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  1. Some simple rules/guidelines:

    1.) I am looking for adept and advanced roleplayers.

    2.) I expect at least one full paragraph. No semi-para or one-liners.

    3.) Quality over quantity.

    4.) One post a week at the bare minimum.

    5.) OOC communication required.

    6.) Contribution to the storyline is expected of you.

    7.) I only play female leads. This does not mean I won't play male NPCs. I expect the same of you vice versa.

    8.) The roles that are bolded are the ones I will play.

    9.) I'd appreciate it if you would allow me to see some writing samples. Otherwise, I will decline.

    10.) Proper grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation are expected. No one's perfect and I understand typos, but in general, please be decent with these four things.

    Per Sempre Tua (Mafia Lieutenant x Mafia Boss' Daughter) TAKEN

    The mafia boss has a brush in with a rival of his- one of the various Cammora groups- and now that group is out for revenge- they plan to take his daughter's life. The boss hears rumors of this and, therefore, he assigns one of his old buddies to be a bodyguard for his daughter. This comes along with action and adventure, as well as the goal of keeping the daughter alive and protected, and as a reward for the time they spend together, the two also begin to fall in love with each other.

    Ending the Storm (Pirate Captain x Heiress)

    This is a nautical story set during the 17th century, otherwise known as, Age of the Buccaneers. A female heir is abducted and taken away one night during the full moon by an enemy she's known through stories shared by her family- pirates. Fearful of them, the girl must work together to survive and find a way out of hell at sea. She believes she may have an idea, and with a clever face, she hopes that her idea may outrun the pirates and help her find an easier way towards freedom.

    It is the girl's only chance at surviving, but many days at sea, who knows what may end up occurring? She has no knowledge of what the future may hold, so all she can do is pray. The story begins with a band of appalling pirates, who have a horrendous reputation amongst Britain’s authorities, on the high seas, during the 17th century.

    After they disappeared 30 years ago, these troublesome and daring pirate crew have decided to resurface their appearance with a specific motive. The captain has a strategy in mind; a plan to abduct the many heirs in line for the throne with a simple note of ransom to the girl's royal family. The heiress disappears into the night. The young woman’s clothing, most prized possessions, and everything else is left behind. It is mandatory that her family cooperate and hand over their fortune before the time limit reaches its peak. If they do not comply with the demands, their daughter will be slaughtered and sent back in a neat little package.

    The Captain of the ship promises to spill much blood if his demanded riches are not handed over in due time, but he also promises a safe return home if he was guaranteed his fortune to help aid him and the crew. A young girl is captured at the beginning, from her respective country in Britain. She is now fighting to survive, but as time passes by, despite the crew’s reputation, she finds herself in a situation where she must sacrifice her freedom or her conventionality.

    Beloved Whispers and Promises (Knight x Noblewoman)

    A new, mysterious, and young noble woman has been invited by Mary, Queen of Scots to stay at French Court for a while. King Francis II assigns a bodyguard to her and within due time, she already feels at home. Her bodyguard never fails to keep her enlightened with daily teachings about French Court set aside from his duty and he never fails to talk of her surpassing beauty and abnormal behavior. She is everything he wants and needs but, she is completely unheeding of his feelings. Something dark in her past threatens to come back, but what is that without the slow realization of deep, unfeigned feelings towards a man who hides his own dark secrets as well?

    Secrets of the Valiant (King x Witch/Nobleman x Bounty Hunter)

    A witch and a king. A bounty hunter and nobleman. What do they all have in common? Their wish for free will. But can they have it? No, because these are dark times. A bloody battle is rising between two countries and these four are doing everything in their power to stay alive and breathing. However, there are some... complications. Since magic has been banned from her country, the witch has fled towards the neighboring country. The bounty hunter is after the witch for money to feed the poor souls she calls family, but the king in the neighboring country has been left wifeless. He has no mistress, no queen, but when a mysterious woman comes around, he's dying to make her all for his own. He does not believe the said truth of her identity as a witch, but his accomplice, a nobleman, is adamant about burning her on the stakes. Two neighboring kingdoms, subjects betraying their own country. How far must all four go to get what they want?

    Paranormal Romance (Vampire x Human)

    A romance with historical setting. I prefer the historical setting to be either Victorian Era, Georgian Era, Regency Era, or Elizabethan Era. I do not mind whether I play the vampire or human but I will not be the 'dominant' one in the relationship.

    Contemporary Romance (Co-worker x Co-worker)

    Two coworkers in an urban setting. They don’t know each other very well because they weren’t in the same department, but just recently the male got fired for being an ass towards the boss, and strived to find a new job, landing a temporary one as a bartender at a strip club. The girl goes to this strip club every other Friday and is surprised to see him there one night. They chat up a little and get drunk, drowning their sorrows in something unpleasant that happened to them (i.e. losing job, losing boyfriend, losing a friend, etc.)

    Gothic Horror (Vampire Hunter x Vampire) TAKEN

    She is sure she’s the last of her kind, or at least, the last monster anyone will ever see. She has no memory of the day she was turned, or who she was turned by. All she knows is that she’s become a killing machine, trying to fit in with other humans, and not do what she regrets most- hurting others. If she finds her creator, she’s sure she’ll be able to drain him of his blood and get revenge for what he made her into. However, it’ll be hard- because for one, finding him in the first place isn’t going to be easy with a group of hunters on her tail for unintentional past doings.

    Paranormal Romance (Demon x Hybrid)

    A young adult has just found out she has amazing abilities, but the downside of that has been having strange dreams. She shares the dreams with her father often, knowing he understands, but completely shocked when a certain dream comes up and all of a sudden her life turns upside down. The dreams foretell the sign of a prophecy her father tells her. She never thought she’d be involved in something this irrational, but once a stranger with a compelling aura suddenly enters her life, one who hasn’t been particularly invited in, she realizes this prophecy must be fate.​
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  2. I'm still looking. Anyone interested? :)
  3. I'd be interested in the VampirexHunter RP.
  4. @nyther Great! Any writing samples? :D
  5. Just updated my profile with a sample
  6. Thanks. I just checked it out and while you do have potential, it is, unfortunately, not what I am looking for. I appreciate the time you took to show your interest though. It is much appreciated. (:
  7. I'd be willing to rp with you, there is a writing sample in my rp resume.
  8. Same as above. While you do have potential, what I saw is not what I'm looking for. Thank you for stopping by though. (:
  9. I'm still looking for partners. Anyone interested?
  10. Demons certainly sound interesting.
  11. Meaning? o.o
  12. Haha, meaning I'm interested in playing your demon x hybrid plot. I thought I'd posted a writing sample but upon further inspection it seems I have not.. One moment.
  13. There we have it, profile updated.
  14. Oh xD Well, I'll just let you know that I do have a bunch of information regarding species, small ideas, but unfortunately, I do not have a main driving plot. I only have the basic plot like you see up above and I do have some specifics for the character role (male lead) though you are free to conjure up history, personality, and appearance, etc. That being said, if you are willing to deal with some strict rules and don't mind not having a main driving plot from the start, I am willing to share what I have.
  15. Please do. I think it might actually be good for me to have a little bit of a starting point, as it has been a while since I've made up a new character, though I look forward to it. Send me a convo with your ideas and we can discuss.
  16. When I say small ideas I mean little notes- stuff that I want to happen, just to let you know. Anyways, I will send you the information as soon as possible. I can't as of now- because I'm on my phone- but I will definitely send you the information when I can. Thank you for showing interest! :)
  17. No problem, and thank you for taking an interest in my writing.
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