Plot Challenge: Secret of the Magic Pendant



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Challenge Phrase: Secret of the Magic Pendant

Lady of the Dragons

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The King wanted a perfect world for his wife and soon-to-be-born daughter. He refused to let them live in a world as horrible as the one he saw outside his window. He family deserved the best in his eyes and he would do anything he could to create it.

Calling the most powerful magicians and wizards in his time, the Thirteen of Magic, they conceived a single small red pendant. Holding it up to the light, he saw a barren blank world filled with a white void. This was to be his world? The Thirteen of Magic handed him a blank parchment with a strange writing tool. With these, they told him, he could create what he wanted. Only he was able to add to the blank world and fill it with his desires. Thanking them, he locked himself into his bedroom and began to draw.

Over the course of a couple of months, he drew. Sometimes his fingertips became raw and red from his constant drawing. Slowly inside the red jewel he saw his world began to piece itself together. He created white clouds of fair weather floating above crystal lakes. Happiness burst inside of him as he thought of the world he would live in with his daughter and wife in perfect peace and harmony. But his happiness turned into obsession. For days at a time he would refuse to eat or sleep, going over every detail of his world instead. His obsession turned into madness.

Always there was one detail that would not satisfy him. He would spend so much of his time fixing it and modifying it. Only rarely he would come out of his room. His appearance became a sickly apparition of what he used to be. Never, he thought. Never will my world be perfect! What is missing? For weeks he gnawed at the question. The answer was elusive. Until one day, he finally found the answer. He found the way to make it "perfect".

One day, the Thirteen of Magic visited him. They demanded the pendant back. He was obsessing over it too much. It was taking him away from the real world. The King shattered at their demands. He couldn't have his world taken away from him. He had to keep it. Taking his sword, his slashed and struck with his weapon. The Sages could not fight back as they held a code of non-violence and peace. They all fell where they stood, not sure if they should had fought back against their king and master. Taking his writing tool, he painted with their spilled blood and marked his parchment.

In the red pendant, a world of horrible insanity and torture grew. It was so hideous the surface of the jewel actually cracked. And that's when the King knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to free his world from its prison. Taking his sword in his blood-stained hands, he drove the tip into the heart of the red jewel.

Dear reader, let us just say that two worlds cannot exist together in one, so the King's world swallowed and conquered ours. Now we live in a place of horror from his mad mind. And to think... was meant to be a Perfect World.

((Oops, went a little overboard on my post. Eeh hee hee...))


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This is loosely based on a legend from my own created world, and excuse my crappy old english>.<


There 's a legend in these lands children, as old as our memory can stretch but far younger than our guardians. The story is filled with adventure like all stories, but this is also a tale of sadness, anger an' in the end there is some happiness despite all that happens. Nay, nay children, if I told ye about it then it would ruin the story wouldn't it? Now let me see if I can remember it all in the right order. Oh, yes it began like most stories with a young man, not rich but he had all he could wish for in his grasp until it was all swept away by the malicious trickery in the kingdom.

Young Kiran was a pleasant young man, kind, honest and easy on the eyes, he was the kind of lad that was liked by all without havin' to show off, by just being there for others they were drawn in by his charisma. Kiran had a lovely wife, just a year younger than him and his childhood sweat heart, they were expecting their first child any week now.

Now, now I know ye lads here crave something exciting, something brave an' dangerous, an' I promise ye'll get it, but a good story must have a good foundation, otherwise it will fall apart like a badly built house.

Kiran was as stated a well liked man, he was, like most in his small village, rather unaware of the state in the rest of the kingdom, they minded their own business and liked it that way. When rumours came with the traders of a terrible disease the village folk did not think much of it at first, not until people got sick. It fell upon both healthy and sick, young and ol' nothing seemed to stop it and every victim died or got severely weakened. Young Kiran was devastated when he were the one in his house that was left unscathed by the sickness and his beloved Alandria got sick, to his deepest joy and prayers to Oyalee his wife survived the sickness but happiness was short lived for in her weakened state she died in childbirth.

The small babe was still born and Kiran, mad with sorrow left the village that night bringing nuthing else than the intricate silver necklace he'd just finished, it was supposed to be a present for his wife. What Kiran did not know was that Alandria had birthed twins an' the daughter survived. She was taken care off by her grandmother an' her father never knew of her existence.

Kiran himself rode like a madman into the wilderness, his dark hair whipped by the wind and his brown eyes black with sadness and a growing seed of insanity. He did not stop until his horse was at the brink of death leavin' him stranded alone in the wild with a horse that could bear him no longer, Kiran had not the strength to go through the pain again and so he shut out his feelings and tried to forget his past, believing that if he went back he'd go insane from sadness not realising that he was already sinking deeper into madness by the minute. All he saw when closing his eyes were the face of his wife, Alandria, an' that spurred his idea that he could mayhap bring her back to life somehow.

