Plot Challenge: Someone is LICKING

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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase:
Someone is LICKING
We found her last night, unconscious in a rain puddle. Well, I say we, but it was Sparks who found her, really. Ran over and started licking her face. I didn't even see her, although admittedly I was looking in the wrong direction until I heard him bark. It's noon now, and she hasn't woken up yet. Dave says she's fine as far as he can tell - no sign of head trauma, not obviously drugged. So I guess that just leaves the three of us sitting here waiting for her to wake up. Four if you count Sparky. Glad it's a weekend. This is my second beer. I.... That...was that a whimper? Guess she's awake...
Something is licking my face. At first, I thought the pitch black was death, but as I felt the warm sensation drag itself across my body I realized I had not been so lucky. The sensation of a thousand pinpricks pressed against my body, my body now wet with blood that seeped out. From there I could only imagine what horrid thing was doing this to me, unable to move my body as the pinpricks turned into pain of flesh being turn asunder. The sightlessness of it all was the worst part... For if I could see what was done to me, I would know if I died or not...But this horrible sensation of not being able to truly know what was going on as I could hear my skin open... It made me want to YEARN to know what was done not me... This curiosity that refused to let me die... That was the most painfullest piece of this Hell...
It was a night like any other night. House-sit, babysit, make sure the kids were tucked in. Sure, there was the news of an escaped killer on the loose but having such a large dog at home gave one a sense of security. Dogs were reliable and if the mastiff sensed danger in anyway, she would know for sure and be able to call the police. She didn't even have to see the dog. Every time she slipped her hand behind the couch, he would give her a lick and she would know he was there ...
Darkness surrounded me. The last thing i remembered was hanging out with my friends at the club. It was a dull life i lived but i had the slightest enjoyment with friends and family but now.... now everything is dark. Aghhhh why does my head hurt. Whats this warm and thick liquid running around me. Why cant i breathe. Something is wet on my face... its different. Like a tongue licking my face, and now a sharp pain coursing through my body. My eyes open and i see a woman digging her nails into my skin while a knife is implanted in my hand, the bodies of my friends all around me.... i must be next. She smiles maliciously.
"JIMMY, NO!" Charlotte shrieked. Her ear splitting warning came a heartbeat too late, however, as her adventerous younger brother's triumphant smirk vanished into one of sheer determination. Not a heartbeat later, his tongue ceased progress in his attempt to lick the full length of the water pump handle, frozen painfully to the freezing metal. Tears threatening to burst from her warm brown eyes, Charlotte dropped to her knees at her little brother's side. "I did warn you; oh, do listen next time!"
Everything was screaming some kind of song through the air. Bugs and frogs crying out mating songs or threatening war over territorial disputes. You could fry an egg on the side of the dusty road that brought him here, no problem. The heat he could stand, the bugs he could stand, the screaming poisonous frogs and unexpected bouts of bird shit he could stand. But the humidity was killing him. Parts of his body that he never knew could sweat were drenched in it- sticking to everything, even the abused, bleach speckled t-shirt he's had since he was 15. There wasn't even a breeze to try and wick the sweat away in any sense. He felt like he could easily murder someone for a fan, even just a paper one. Why did he think it would be a good idea to vacation in the crowded jungles of the Amazon Basin when he could be home freezing his ass off in the dead of winter?

He flapped his sweat-soaked shirt again as they took a break on the hike to 'one of the most wonderful views that you have ever seen!' Right. The only view he has had since getting off of the top-heavy tour bus was the ass of the person in front of him, and even though he could enjoy that view, it wasn't the best he had ever seen. It grew even less appealing as time passed and sweat punctuated every crease and curve of his fellow hiker.

He sat down on a decaying log on the side of the path and pulled out his second bottle of water to take a lengthy and desperate chug. It may be humid but he was still thirsty, and they still had another two hours to hike before they made it to their destination. That destination was supposed to be some amazing waterfall. It was something that eleven-year-old Bellamy had ingrained in his mind as a bucket list destination and now that he was twenty-five, he wished he had never seen a documentary on the Amazon Rain Forest in his life.

Everything would have been just bearable enough for this trip if all hell hadn't broken loose. One minute there was a collective of people milling about, taking photos and chatting to one another as they took in the dense trees and the flashes of colorful feathers overhead. The next minute? Everyone was running and screaming like banshees, and since he had the pleasure of being at the back of the pack, he was the one to get bowled over and nearly trampled to death. Wasn't this vacation just amazing?

The world was upside down- or was it sideways? His vision was blurry from the concussion if he had to guess, but there was something more pressing than whether everything was up or down. Something akin to moist sandpaper grazed over his bicep, followed by a hot pant of breath and various low rumbling noises punctuated by random chirps. It happened again, and again. There was the brush of a long tail over his calf and he could almost feel his heart stop then and there. Something was licking him. Fuck that, a Jaguar was licking him! He was surely dead!
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It was their tradition, a silly one admittedly, but it was tradition. They both looked forward to it all year, opening day of the Creamery, the best soft serve ice cream in the area. They met at the corner like always, each armed with determination and an empty stomach.

"I'm going to do it this year."

"Me too...I didn't eat all day."

"Me either."

They stepped up and ordered the large cone, both chocolate and then they went to a table and started a timer. "You can do it."

The both started to lick and lick and lick, trying to actually finish the cone before it melted all over the place, or before they couldn't actually take another lick. Neither made it, but there was always next year.
Something was licking her face. That was how she woke up. Her face scrunched up in disgust as her eyes opened and she peered cautiously around the room. The dog was still asleep at the foot of the bed. She could feel his weight holding down the comforter. Slowly she turned her head to face the thing she dreaded. Her brother's grinning face appeared in her vision and he fell over backward laughing. "Puppy love!" he shouted as he ran out of the room still laughing hysterically.
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