Plot Challenge: The Reluctant King

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    Challenge Phrase: The Reluctant King
  2. The Reluctant King.
    To war, the generals cry, to war. And with this unison call, King Arenir loses his power, becomes a figurehead, before the warlords of his land. He is, however, to be protected with any given life, slave, peasant, warrior, even general. For when this war is over, he becomes the most important man in the world. He didn’t ever plan this, his heart sings songs longing for peace. And yet there is nothing to be done. Or is there?
  3. The Reluctant King.

    Not everyone wanted to be a King. Even those born into a royal family. Things never turn out how you want them too and suddenly one is thrust into power that he never wanted. He had married well, into another kingdom and to a Princess. He had never expected her older brother to sicken and die and that they would become the next King and Queen. The tricky thing now was that sickness was spreading through out the land and some tricksy and evil politicians were saying that the future King was to blame, bringing the sickness from his native land to infect them all...
    Now he must somehow save himself, his wife, a kingdom who doesn't trust him, and manage not die from assassins or sickness.