Plot Challenge: Soul Gems



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To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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Challenge Phrase: Soul Gems


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A being from a different world come to earth to seduce and befriend humans, just to kill them in the end to steal their souls in the form of little rocks she calls Soul Gems. It isn't a choice to kill, because she is collecting 1,000 Soul Gems from 1,000 humans in order to save her home planet from being destroyed by an evil dark lord. She is forced to kill and in the end, she kills herself to sacrifice the most important Soul Gem of them all.


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Soul gems: rare artifacts that power a dystopian society. Everything runs on soul gems. The people live underground, having lost their eyes and using mostly their sense of hearing and touch to get around. These soul gems power everything that these people live on. It runs their water purifiers, their machines to build their tunnels, their air circulation devices. No one remembers how soul gems were originally made or how they are tapped for energy. No one even remembers how they came to live underground, or what the surface world was like. All they know is, every five years, they send all celebrating their tenth birthday down to the Soul Gem cavern, where they bleed onto the gems until there is no more blood for them to bleed. It keeps these gems working, though suddenly the Gems aren't working like they should. The civilization grows frantic, their lives depending on the gems, they sacrifice more and more children but it just doesn't work. It seems they are doomed to perish...


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The year is 1999. Fear and conspiracy theories about the chaos of Y2K run wild. The unfortunate truth is, something is going to happen on 12:01 of the year 2000, and only an elite force of soldiers can stop it. You are one of these soldiers, employed by the various world governments to stop an alien threat. For years, the aliens have been setting in motion their plot to replace certain miniscule computer components with tiny gems that will activate in every Y2K compliant computer in the world. Yes, it is the very efforts to stop Y2K that will usher in disaster, for these components will steal the souls of all within range of them, feeding the alien brood hatcheries for years on the souls of human and animal life. It is December 28th and you have three days. Good luck.

Lady of the Dragons

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The Keepers are the mysterious beings appointed by the Graceful to guard the Soul Gems, gems infused from the heart of the planet that keep Balance. Balance is essential for the world to smoothly run. Without the Soul Gems and their Keepers, the world would collapse on itself and all would be destroyed. There are Keepers of Harmony, Energy, Mystery, Faith, Wisdom, and Strength. Together, the Keepers guard their Soul Gems and keep the world into Balance.


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When someone dies their soul is taken by the Gods of the afterlife, taken to a bright peaceful place to rest and forget their memories and experiences before they are reborn once again, there is no judgement on a soul as it only rifines and gives life to what already exist in the body and mind, every soul is therefore taken to the same place after death. But, when someone dies an unnatural death and cannot let go of life or when magic is used a soul can not be collected by the Gods of the afterlife instead the sould crystalizes and takes physical shape. This is called a Soul Gem, they are very powerful and reflect the person it ones was, being malicious, indeifferent or good natured. These gems can be used by magicians to enhance their powers or even by normal folk to give them power but without a strong heart and soul of their own a person is easily taken over by a Soul Gem, each gem wants something and if they get help the soul can move on from its crystalline prison and rest in the afterlife but many people wants to draw power from the Soul Gems and use them for their own purpose instead of helping the souls, even leading to people murdering to obtain a Soul Gem.

The Protectors, a specific group of police answering to the Ruler only, are specially trained to seek out Soul Gems and help them get rest and prevent people from using Soul Gems. Protectors have a handheld device that scan the air for Soul Waves and can also vaguely sense what the souls want so the Protectors can do their job. They are a well trained elite force handpicked by the Council and carefully monitored so that they don't go rouge, the Protectos are well known all around Earth, both feared and loved by the people. What people don't know is that the Protectors have Soul Gems aiding their powers. But these are not illegal gems but the Protectors own souls taken out and given physical form, these Soul Gems are special and a Protector can not be separated from his Soul Gem without risking death.