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  1. Greetings to all of you!
    I have three plot ideas that I'm more than willing to develop. Here they are:

    Love of madness
    A patient and their doctor/nurse (someone who works there) falls in love. The patient has a mental illness (or is suicidal, a danger to themselves, or something else that makes them stay at the psychiatric ward). It could be that the patient convinces the worker that he/she is sane, and since the worker is blinded with love, he/she agrees on doing as the patient wishes. Or, it could be that the worker takes advantage of the patient, making him/her do bad things (stealing, something else?), and the patient gets punished for this, but doesn't realize that the worker is taking advantage of him/her, since he/she is blinded with love.
    I was also thinking that it could be a patient x patient in some way, don't know if it'd be in the same way as the patient x doctor/nurse (one of them taking advantage of the other), or if it would be love with other plot twists.
    Someone in the woods
    A couple of friends are in the woods, going to be staying there for the night in tents. While in the woods, they get lost (maybe there's a snow storm or something going on?). One of the friends are injured, and another one decides to stay with the injured one while the rest of the group (maybe 3 or 4 people) goes to look for help. The injured one and the friend that stays finds a cabin, and they decide to stay there till the others comes back. After a day or two, they realize that their friends won't come back.
    I haven't got more for this plot, I'm thinking that we'll have to do some plotting about it. Basically, the thing is that the two of them are trapped in the cabin/lost in the woods (depending on if there's a snow storm or not I guess), and they don't know what happened to their friends. Maybe they go looking for them?
    Journaling for our friends

    There's a person with DID (dissociative identity disorder, also known as mutiple personality disorder) who goes to their T. The T suggests that he/she keeps a journal for the different alters to write in. The person who is the host (the one who controls the body and is "out" most of the time) has been away for a long time, not being aware of what has been going on (which means that the current host hasn't been the host for a long time). And so, the T suggests for the host to keep a journal for the alters to write in, so that he/she gets to know what has happened.

    Normally in DID, the past has been traumatizing (causing DID to develop in the first place), but we don't have to go there (if you don't want to, of course). I was thinking that you and I could be roleplaying as the different alters of this person. It could be that the person has recently tried to commit suicide (not the current host but another alter). The current host wakes up in the hospital with suicide watch (someone being in the room 24/7 to make sure the patient doesn't harm themselves or anything like that), and doesn't understand why (he or she has been away for a long time, I think this is called "sleeping" - when the alter isn't aware of what's going on at all).

    It could be that the different alters explains what has happened during the time the host has been gone through the journal, or it could be that the workers on the hospital explains things, and the person is in denial of what has happened. Maybe he/she hasn't even known that they're multiple (if he/she went to "sleep" before being aware of any other alters existing)?

    I understand if this seems complicated, but just ask me if there's anything you don't understand. Of course we could do some plotting about this, it's just an idea that I had to write down. I'd like to do this plot ("Journaling for our friends") very much, or any other version of it.

    A few last words
    First of all, thanks for reading. If there's any of these plots that you find interesting, feel free to PM me or write to me here. I'd like my partner to do more than one liners, I'd be happy if we could keep it about 2-3 paragraphs (depending on the roleplay of course).
    To be honest, I don't think I'm that good when it comes to coming up with plots, so I'd be really happy if you have any suggestions of your own as well (maybe you're inspired by one of my plots or something).
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  2. No one's interested? Just checking. Would love to get any of these plots worked on with someone. ^^
  3. I'd be interested about the second one, with the couple of friends in the woods(:
  4. Great. ^^ I'll PM you and then we'll discuss it there?
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