Plot Challenge: Nectar of the Gods



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To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
NOTE: You can reply to this post with your own challenge additions at any time! If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit. Learn more about the Roleplay Challenges HERE.

Challenge Phrase: Nectar of the Gods


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It was supposed to be the simplest job in the world. He was only going to slip in, find one musty bottle among a bunch of other musty bottles in the cellar of a wealthy dying man, and bring it back. In return for his trouble, he'd be paid a hefty sum. It sounded a little too easy to be true but he needed the cash and the job came at an impeccable time. So he did it. Too bad for the best thief in history, that the musty bottle turned out to be carrying more than watered down alcohol. It carried the forbidden Nectar of the Gods ...


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"Easy-peasy, Come on Jen, you can do this." The girl crept down towards the kitchen of the Jefferson's home. Creep Creep. Sliiiiiiink. The girl practically blended in with shadows; the dim lighting kept her safe as much as the fact the Jefferson's house was deserted. The family had gone to a restraunt, some fancy five star place only for rich people. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, but her assignment was simple. Grab some sort of jar labeled as nectar of the gods, and place it in the moseuleum of a cemetary. Naturally the damn mission wasn't even specific of -which- cemetary! This could end up being a really long night..~


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[size=-2]I decided to complete my own challenge, for a random fun change. XD Since I had a good idea for it...[/size]

An average woman who is simply too devoted to her work to have many friends and certainly has no time for a boyfriend finds herself alone at a restaurant on her birthday. She chose the restaurant because she received a letter in the mail inviting her to dine on the night of her birthday. It is the most popular in the area, receiving rave reviews from everyone who attends about the quality of the food, but it is so in demand that people can only dine by invitation. It seems to have sprung from nowhere, just there one day and no one could remember it not having been there.

She is approached by a young man, a stranger to her that she hasn't ever seen before despite his claims to work in the same building as her. The man orders a bottle of wine from the waiter, but he speaks so quickly that she cannot understand him. The waiter appeared before her quickly, a tray balanced on his palm and a bottle of wine resting on it in between two glasses filled with golden liquid. Taking the glass, the woman is flattered. The man toasts to her birthday and they each take a sip from the glass...

Little does the woman know that she has entered the den of mischievous gods who lured her here to their restaurant. The wine is the nectar of these gods, a delicious concoction of otherworldly ingredients that unlocks the true potential of a person. One man in particular has his sights set on her... but she won't take kindly to having her fate decided for her!