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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

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Isolated Evolution


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A noble race has been living alone for thousands of years, evolving along with their planet and its plants, with no other living beings to hinder their evolution.

Until one day, when large, strange things descended from the sky...

The Wandering Magus

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The world fell in the span of twenty-four hours. We could do nothing against them. The United Nations peacekeeping forces were decimated, the nuclear weapons useless. The world is practically radioactive at this point, and they still survive.

They survive because they evolve.

We made them. We accelerated their cells' ability to replicate and mutate. The weakest cells die, the strong survive. The men in black suits told us it was for a good cause. That the end of war was at hand. Eternal peace. A new era of civilization.

How wrong we were.

They are, quite literally, super-human. Their muscles are self-healing, regenerating, constantly evolving into a higher state. They can break down walls with a single kick, hack into the global security system with a TV remote, run faster than a cheetah. They're taller, stronger, faster, smarter.

They are the new species. We are the old. They're the Homo Superior.

What can we do?

Even our bullets are simply absorbed, bounce off their carbon-nanotube-reinforced chests. Our radiation is ABSORBED into their skin and POWER them. Fire is only a fuel for them. Every time we attack, they evolve further.

They are coming for us. Their creators. Their tormentors.

They are coming.


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They didn't know that far beyond the white on white horizon, there were others. All they knew was the Snow. Perhaps it was better that way. After all, how can you long for something that can't even be imagined? So they lived in the Snow, the Wolves, the Hares and Foxes. They survived, mostly. They didn't question how they came to be, or what they would become. There was no place for that in the Snow.

In the warm lands, though, there was variety. There were questions. Some would seek forever and never find the answer. Even then, with lives so different, they shared far more than they could know, and were more different than they could imagine.


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Isolated Evolution.

The sinkhole was massive, the biggest in history, though 'history' hadn't quite happened yet. It swallowed the whole city, leaving nothing behind. As the ages went by, people forgot and moved on. As the modern day humans went about their lives, another sinkhole appeared, and as the earth had taken away that faithful day so many years ago, it returned all that it owed. For centuries, the supposedly-dead survivors had shifted and changed to adapt. They were stronger, faster, and smarter than their human ancestors. And they were merciless hunters. They had burst forth from the ground like demons, hesitating only long enough to adjust their eyes to the brightness of the above world. They swarmed America as their population sky-rocketed. There was plenty of meat in the above world for their young, and too many places to hunt. As a current survivor, what will you do to even the playing field against your superior brothers and sisters?
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