Plot Challenge: Dinosaurs in a Fantasy World Setting


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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
Dinosaurs in a Fantasy World Setting
Houselizards have been everyone's favorite pet for generations. Some fly, some stump around on stumpy little legs. They range in size from a mouse to a large dog, and many of them even control the pest population in the house. The Scholars say they existed, in larger forms, long ago, and that the mages had to recreate them. The mages say they tamed them and shrunk them. It's all rather irrelevant now....more importantly is that each generation is starting to get bigger. And the little suckers breed fast.
When the world of scientists found a way to revive their dinosaur fossils was to send them to a fantasy world, they couldn't be more thrilled. Little did they realize that they had given the world of fantasy, the ultimate weapon to destroy them. A force more powerful and able to finally put an end to the dispute of their worlds. Sometimes science comes up a price and now it's time to pay the piper.
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"RUN FOR IT! RUN FOR IT! THE DEVIL'S OWN HERD IS UPON US!" Marlo cried, racing pell-mell through the shabby streets of the poor quarter. Heads turned and friends murmured quietly to each other in dilapidated doorways, watching the town butcher flailing and screaching past them. Despite the desperation of his warning, not a soul listened. Hadn't it been less than a week since Dal Creir's boy cried wolf, demanding that the Prefect do something about the rogue spell caster's supposedly raising scaly creatures of unfathomable terror? A notion to be laughed at, surely.

That laughter was not long lived, however. Within the hour, the beasts were upon the town - in later years, known as 'dinosaurs' - and never again was laughter heard when the famous words of Marlo the Butcher were cried as warning of a coming Devil's Herd.
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Mara piled the vegetables on the cart and then hitched it to Bip. She ran a hand down along his neck and back up affectionately. "There you go boy," she said as she fed him a carrot and some lettuce. Bip loved carrots and would do just about anything if he thought there was a possibility of getting one. He wasn't the fastest creature in town, but he was gentle and strong. Many people called her crazy for having a lizard beast, because a lot of them were unpredictable and would turn on their masters, but Bip was a gentle soul.

Mara led him to town where she sold the fruit of her labors in the garden, but she saved three carrots for Bip to have once they got back home. She went then to buy what she needed to get through the next few months of winter and loaded up the wagon again for the trek back. Luckily for her Bip slept through the winter, there were enough carrots in her garden to feed him that long.
In an ancient age forever lost to the ever-shifting sands of time, before humanity's right to the world was guaranteed, when primal beasts and unnamable terrors still walked the endless wilderness of the earth with thunderous footfalls, there was the land of Tyria, where humans were new to the world and few in number, where strange races built and destroyed immense civilizations, and where magic and mystery permeated and shaped the world, a fluid cacophany of new threats, noble heroes, and shining cities spread out into the vast unknown.

In a strange southern land of shifting sand dunes, in a city built within the coiled skeleton of an unfathomanly large serpent, a group of humans from the strange age they call "The 2010s AD" appear in the skull of the colonized leviathan, and are awoken by the swift arrival of bronze-clad warriors with horned helms and great fur cloaks riding on the backs of lightly armored pterodactyls. As the warriors look upon the newcomers with awe, one speaks with a hushed and reverent whisper;
"By Zolar's Axe... It's the chosen ones..."


*Also, all the dinosaurs are biologically innacurate.
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"Mia, how long are we gonna be here?" Aski whined, the eight-year-old quickly boring of a game of stick-and-dirt. His older sister - clad in black robes, draped in the claws of crows, painted in coal-black - breathed heavily out of her nose with her eyes shut, her lips twisting into a frown of distaste.

"Aski, the more you talk, the longer it'll take," Mia complained, putting her hands on her hips as she turned to her younger brother.

"Do you really think you're gonna raise a dragon?" Aski asked, slumped forward in boredom. He'd seen his sister use her gift on quite a few different things - cows, goats, a freshly dead dog hit by a cart and sliced in half - but never had she tried something this big. Aski wasn't totally sure this was acceptable, given the fact that necromancers didn't have the best reputation, but it sure beat having to scrub Amani's nasty diapers against a washboard with Mom. Right now, she thought they were "gathering firewood", Mia's clever way of saying "practice."

"It isn't a dragon," Mia stressed, dropping her hands and balling them into fists as she turned to her little brother. "Elder Lamya says there used to be things that worked the Earth that were bigger than even the dragons."

"Uh... uh huh," Aski sighed, looking up at the weird mess of lines and formations in the shale wall ahead of them, rising from out of the forest.

Mia raised her hands again, closed her eyes, and the pressure of the atmosphere seemed to change. For all Aski's bluster, he was a little scared of his sister's gift. Elder Lamya said that it used to be a common trait, something that every village had, but after the Cull, only a handful retained the ability to raise the dead for a short period of time. Aski could understand why people would be afraid.

Mia's eyes were full white, as her hands gestured in strange motions towards the wall, and to Aski's surprise, he felt something shudder beneath his feet. The wall ahead of him began to crack as the bone in the stone began to wiggle its way out. First, a massive foot with claws reformed, then another one, each bone slowly making its way out. At last, a giant skull full of teeth formed over a massive neck and ribcage. The eyeless monster looked down at the two, Mia's eyes still white as she smiled at the creature.

"Hello, there, ducky."
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