Plot Challenge: Bodyguards Riding Mooses


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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
Bodyguards Riding Mooses
In the forest land of Forestania lies a sprawling kingdom, Kingtopia. A peace treaty has been made with their nearby neighbor, Desertistan. All was well...when suddenly the princess was kidnapped by a Desertistanian prince! In order to keep the fragile peace from shattering, the king has kept it under wraps and is now sending out the princesses' two most trusted bodyguards. Sam and Tim. With their faithful, sturdy moosteeds, they must rescue the princess before it is too late!
Kevin Malcone, the founder and CEO of Microdynamic Industries, has always been considered a little...eccentric. The guests at his latest party think he's gone 'round the bend when he shows up with three bodyguards riding bull moose, but things are only just starting to get weird.....
All the horses of the land are dead! To defeat the evil villain who has done that thing, Charice Pimpernuckel must journey to the villain's lair while being bodyguarded by people on mooses.
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"You idiots. I asked for a ram!"

Calvin and Declan weren't the best bodyguards, but were the only two within Markus' price range. After all, no one student could make it from Talus to the ancient ruins of Vas'Hill without being harassed by bandits and other nasties who saw fit to pick on a history geek with specs the size of a telescope lens. But the only other thing worse than that was navigating mountain terrain... on mooses.
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Perhaps the most unconventional method of travel in today's world, Anthony found himself rejoining the world atop the back of a fully grown Moose. This all came about following a total blackout of drunkenness the prior evening. Each clop of the large beasts hooves sent tsunami's of agonizing pain directly to the man's hazed brain. With the sleeve of his tattered shirt bearing a long-faded image of Jesus giving two thumbs up the man wiped his eyes. The fog cleared and Anthony took in a gasp of shock as he was not the only person riding the majestic moose. Blue orbs then took in a short and stout man of Amish nature walking backwards with an impressive show of athletics in his skipping like motion.

"Welcome to the farm boy! Enjoy thy stay!"

What the hell was in that drink last night... Anthony slowly thought to himself.
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(This is my second attempt as the first attempt i posted did not relate to the phrase much.)

Greg and Craig were feeling great after being promoted to bodyguards for town hall, there even given moose's to ride on to see things a bit more higher..However they were a little bit too into there jobs if you asked me. Yesterday as a woman was about to give a very important speech about some drought that was about to hit the town, Greg and Craig stopped her in her tracks and after numerous attempts of trying to get into the hall, the woman got fed up with the bodyguards and left..Greg and Craig felt good about themselves at doing there first duty's as Bodyguards, the moose's moaned in agreement.

Too bad nobody's going to know about the unexpected drought, but Greg and Craig knew they were the greatest bodyguard moose riders that ever lived.

Hooray for them!
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Far far away, it is said to lay within the north of this lands, in the cold and unforgiving lands of Icoria, that there rest the one true order. Those who defend the forest with their lives, The Green Antlers. Powerful moose-riding rangers, with the sole task of defending the forest along their trusty mooses.

Technically, they are the bodyguards of the forest ^-^;
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Chaos began years ago when four kingdoms soon entered war over an admittedly bad idea for a poker match. Now, the Moose Knights must set out to guard the northern kingdom's princess as mercenaries.
"We take Calciocia on mooseback!!!!"

The legend of the great Diosynian warriors, talented fighters who live deep in the forest. At early ages every Disynian is taught. The women the art of pressure points and the fine line between a moose and an elk; and the men the fighting style passed down from their great ancestry, the Council of Moose. Dionysians fight for their freedom, and for their pride. However, when the Dionysian King is captured by the filthy Calciocian Elk-Riders, they are forced to redeem themselves through war. Riding proudly on the greatest moose is Prince Moo, flanked by 20 of his bodyguards, whom all sit atop brilliant moose. Will Prince Moo be able to save the King? It all depends on if the Moose is truly better than the Elk...
The four great corners of the earth had long since been at war, the spirits of the wind filled the sky by winged dragons while demons of flame comanded the tunnels that pierced the tallest of mountains. Mermaids and there sea serpents guarded the waters, but in all this one people refused to fight. The elves of old earth lay center of the carnage and destruction. There only reason why there homes weren't rubble was because of there army. Strong men clothes in bronze who rode not on houses but on moose whose antlers where adorned in the finest of metal. They where the guards, the protesters, the knights of old.