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  1. Hello everyone! I have a few very vague plots that I'd like to hash out with someone! A couple points before we get to the good stuff:
    - I'd like someone who can post at least 3-4 paragraphs per reply. More would be lovely if you're feeling inspired.
    - I'm a 25 year old woman with a full time job that finds me on the computer quite a bit. I can usually get at least one reply out a day, but if I miss a day or two, don't panic. Sometimes I need a little break. If it will be longer than a few days I'll let you know, and I'd hope that you'd give me the same courtesy.
    - I play both genders and like to involve side characters. I want to build a world and a story, not just two character who only talk to each other. I'll also play any kind of pairing.
    - I'm cool with sexy time, but it has to be relevant. Because of this, I'd prefer to RP with someone who is 18+.
    - I'd prefer to RP in a thread. It's easier for me.
    - Check out my RP resume for more personal details.

    Okay, to the aforementioned good stuff!

    1. MMORPG: Two characters meet in the game world and form a party. Overtime they grow to like one another as more than a gaming companion, but how does this relationship translate to the real world? This could go a variety of ways - they know each other outside but aren't aware, one or both could be in a real life relationship, there are arch enemies outside of the game, one of them could be lying about their gender, etc. I'd want this to be a game world that we would make up together as we went to keep it fun. Would contain adventure, action, all that jazz. I'm pretty open with this, so come at me with your ideas!

    2. Dragon Age: I LOVE Dragon Age! I've played all three, and I think it would be fun to set something in the DA world. I'd rather not play canon characters for this one. Our characters could meet or somehow be related to canon characters, but I'd rather make our own story. Some general ideas: exploring the mageXtemplar dynamic, two people from different races falling in love, two grey wardens/a grey warden and a regular person fall in love, two people go on a quest to fetch something, and more. There is so much to do within this universe, so I'd love to RP this with someone who is fairly knowledgeable with lore and DA locations.

    3. Hogwarts: I just really love Hogwarts, okay?!? I'm looking for someone who wants to make a plot with original characters in this setting. I'm pretty open with this, so we can talk it out together.

    Like I said, these are really vague and I'm pretty flexible, so if you're interested please PM me and we can discuss some details! Thanks!
  2. So after reading all of this I am giddy at the prospect of your "vague" ideas. Lady these are not vague at all! Not too packed but just enough to get the brain juices flowing!
    I'd love to RP with you, I haven't had someone give me something inspirational in years and your "vague" thoughts are looking to be very promising. And no worries Im 23 so no crazy sexytimes
  3. Still looking!
  4. Interested in the Hogwarts one~ or the MMORPG one. Send me a PM if you're still looking for someone!
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