Plot Challenge: Venus's Garden

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
    NOTE: You can reply to this post with your own challenge additions at any time! If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit. Learn more about the Roleplay Challenges HERE.

    Challenge Phrase: Venus's Garden
  2. Venus Garden was always a beautiful place. With a giant Peacock that made home to the garden, it had become known as its guardian. Many warriors as well as normal people, would come from far away lands to visit. They would all stand in awe by the garden and some even approach the Peacock's nest. The bird was a gentle one and welcomed all who came. There was nothing greater than the peace and love it showed.

    The Peacock was a very tall bird as well. Its size allowed it to watch over the garden as well. It made sure that no potential threats came to Venus's Garden. The white birds were the Peacock's messengers. Just when the Peacock had thought that peace would last, it would only be disturbed by a group of thugs. Behind the magnificent beauty, laid a gem. But, this gem held the life essence of the garden.

    The Peacock fell into fear by this message and felt that she had to do something. It was her duty to protect this garden and she was going to do just that. The birds had also notified her that the thieves would come tomorrow. The Peacock thanked the birds and they parted ways. The peacock began her planning and prepared for tomorrow.

    The next day, in the evening, the thieves showed up. Just as the birds had stated. The peacock hid beyond the flowers, masking her great size. She took on the appearance of an average sized Peacock and waited until they entered the garden. Once they were inside, they began destroying everything in sight. The Peacock was angry and she could take no more of their destruction. The Peacock yelled out and her voice echoed.

    The Peacock stood up and her great size overshadowed the garden as the men. They stood frozen in fear and the peacock yelled again. She leaned over and gave the men a piercing glare and the men ran away in fear. The Peacock rejoiced with happiness and made her way to the gem's hiding location. She touched the gem softly with her beak. The gem lit up gently and returned the Garden back to its former beauty.

    Peace had once again been restored.. But, the Peacock was fully aware that there would be more, who would come to steal the gem.