Plot Challenge: Rebel Butler

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    Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

    Challenge Phrase
    Rebel Butler
  2. I have served my Master for fifteen years, and my father, and my father's father. But now, things have changed.

    The red flags and black symbols were the first sign. Then came the military. Then came the secret police.

    I cannot bear with this. Many of the other servants have been... they have disappeared, after the Order. All traces of them wiped clean.

    I am frightened. But I cannot stand and do nothing.

    Master is the head informant of the secret police, and he leads the raids at night. I know, because I am awake, and present. The rich and famous think that servants see nothing, hear nothing, think nothing, but they are wrong. We think, feel see, hear everything, and we have convictions. We know when something has become terribly, terribly wrong.

    I contacted the priest the other day. I am nervous, so very nervous. Every fiber of my body wills me to flee, to abandon everything, but I will not run away. I cannot. I must help these people, these victims of the Broken Glass, victims of the Order. It is my duty, my responsibility. They helped my family, now I must help them. And even if they did not, what Master does is wrong. It must be stopped.

    I am a Rebel Butler of Adolf Hitler. And I will fight to help the Jews in whatever way, shape or form I can against the Nazi regime.
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  3. A servants testament:

    Timid, frail, and all to fragile, this is my master. Does as he is told and does not divert from rules and regulations. That is my master. Kind to most and ruler to all, this is the man I serve and I shall continue to do so till he wants no more of me, and ask's for my leave. Though, to my knowledge, I an of great service to him. As there is a war happening, and he is under pressure to keep his warriors and his people alive and safe. There are times when I, obedient as it may, am forced onto the battle field as well. As you can imagine, I don't take to well to those who cause my master harm.

    On this day, things have been peaceful. Master is resting in his room, and I sit beside him, waiting till he wakes. Calm, quiet, and patient. This is me, obedient, a servant. This is my life.

    It seems the master is stirring, asking for me to come to him. I do as told, doing and giving what I believe the master wants, needs. A kiss, light and gentile, done a million times before. The feel of his flesh against mine, soft, warm. His breath, hot and heavy as I touch him. Anywhere, everywhere. My master, calm and eager as I touch him, relax him and bring him to release. Even as he tells me to stop, his body will never reject me. I am his servant, he will always need me. This is my secret, as well as his own.
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  4. A battle rages – throughout the countryside, and within the Valere Estate. Master Valere is a high-ranking official within the People’s Royal Military; his servant is a trained spy from the Digger’s Resistance. They each know the stakes, they each know the other’s secrets, but they can’t let go of the thought of victory – for their side and themselves. Using their wits, they do their best to get the other’s guard down just long enough to… Well, you can guess.

    (A one-on-one roleplay with mild sexual overtones set during the late 1800’s.)

    Prohibition has struck the Americas and crime is rampant. A wealthy congressman is suspected to be an underground crime boss, as his servants are well aware. The man is loved by his hired help, but rumors begin to spread of his misdeeds, originating from within the household. One (or more) of the employees is working against the congressman, and the various butlers, maids, chefs, chauffeurs, etc. are determined to find out who it is and put a stop to it.

    (A group roleplay set in the 1920’s played as a mystery whodunit. Whether the staff changes sides on the issue is an interesting plot twist.)
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  5. I had thought I loved him when I first saw him. But afterward I had realized that it had just been so long since I had seen someone, that my heart leapt at the first person. It could have been anyone. Had my parents sent him? Doubtful, they were to worried about if their priceless art was damaged in the fire, why would they worry about their little girl. "Ma'am are you alright?"
    I let out a small huff as I turn and begin to walk down the forest trail again. "I'm fine. Why did you come for me?"
    "I was worried." His voice was filled with sincerity but still I spit venom as I turned to him.
    "Why don't you go back and lick my parents boots?! I'm done with this family! All they care about is image and money!"
    He was standing straight, proper form as usual, but his expression was pained. "That's not all I care about."
    I felt my guard let loose, as I stared back at him. He had always been so genuine when I asked it of him, and always a gentleman. "I won't be able to pay you"
    "I don't care." he replied with little more than a shrug and a smile.
    My brow furrowed, i could feel it as I asked him. "Then why follow me."
    "Heh.. Because." He had began walking, and only stopped when he stood beside me on the path. "A butler never abandons his master."
    I looked at him unsure how to feel about it. "My father is your master."
    He looked up, scratching his chin with his index finger. "Well, I've always kind of been a rebel."

    A story about two people from rather rich backgrounds trying to make it in a day to day world. Only having each other and their tenacity to keep them strong.
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