Plot Challenge: The Widow's Secret

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Challenge Phrase: The Widow's Secret
The Widow's Secret

Somewhere in USA, near a small town lives a lonely woman. She is known for being a great healer and lots of people believe in her skill even though there is one doctor in the town who could help as well. However, this woman had been living in the cottage since...well, even the oldest pal can remember her looking exactly the same some 60 years ago but as he says he could be mistake because in that time she was married. People start to wonder if the man's eyes are just bad or if what he is saying is true. And if it is true then, does the woman holds a secret for staying young? Moreover, for eternal life? Some investigations are being held; however, no results are carried out because the ones who led the investigations suddenly go mad or...disappear forever. People are frightened yet the mystery draws them towards the woman.
Maybe it's the way she dabs her tearless eyes, or the way her sobs only make it half way. It could be the way she glances at the.... priest? Her lips are covered by a black handkerchief, but the smirk she is hiding is given away by the victorious glint in her eye. The whole town knew she married her deceased husband out of love, but now they were beginning to question their knowledge. Was her heart already given to someone else? Has another man already known her?