EXERCISE Plot Challenge: I don't know what it was, but I ate it anyway.

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    A PLOT CHALLENGE is where you are given a word, a phrase, a sentence, or a setting and you have to come up with a plot idea that is inspired by those words!

    The object is to THINK FAST and share the first ideas that come to mind. It's an exercise in quick creative thinking. You can do this challenge any time. Or multiple times!

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it! You are to write down a plot premise or basic idea. This isn't about writing scenes, this is about writing up a setting!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you ask permission or give credit to the muse.

    Challenge Phrase: "I don't know what it was, but I ate it anyway."
  2. It tasted mushy and icky, like a rotten orange. It looked like a peach though.
  3. A 18 yo who finds a shiny thingeemabobber and eats it to hide it from his girlfriend and now is forced to work for Leprechauns to make shoes until he digests the pearly shiny tingy, then when he runs away with a snowman and a reindeer who wants to be a toothpaste maker, he must battle the shadowy leprechauns until he learns to use the pearl which is now fused with his heart, to be a magical girl who is a guy.
  4. Day 37,

    Dear journal, I'm still lost within the massive cave system beneath my home. In the search for diamond ores, I seem to have thrown away any chance of progression. I'm not sure what to do. I tried to navigate the mineshaft once more, and failed. Quite frankly, I'm happy about the fact this time. Compared to the other potential outcomes, I believe landing somewhere I know is at least a little safe is one of the better outcomes. There are zombies nearby, however. I can hear their moaning through the walls of my small cubby.

    I found something on the floor nearby a strange formation of obsidian rocks. I knew it was a bad idea, but I couldn't help myself; I devoured it. My hunger was nearly unbearable, and I couldn't see any other potential uses for the item. It looks like an egg, but edible without being cracked. I've never seen anything quite like it.


    Day 42,

    Dear journal, I've started to notice extreme changes inside of me. I feel stronger, faster and I seem to have some extent of night vision. Though I'd like to place the blame for my current condition upon the hours of walking and staring into darkness I've done since becoming lost, but I know better. The egg I ate seems to have effected me. I can only hope that the benefits don't turn out to be downsided.


    Day 47,

    I was hungry today. I had to bash a zombie with a stone block due to my iron sword breaking during the fight. I was so hungry. I ate it. No heat source, but I didn't care. When your body has degressed to this extent, to the point of being a husk, you don't see reason anymore. The act isn't what scared me, though. The strange feeling of satisfaction that I was filled with, however...


    Day 62,

    The HUNGER! It's unbearable! I can't take another day without feeding, but the zombies won't come. I devour three more of them, and they simply started to fear me. The skeletons are all bones, and the creepers are very difficult to eat. If I could just get my hands on a spider, or a zombie. Everything might be alright after that.


    The remainder of the book is either blank and torn. The last line you can see is clawed into the back of the book. 'Kill Me.'
  5. Right. This is how I know my mind wanders. Diana, I blame your DP for this since I glanced at it while reading. I blame it fully.

    Miguel and Tulio did a fist bump as they walked out the receive their offering. That was about five minutes ago, shortly before they'd just haaaaaad to tell the high priests to send their offering to Xibalba. After that, they were left looking on in horror as mountains of gold sailed over their heads into the whirlpool below. In between the gold came fruits and vegetables. A bunch of whispering ensued between the two as they tried to figure out how to undo this complete disaster so they could get away with their treasure intact. A quick save from Chel stopped the flow of gold into the waterfall and all seemed well until Tzekel-Kan decided that a human sacrifice would be the way to go. This time, Miguel swooped to the rescue, scooping up a carrot from one of the offering plates and took a bite. It was... a carrot. It was sickening. He could taste the healthiness. With great effort, he attempted to choke it down and failed miserably. Trying again, he picked up a golden looking thing on another one of the offering plates.

    "STOP!" he called out, bringing the gold tossing to a pause. Everyone turned to look at him.

    "How can the gods enjoy such a tribute?! We demand a proper tribute!"

    As if to prove his point, he raised the golden thing to his lips and took a small bite, then a bigger bite and a bigger one. Then he grabbed another and downed it in one gulp. He had no idea what it was but he ate it anyway. It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. In an instant, it had been named.

    "The Twinkie!" Miguel announced, holding one up in the air for all to see. Tulio breathed a sigh of relief. It didn't last. Three days later they were sailing away with a ship packed with gold...en twinkies. Miguel had the widest smile on his face and Tulio the moodiest scowl.
  6. Two little kids respectfully named, Thing 1 and Thing 2, were bouncing, bouncing, bouncing all the way across town till they stopped in the middle of a field where they soon found a picnic basket with the blanket already spread out. Curious enough as they were, this was just enough motivation to check out this weird and spectacular discovery. Upon investigation, Thing 1 and Thing 2 found that the basket was filled with many different weird and exciting things. So, what are you to do in such a predicament? Get you goat on and taste. They were quickly shoving everything in their mouths until the basket contents were gone. And as quick as the scene had come, it had turned black. All of it.

    And then I woke up.
  7. Look...you're stranded on an alien planet that seems to be mostly water- besides the continent-sized mountain jutting up from the surface- which is where you've just landed, if our data reads correctly. And now...you're starving, strange creatures are chasing you, and even the water doesn't seem to be very safe. Start eating fruit and hope for the best- or maybe try to explore the ocean depths around you. Whatever you want. Just don't die, alright? Try to reconvene with the other survivors. We're coming. Moonlight out.

    (oooooh I might actually try to turn this into a RP!)
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  8. January 1, 2018

    So, like every year I have made a resolution to lose weight. This will include the usual torture of myself until I ultimately give in to temptation and undo three weeks of hard work in one binge of a pan of brownies. However, one of these times I might succeed, so I have to try right?

    Well, last week I bought the food on the list the dietitian gave me. All of it, something I've never done before...ever. I brought it all home without looking at it, otherwise I'd never be able to do this. I've never had bean sprouts before but they were kind of ok. They tasted like clovers, the kind I used to eat from gramma's back yard when I was a kid. So at least I had a nice memory of gramma out of it. But ok, tonight I am supposed to eat tofu. I have no idea what it is really, and looking at it, I'm really sure I don't WANT to know what it is. But, I ate it anyway. I have to say, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth, but I swallowed fast and ate grapes to get the flavor out of my mouth.

    Now I am sitting here looking at the rest of it and realizing why I never stick to a diet.
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