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  1. Heyo!! I'm Cece! So here are a few plots i worked on a while ago! I Play Mostly Uke {nondominate} or seke {switch between dominate and not} characters. If you Like any of these plots let me know! Id LOve To Roleplay! No Requirments!

    1~ Character X was born without a voice. his whole life hes had to charade his thoughts and hope people understand him. Writing is easier but not always convenient.
    Character Z has a unique ability to read others thoughts. Its something of a curse for him. There isn't an off switch and no volume button, so he's constantly distancing himself from people.
    X and Y are kinda perfect for each other right? But my question is how does a person who cant talk and a person who stays away from everyone meet?

    2~ Character X is a single parent in high school. they are having thoughts of putting the child up for adoption.
    Character Y is a teen in the foster system. He finds out about X's kid [we can discuss how they learn of X] and urges X to keep their child because he lives in the bad system.
    Y makes X a proposition: Y helps take care of X's child, and Y gets to stay with X.

    3~ Character X is colorblind and totally blind in one eye from an accident. X is a musician.
    Character Y is deaf in one ear and can hear through the other with a hearing aid. Y is an artist who uses all types of mediums for art.
    Y rents out a room in his house for extra cash and X ends up renting it.
    X thinks art is pointless because to him its just lines and shapes because he cant put together any form or see the color scheme.
    Y thinks music is boring because he cant hear certain levels of sound so he misses parts of the music.

    4~ Character Y is cursed to lives as their master's most comforting object because in a previous life they failed to sooth their master to stop the master's suicide.
    Character X is Y's 18 year old Master whose most comforting object is a big (color of your choice) Teddy Bear.
    Character Y is human during the day, free of the curse and of X. Y works as a (job position that protects people) and dedicates their human life to protecting others. During the night Y is transformed into X's Teddy Bear and is mentally continuous but physically unable to do anything.
    Character X is unaware that Y is anything but a stuffed bear, but the magical appearance of the bear before he falls asleep and the disappearance before he wakes, makes him have suspicions that his Bear is just a bear. X doesn't ask questions though because they have been together since X was born.
    In X's family they are cursed to draw in all the nightmares of their village, keeping the life sucking creatures who pose as nightmares away from the people. When X was born it became their duty to do that, And when X was born it became Y's duty to protect him while he slept, when it is the time to absorb the creatures of the night.
    Usually if X were to sleep and suck in all the creatures he would be plagued with unwakable night terrors, but because of Y when the creatures enter X they sleep dreamless.

    5~ Character X is a patient at a hospital, suffering from a terminal illness, but X wants to die painfully so he refuses pain medication and treatment.
    Character Y has the ability to take illness from one living thing and transfer it to another. Y works at the hospital and cures many people, transferring the illness to the plants in the garden outside.
    Y cures X, but instead of being grateful for the life given to them X is angry at Y. X begs Y to give him back his sickness so he may die in a slowly painful way, but Y of course cannot. So X decideds if they cant die painful then they are still gonna die, and X sets out to commit suicide.
    Y feels lost and guilty even though all he did was try and save X. Y cant stand to let someone die so he agrees to give X back his sickness. But what X doesnt know is Y only gives him enough to suffer, but not enough to die.

    6~ Character X is stuck at home because of some mysterious reason only X and their parents know.
    Character Y, who lives a few houses down from X, Has to copy their notes and bring X their homework. Y leaves little notes on sticky notes on the homework. X replies to them and Y gets to read them when X's mom returns them to Y.
    X and Y never meet, but they communicate through the notes then by phone.
    Y is curious and investigates why X is stuck in his room and why X refuses to tell anyone whats going on.
    (this would involve mostly text messages, notes, eventual phonecalls. Y would explain like what their doing to solve the mistery and what Y finds but Y doesnt have to say what Y's doing all day everyday. Just the communication between them and the important stuff. same for X)

    7~ Character Y is a teacher at a small town high school. Y is also the God of Knowledge, forced from their throne and kingdom by their brethren gods.
    X is the town nerd, who spends their time in the library and at home reading.
    Y has a chance to return to their kingdom and win back their throne, by out smarting their brethren at a test of wits, but he must train a predecessor in case he is assassinated or put in jail by the new false ruler.
    Y takes X on as apprentice and trains him to be the next God of Knowledge.

    8~ Character X and Y live on two different worlds. These worlds are placed next to each other. There is one place they almost touch, in the towns of X and Y.
    This is the only place where the gravity is so light that you can travel between worlds without a ship, but can stay grounded to the planet their standing on.
    X and Y have been meeting in that place since they were kids, and fell inlove during their lives.
    X wants to go to Y's world because it has magic and mystical creatures.
    Y wants to go to X;s world because their is technology and developed societies.
    but neither can leave their worlds.

    9~Character X is an animal activist and photojournalist.
    Character Y is a poor villager in a less developed country who has to hunt/fish for animals to survive.
    X goes undercover in a village, saying they are there to learn the culture, instead of expose them for illegal poaching of animals.
    Y lets X live with them.
    Y discovers X's true purpose at their village but keeps it a secret.
    Y takes X to their village and out hunting to show X their culture and why they must kill animals, but to show how they do it humanely and responsibly.
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