Plot Challenge: The Eleven Pieces of the Gate of Bones

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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
The Eleven Pieces of the Gate of Bones
Necromancy hasn't been seen since the Gate of Bones, the passage into Mercul's gloomy underworld, was shattered in the Godless Times, when the Gods's Avatars walked on Arth. But now it's starting to reappear. Slowly, sinister, hiding in the shadows. An expedition into the Hall of Passages, that dangerous, primal place that holds the gateways into the Gods' realms, yields only one survivor, and a message delivered on a deathbed; The Gate of Bones is nearly rebuilt.

Eleven pieces have been returned to their places, and the Keystone is all that remains. The mages and prophets of the Kingdom of Raistlin cannot come up with a solution. But at midnight, the Hour of the Dead, Mercul himself speaks to a young man, a stripling. Ouras Linn must find and destroy the Skull of Graus....or the Dead will be unleashed on the Living World.
Last time the Gate Of Bones was assembled properly, the world was mostly taken over. The emperor still reigns to this day, but thanks to some ill-timed treachery on the part of his resurrected wife, the gate has been shattered and scattered across the land. Completing it allows a path for the living to walk among the dead. A chance to revive loved ones, something once thought allows access to the highest possible necromantic magic, and that is how the emperor took over the world. He seeks the gate to bring his beloved back (again..), after she was killed by those she helped. Others also wish to see their loved ones..some seek a new form. And some seek the end of all that is.
The eleven pieces of the gate of bones were the way to the afterlife. There was only one problem, there were twelves pieces to the gate of bones and nobody knows where the last piece was. Watch as an entire world hunts for the final piece of the gate of bones, slowly realizing that perhaps the answer was right in front of them from the start.
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The eleven pieces of the gate of bones were scattered among the eleven great nations of the globe after the last battle with the mighty Jungt, lord of the netherworld. realizing the danger of the gate's pieces ever being reassembled each nation was ordered to keep a separate piece in safety away from the others. One nation however, had been overthrown by a dark and evil man who intends to call forth Jungt to help him conquer the entire globe.

He has already taken three of the eleven pieces by force, as his armies march on his continent. But, he has dispatched small groups to obtain the other pieces by stealth.

You are part of a team that guards one of the pieces. You must not allow the dark king to succeed.
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The eleven most powerful nations have banded together in a single alliance after the purging of nuclear weapons. There is only one left, a superbomb aptly named the Gate of Bones. It, however, has been dismantled and split into eleven pieces, one harmless piece to each ruler. It's been a few hundred years, and political unrest is beginning to start again- and people are beginning to wonder if the Gate of Bones will be unleashed in the near future.
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The Eleven Pieces of the Gate of Bones.

The entrance to the spirit world was once an unregulated, writhing mass of spirits pouring into the world. The people were helpless before the onslaught of daemons and unclean spirits that came through the rift, called the Mouth of Geddith, named so after a fearsome and terrible devil. In 1005, the Ardent Temple finally came up with a plan to stem the tide, bringing the flow of daemons to a halt, called the Gate of Bones. Taking the bodies of over a hundred saints, they rotted them down to only bones and constructed from them a gate before the rift, the holy sanctity of the saints interred within keeping the daemons at bay through concession with the spirits.

But, though the daemons were convinced by the words of the saints within, a single devil could not be swayed to leave the world of Man alone, and he sent forth agents of his own to break the gate. However, they could only manage to steal away eleven pieces, all of them from saints who turned from the Temple and held hate in their hearts for the sacrifice they had been forced into. As much as they wished, the spirits of this devil - said to be Geddith himself - could not break the bones of the saints, and so instead, they hid them.

The gap was enough to allow the daemons to once again traffic into the world of Man, to cause mischief, death, or both. The Eleven Pieces of the Saint's Gate remain somewhere in the world, and it will take a convincing individual to persuade them to come back to do their duty - or a powerful one to force them to.
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