happens to fall to death for what they think is the last time she meets a demon/Reaper who promises her life once again if she will help him. Unsure of what to do she agree's though she is unsure of what he wants help with. Though he watches over her and protects her from some other nasty creators. The two soon become more than just helping one another. But who could love a sick person and who could love death? *Fantasy *Supernatural *Romance *Dark

  2. They all sound really awesome XD!
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  3. If you're still looking for a roleplay partner, I would love to try either the Server Me or the Friends with Death plot line ^_^ (if that would be okay with you of course ^_^)
  4. Sure PM me, we can discuss the server me plot.
  5. The "run, baby, run" plot seems interesting to me. If you are still looking for a partner for it, feel free to send me a message and we can work on the details of it.
  6. Run baby run? If it's open?
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  7. Or friends with death.
  8. We can do Run, baby, Run. If you wish to pm me. Sorry I been on my phone recently checking things, but have not had a chance to reply to any one. So if you wish you can pm me and we cna talk about it?
  9. Hint, Hint. Nudge, Nudge :3
  10. Lasting Love:
    She had always been the odd one out, but she had found a way to get through it. Her best friend at the time, had been there for through everything that was until he moved away and with out as much as a good bye. She thought perhaps he would write to her, but as the years went by she figured it was that he had forgotten her just like every one else. Know she is in her last junior year of high school, frienless and known for being a bitch. What happens though when the person who she use to share her lunch with, and the only one who could get her to smile comes back? How have the years changed the two, and how will they if they possible can fix what they once had?

    Short but sweet:
    She was the new girl, though she was extremely short for her age and commonly got teased about it. She had moved schools because her father wanted to 'remove' he from the bullying for her size. So what happens when she meets some one who is like her, sort of? He is twice as tall as most people, and that makes him four times as tall as her. The only difference is that he is friends with every one, so why then does he seem to take notice in her? Does she trust him, or does she not?

    Force my hand:
    Her father owed a lot of money to a lot of people, one of them being the most dangerous man in the world and when he father can not pay up, she gets caught in the middle. She is a pawn to get his money back, more like she is what he uses to pay off his own debt. He sold her to the man that he owed his life too, so that the very same man could marry her? What happens when he forces her hand? Is he as cruel as every one makes him out to be, or does he have a sweet spot for her?

    A few more ideas!
  11. Lasting love sounds interesting, is it still up for grabs?
  12. I don't mind if we role play it XD