Plot Challenge: The Message in the Cake

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: The Message in the Cake
  2. First thing that comes to mind is a spy rp. Like there is vital info in that cake. There was a whole riddle that lead the Protagonist to that cake. Is that good? lol
  3. Cake. Such simple, sinful food. A bit of flour and sugar, some eggs and a few other ingredients. But this cake was more sinister. As the bride cut into the cake, her husband's hand guiding hers, she paused. This pause wasn't for dramatic effect, rather, she had run into an obstacle. She felt her heart stop. Not another thing to go wrong! This was her big day, and already her father hadn't arrived to walk her down the aisle. He'd probably had some big police business, but then, half the force was here today. And now... now something in her cake. She withdrew the serving knife, her expression confused and worried. She tried in another section, but still encountered something. Something wrong. In the way. Frustrated and tired, she set the knife aside, ripping into the tier of the cake with her hands, trying to expose whatever was inside. As the cake revealed its contents, the bride screamed, falling to the ground in a faint. The groom's face turned green and he vomited into a champagne bucket. Guests screamed and ran, the police there for the wedding rushed forward to get details of the scene, and for a moment, all was chaos.

    They found the bride's father, or rather, the parts of him that weren't baked into the cake, three weeks later. Cause of death was ruled undetermined, a strange statement for a man who's death had obvious been a message. You are one of the officers who attended the wedding. You know the message was meant for the force, and that someone is covering something up. Duty and curiosity drives you to discover the truth.

    Okay, that's my plot idea. Or, story starter. Or whatever.
  4. She needs to know how he feel, but how should he tell her? Go down on his knees and ask at sunset? Maybe over a dinner. But, that's not so original, it should come from the heart. He thought a long time about it before he came up with an idea.

    Two weeks later it was her birthday, Kevin had bought a ring and was ready to propose to her. He hoped she would say yes and be with her forever, he loved her so much. He came to her house in the afternoon and started with giving her a cake, as she started to cut it she noticed something hard in it. She looked at Kevin whom only smiled, she knew he was scheming something but she didn't know what. She took a spoon and searched after the hard piece in the cake, when she took up the thing that he had put in the cake she notice that it was a ring with a litle piece of paper wired around it. "Do you want to marry me?" It said. The answer was yes.

    What will the future hold for the two of them?
  5. The bride stared blankly at the written words before her. No! This was supposed to be her day. This was supposed to be the start of a new phase of her life with her beloved husband.David was her friend, her lover, her savior. He rescued her when she thought everyone was out to drag her down. Why must her dreams be destroyed by four simple words?

    David killed your father.
  6. Today was her big day - no their big day. Teresa had been stressing about this day for months on end. She had to talk to the florist, the cake decorator, her wedding planner, and all of her bridesmaids. It was worse than planning Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, much much worse. Multiple times she just felt like curling into a corner and sobbing, or at least wringing the neck of someone close by. But this was it... They said their vows, kissed and walked down the aisle together.

    Now came the cutting of the cake...

    Such a beautiful cake. It was a four layer vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. Teresa decided against separating the tiers of the cake, and instead had all of the pieces sitting on top of each other. It was a cream colored cake with pink trim, and pale yellow roses; the flowers ran down the side of the cake. The effect was astounding and elegant. Teresa gave credit to the cake's design to her husband, artistic as he was.

    His hand was warm as they clasped the knife together. Teresa could see out of the corner of her eye the cameras flashing as they cut into the cake. She herself knew that her grin reached ear to ear. As the knife dug into the cake, something dark and flimsy caught on the blade. Her husband's hand paused, but Teresa kept cutting. Her grin quickly changed into a deep frown. Chairs creaked all around her and Teresa knew that there were others who were peering around, watching.

    Reaching in, Teresa pulled the strange material out. She wiped off the frosting and cake with a napkin, revealing a startling image.

    It was her husband, in bed with one of her bridesmaids.

    Her husband started apologizing immediately, while Teresa stood frozen on the spot, the photo still in her hand.