Studying magic Kiran kept the necklace close to him, the red stone shimmering in the sun an' moon, a steady reminder of his loss. Despite his peasant upbringing Kiran was a natural at magic, his tutor was impressed and taught Kiran e'er more techniques an' dangerous spells. But one thing was forbidden, to bring back a human was a deadly sin and Kiran's tutor refused to even speak of it so Kiran betrayed the old man.

He taught himself the magic of old, the dark incantations and blood craving spells. He killed his master, letting his jewel bath in the pool of blood underneath his master's limp body. His warped mind planned the return of his wife and their new future but as he unleashed the powers in the pendant Kiran's hope was crushed and was replaced with fear, in his unguided tapping into the dark magic he'd been fooled to think he was in control.

Dark magic ye ask? Well children, dark magic is closely related to shadow magic but 'tis a dangerous thing, dark magic 'ave mind of its own ye see. It speaks to the users in sweet promising voices and then betray those that 'ave not the power to resist, only the strong of heart and mind can control that dark power, like the juugens that are born with the ability to use dark magic without risks. Now children stay quiet lest I won't finish my tale b'fore the sun sets.

Kiran looked in horror as dark tendrils swirled out of the ruby red stone, encircling him and whispering dark secrets in his ear. They wrapped around him, caressed his skin and Kiran's fear sank away at their soft voices until a sharp pain shot threw his entire being, like his very soul was ripped from his body. It was over in seconds, the black magic wrapped Kiran in a cocoon of darkness and then, it vanished, pouring back into the pendant. With a loud noise in the silent night the necklace fell back to the ground, glittering in the moon light, its red stone darkened to the colour of blood, an ominous sign to all who saw it.

Now children what do ye say we take a break and eat, it seems the food is done. Now, now, I promise ye all that the story will continue after our meal, I can not retell ye the legend on an empty stomach. We will continue with the happenings set in motion by the insane Kiran, how his act imprinted on the rest of Cinna and ye will see who was the ancestor of the great Queen Alanya, after all the Secret of the Pendant is the key to everything.


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Once upon a time a rich man named Alexander fell in love with a beautiful woman, she had captured the hearts of many men but none was good enough for her. Alexander thought she would think differently about him, he was rich, had the looks and wealth. But no, even he got rejected by the girl. Alexander got furious because of the rejection, not even once had a woman turned his proposal down. He wasn’t going to give up even if he had to force her to become his, but maybe it wasn’t needed for him to force her.

Alexander had heard about a witch whom lived in a cave outside of the city, her powers were so great so she could destroy the world if she wanted to. He went to the witch and asked her if she could help him with this girl, ofcourse she wanted something in return for this favor, she wouldn’t do it for free. He thought for a while and then said that he would do exactly what she wanted her to do if she helped him with the girl.

The witch was pleased with the answer and gave him a beautiful pendant, if he gave it to the girl he loved and she put it around her neck then she would fall in love with him. But she could never take it off or else she would die, that’s why he needed to tell her after she fell in love with him that she couldn’t take it off. Alexander understood and promised to come back before the next full moon and do exactly as the witch said as the payment for the pendant.

The plan worked wonderfully good, she fell in love with him and always stayed by his side. But as the full moon arrived Alexander had forgotten about his promise to the witch. But the witch hadn’t forgotten about it and got angry when the man didn’t kept his promise, she put a spell on the bracelet and made the girl hate Alexander. It took some days before Alexander started to walk towards the cave, he was angry at the witch whom suddenly had made his beloved hate him.

The witch told him that if he didn’t marry her then she would do something worse to his beloved than she already had, the man told her that he would do anything except that, he was going to marry the girl he loved. The witch didn’t want anything else than marrying the man and when he rejected her again she threw him out from the cave. When he arrived in the city again he met his wife, but he first didn’t know that it was her. Her face had become the one of an old lady, her beauty was gone and she looked grotesque, but she was once again in love with the man.

The man rejected the womans love because of her appearance and forced the pendant off the girl, and just as the witch had said she died the moment the pendant was taken off. Just a second after the witch appeared and threw a spell at the man that only cared about appearance and the spell locked him inside the pendant.

Now a thousend years later some young people have found the pendant when they were on a school trip, it was hidden in the wall on their hotel and because of an accident the wall got hit down. Sara saw something shining inside the wall and took it out, it was a beautiful red pendant. She were going to give it to the police if it was something stolen that had been hidden inside the wall but then she heard a voice inside of the pendant, a man begged her to help him get free from his prison inside of the pendant. Her five friends that also were in the room must now help her find a way to free Alexander, at the same time they are chased by the witch that wants Alexander to keep being locked away, also they are chased by the people that first had found the pendant and hidden it inside the hotel wall. <o:p></o:p>