Plot Challenge: The Keeper of the Gate

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: The Keeper of the Gate
  2. "For aeons, I have searched the whole universe in pursuit of a relic that my people only know as the Door of Emperors, a gate that stands between me and godhood, yet for some reason, I still can not find it. I have scanned every single planet that I came across during my long journey, yet I have not found a single clue as to its locations. Even now, my ship is taking in the structure of yet another planet, but it finds nothing amongst the grassy plains and the vast oceans. Not even the analysis yields the result what I was looking for, because this stellar body is just as empty as the rest, it is just as stoic as all others I have encountered before, so I make my ship focus on the planet and wipe it off from the map of the universe. I then continue my journey to the next planet.

    This cycle has repeated itself for the past aeon, and even now, it shows absolutely no signs of passing. My anger at the lack of progress is slowly growing greater and greater, not to mention that I no longer have true control over my actions anymore. My body simply acts on the emotions I experience, even though just a few thousand years ago, I was the master of my own actions. They could not rule over me as they do now, so perhaps it is time for me to enter self-imposed mental shutdown again to refine my senses. I consider this for a second, then decide to do it, because I will need my sanity for this quest, so I order my ship to automatically scan any planet that comes our way, and wake me up if it finds a clue. Then I let my consciousness slip into a deep sleep so that I may control myself once more.

    When I awake, I find myself staring down the Door of Emperors, the key to godhood, the item that I have sought for so long and slowly, tears start to fall from my eyes. Was that all that separated me from godhood? Was it only simply meditation that made me deserve this destiny? I do not know, but as my eyes get accustomed to the sight, I notice a single ship in front of the gate. It is an elaborate, curved ship coloured sapphire blue and steel blue, and it is thousands of times larger than mine. A shiver runs down my spine at the sight of this mighty guardian, and I know that I would not be able to defeat him, yet I still had to try. Weapons unfolded from my ship, targeting my enemy, however, the huge ship did not move a single inch. I started firing my weapons at it, but each and every shot bounced off its surface into the distance, unable to get through the thick armour of the enemy ship. Yet no matter how many projectiles my ship fired at it, it moved not even once.

    Soon, I realised that the guardian of the gate was not active, so I laughed at my own stupidity, and then attempted to enter the gate. Suddenly, the guardian moved to block my path, and it was front of me in an instant. A new struggle started between us, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not keep up with the enemy ship. Still, I could not give up, so we raced against each other for yet another aeon, until my ship finally broke down, and my life support started to fail. Even as I write thi-"

    Yet another ship was added to the graveyard around the Guardian of the Door, but the automated machine continued to perform its duty. It had waited far longer than an aeon for its masters to return, so it was not going to give up hope now. Not when the day of the awakening was so close.