Plot Challenge: In the Ocean

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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
In the Ocean
A state-of the art, underwater habitat/research facility is just having it's first tour! Plenty of people are coming, eager to see their future vacation home, the cutting edge labs, or just the views of the fish.

But just as things are getting underway, a tragic accident occurs! The survivors of the various people aboard the station are now cut off from the rest of the world by a fierce storm, and have only 36 hours before the station's reactor goes critical and they all die! Assuming, of course, that they don't drown, suffocate, starve, or kill each other first...

Before the accident happened, the pharmaceutical company that created the facility was running some...less than moral experiments on people and the occasionally magical denizens of the surrounding seas, so valid characters could include water nymphs, people with weird genetic powers, scientists, or guys who are just normal/awesome. For longer plots have the place enter a groundhog day loop, with the PCs getting "bad ends" the first few tries, before FLAWLESS VICTORY.

Be sure to keep it somewhat normal at first for maximum effect!! It should start off as a slightly scifi version of the world, with people chilling, dealing with relationship issues or something, BEFORE you introduce all the weirdness and kraken and mermaid stuff. This allows for contrast.
The world is in the ocean. No land is left after the tidal waves shifted. Watch as this new world adapts to forever being in the ocean and adapt to their new lives or die trying. But as dark force play to destroy this new world, maybe in the ocean wasn't such a great start.
The Sulphur Queen
A Task Force Valkyrie game of horror on the high seas for 5 government sponsored monster hunters

The SS Esso New Haven disappears off the southern coast of Florida along with 39 crewmen. The T2 tanker had been converted to carry molten sulphur, and according to coastguard investigation after the fact, the poor design and vessel maintenance contributed to the disaster at sea. The relative lack of physical evidence caused the wrongful death litigation case to drag on for approximately a decade before the courts found in favor of the families of the missing crew.
A vessel is spotted on radar in the Northern Atlantic, approximately 1000km off the coast of Florida, identified at distance as the SS Esso New Haven. The last communication from a routine investigation by the coastguard stated a 4 man crew on board a search and rescue cutter were en route to the ship. Within minutes both vessels had vanished from radar.
The DoD took over the investigation when it emerged this wasn't the first time the New Haven had been sighted; it had been appearing periodically off the coast of the Bahamas and Cuba since '63, always resulting in the disappearance of local investigative crews. Once a report made its way to the Joint Chiefs of Staff all relevant files were seized and redacted, all involved personnel instructed to remain silent.
As of 0200hrs, the SS Esso New Haven has once again appeared off the coast of Florida. A Task Force Valkyrie squad has been assembled, provided with a team of Navy Seals and instructed to assess, report, and if necessary neutralize any threats on board.
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In the ocean, there are many things that the world of humans might never fully understand. For them, it is entirely impossible to descend to the depths where the real items of value exist, where the true wonders transpire, and true beauty is seen in a form of terror and wonder. For my part, I certainly never would have imagined that the mysteries of waters unfathomable would become as second nature to me. Nor could I ever have envisioned that it would require my abduction at the hands of revoluntionary merfolk in a case of mistaken identity for such experiences to occur. But that, I suppose, only serves to demonstrate that life takes it's pleasure in being the most unconventional originator of surprises.
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The small yacht skimmed over the surface of the ocean, carrying its passengers out and away from their island paradise. Jock, the owner of the yacht, who considered himself an expert in all things, slowed the engines and dropped anchor above what he believed was the lost city of Atlantis.

"I have been studying and making calculations for years now, and I am thrilled to say that I believe I have located Atlantis. I have invited all of you to join me in this historical moment. If you wish, you can dive with me to see it for yourselves."

His passengers were all people who were well acquainted with Jock's egotism. Some of them were intrigued enough to suit up, others were content to bask in the sun and wait for the dismal failure that was sure to follow. In the end, three others suited up to make the dive with Jock being the first in the water. He had a compass on his wrist and he followed it to the place he had marked in his studies. As they approached they found statues lined up of what appeared to be sentinels, hundreds of them in full armor with weapons. Swimming between the rows they took photographs and the three looked shocked but continued on with jock. They then came upon what appeared to be a maze of some kind. Perhaps it was a garden, or a means of thwarting enemies but it was still almost completely in tact and again photos were taken.

Then things began to change and grow darker. It was as if the sunlight no longer was able to reach this place, though only moments ago at the same depth it had been. The three began to slow and then stop, but Jock continued on in the dim light. he felt something brush against his legs and thought it must be a fish, though it seemed rather large. Then he felt hands grab his arms and begin to pull him along very quickly. He tried to see what was pulling him but the water was too murky.

They emerged from the dark water and he could not believe his eyes. Atlantis in all its glory was there for his eyes to behold. He could now see that he was being pulled along by mermen. They continued to swim with him between them until he was before the one who was most obviously their king. The King moved toward him and placed a hand to his head. ~You have seen what you have come to see. Join those others who have come before you.~ the words echoed in his mind and he began to feel heavy and started to sink.

He realized suddenly that he could no longer move his legs, and when he looked down he saw that they had become stone. Horror filled his mind as he watched his body turn to stone, but he was not dead. The two mermen swam back to the place where the rows of sentinels were located and added him to their ranks. He watched his three friends return to the ship without him, never noticing him among the other sentinels. He knew now how these statues had come to be there...and that all of them were just as himself, not alive, not dead but always guarding the lost city.
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