Plot Challenge: In Search of Eternity

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    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!
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    Challenge Phrase: In Search of Eternity
  2. Giant space dinosaurs battling it out in space for the ultimate title of Celestial Beast Champion! Whomever wins shall be forever written in the stars as a new constellation. Eternity in such high position, what more could a space dino ask for?

    ....short but that seriously was the first thing that came to mind..I saw a dino made out of stars...yup...and what better way to imprint your dino AWESOMNESS for all eternity than your own constellation? : D
  3. There are places, many places, where wisdom can be gained and questions long asked can be answered. But there are few places left where true Magic can be observed; and even less where it can be found. But even now, there are some who remember the idea of Magic - perhaps from past lives, perhaps from innate Magical instinct - but there are also those who wish to destroy it, and they will always hunt for those who Search for Eternity. Could this be one?


    You said the first thing that came to mind... Heh heh. XD
  4. When we are children, we believe the world is full of magic.

    We believe in myths and legends and that destiny awaits.

    That is the world I remember.

    And the one I wish I'd never known....

    "The stars have aligned again, sir. It is time we leave this world and move on to the next."

    She stares up at the official who speaks to her father in such a serious tone, her eyes sparkling with curiosity and concern. She does not know what it means to move to the next world, for this is the only world she has known.
    Is it strange to feel sad in such a time? Usually when stars align, things go well. And yet...all we've known is about to disappear. All because the stars have aligned again.

    The ships begin to power as babies across the world begin to cry. It's a sign from the universe...that this should not be. Something is wrong here. Mothers weep as their children cling to them. And still that little girl stares up at the official in curiosity. She does not speak, for her father always knows what to do. He lifts her up, smiling sadly at her, and carries her onto the ship as the lights begin to shine through the strangely thick windows.

    The world seems to sigh suddenly. Everything begins to pick up the pace. As if something bad is about to happen.
    Little does that child know that her world is about to fall apart...


    For centuries since the end of Earth, man has searched for a new place to live. And every hundred years or so, man must move again, for no world can sustain them. Not like Earth.
    The stars always align to show man where he must go. It was like a compass. Guiding a lost animal in the dead of night to its home.

    But humans are not always nomads. It is not right to destroy one world after another. Making entire solar systems desolate wastelands.


    She is carried from the ship upon landing, her eyes widening with delight as the new scenery gives her hope and joy. Mountains rise on the horizon...and before her and her people a grand, lush valley spreads out with open arms.
    That night, however, she learns quickly that all is not good, for a terrible monster comes and snatches many away, leaving flame and ash in its path. The dragons have come for a hunt. And the stars are once more aligned. Not long after they have left their cluster have they shown the terrible fate of mankind again.

    They do not make it to the ships.

    Few survived the night. And those who did scattered. Mothers, fathers, some children. Very, very few.


    They were the Ancestors. And we are the Descendants. Searching for a way to flee the tyranny of the dragons in hopes that one day, we can make peace with the world we are now trapped on. Is it possible? That is what we wish to find out.

    Legend has it that there is one type of dragon that might help us. An Ancient Gold named Eternity. She is said to look the color of a dying star, and her songs bring tears to any eyes of those who hear.

    And now, we search for her.


    She is our only hope. Without her...mankind may not live another century.

    The stars are aligned again. But this time, all mothers say that it is a good thing. This is not the alignment that mark the hunt of the dragons. And so, we shall follow this one like a compass...but not through space. We use it to search for Eternity. And once we find her, we shall again find peace. After so long.

    Mankind must survive.

    And so we search.

    After's either that...or die.

    Heh....hope that's not too long. Once I get an idea, I kinda build on fingers took over.
  5. Mankind has always thought about immortality, about living until the stars themselves fade, and the universe becomes a mass of particles without form. For many years, especially in early human history, humans could only become timeless through their works, meaning that they had to leave some heritage behind that was considered to be so important that it had to be preserved for the future generations. However, one scientist intended to challenge that, to create a new form in which humans could preserve their personality, their essence for the future generations, even if they were not exceptional, even if they contributed nothing to the society that would warrant a place in human history.

    The scientist wanted to create this new form of self-preservation not out of the good of humanity, but out of the simple interest of living as long as possible. Therefore, the scientist worked in the outmost secrecy, not even daring to leave the laboratory for a single day or a single night, only for short peroids of time that were necessary to get food or pay the bills. Eventually, the governments started to be suspicious of the scientist, so they sent agents to observe where the scientist always went, however, in response, the scientist completely disappeared. No one could find even a single trace of this mysterious person, as the scientist disappeared from all records across the globe. Not even a single bit of information remained.

    Decades later, an expedition discovered a concealed lab under the plain of Tibet. Buried under tons of snow and sand, the lab was empty save for a single, unidentifiable skeleton sitting in front of a computer screen, with its hands still on the keyboard. The news of the lab being found spread all across the globe, and eventually, the place was identified as the laboratory of the scientist through the few notes that still remained on the computer, which told humanity that eternal life was impossible. Because of the scientist's area of work, the legacy of this unknown person became known as "The Eternal Theory," which referred to the fact that even if the scientist had not achieved physical immortality, the work this person left behind would be forever etched into human memory.
  6. It was always said that there were people gifted with powers. They live among normal people, living normal lives. But, the ones that are chosen to wield power are called thee truly 'blessed' few. The power bestowed upon them can either bring peace or destruction. Depending on the heart of the powers wielder. Long ago, the Relics were placed in a temple far beyond the universe, in another dimension of its own. This universe was a link between the Guardians' world and the Humans' world. The temple was the gateway in between the two that allowed passage in between for the gifted. For many centuries, the temple remained untouched, until a darkness came to shroud both in chaos.

    Long after the darkness befell the temple, the gateway shattered and the worlds collided. This in turn, created an explosion of the stars. Unable to maintain the stability needed in order to hold both worlds together, they soon combined. With the defenses weakened and no power source to keep the balance, the two worlds fell into darkness. Humans and Guardians alike, became Tainted with the impure darkness and set out to spread the darkness throughout other universes. The few remaining pure Guardians and Humans, banded together.

    They went into hiding and began plotting a rebellion against the darkness. In truce to their alliance, the Humans chose five of their people to be blessed with the power of the guardians. Now, these five have set out on a journey to save the universes and rid them of darkness.