Plot Challenge: Antarctic Laboratory

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Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

Challenge Phrase
Antarctic Laboratory
Most people don't realize that the US maintains a lab in Antarctica. Not at the south pole, per se...nothing so dramatic. Although it is a standing joke amongst the staff. It is simultaneously the absolute worst and most fun assignment possible. It's cold as the lowest reaches of Hell even with the heaters going - assuming they aren't broken again - but the projects are some seriously awesome shit. Like this new one they've got going. A stardrive. Theoretically faster than light. FTL. Yeah, I know, Science fiction, right? We test drive tomorrow. I'm sure Doc Iverson was joking about the whole "Potential side effects" thing. I mean, there's no such thing as alternate realities. Right?
No one thought we were going to accomplish anything, everyone viewed us as the laughing stock of the Scientific community. But we proved them all wrong...And I would do anything in my power to take that back. That was where the particulars that separated our worlds from theirs were the weakest. The super collider...It ripped open a hole in space and time... And gave them the ability to come to our world... Now it is up to us, the men that let them into this world... To Send them back.
Lately there had been odd signals to crash missiles, ammunition, rockets, what have you into a city. However, these odd signals have no defined location and have since then been blamed on the military. There is one man who goes by the name of Professor Chill. He has gained control of an abandoned laboratory in Antarctic Land. He lives there, having lost all hope in the human race he seeks to cleanse the world by destroying it and rebuilding it in his own image. But little does Professor Chill know that there is a child who not only knows what's going on, but seeks to take Professor Chill down by playing a dangerous game of chess using the people as pieces. This kid also knows how to control this Antarctic Laboratory, but is he clever enough to take down one of the greatest scientists who ever lived? And to top things off, that Antarctic Library holds secrets about a race that lived on earth before humans invaded and it holds secrets about how the race will come back to claim the world that was once theirs.
And there I stood beholding it icy glory. Er.. Or lack of it. It was just a square white building. White against more white, surely it couldnt stand out in Antartica, where everything is ice over snow over more ice and snow. Sometimes you'd even get the mix of icy snow or snowy ice. But my point is, its all white, all of it. For no reason other than that it happened to be the nature scheme around here.
Sometimes you'd see a dark grey blob of a penguin or seal but other than that, this place was lifeless, as if it were an alien planet, completely different from the normal world. Wait a sec.. Did penguins even live in Antartica? I guess we'll never know.
But focussing back on whats in front of us here. This building, supposedly 'The Most Famous Laboratory You've Never Heard Of.' Or at least thats what the lady who brought me here said.
Which brings up an interesting question, why am I here? Me of all people? I'm not some scientist in search of the answers to all the worlds questions which can be answered in the simple shape of a snow flake. Not a Chaos theorist that will use that same snowflake to study the The Golden Ratio. What does that have to do with snowflakes? I dont know, I'm not a Chaos theorist.
As I get closer to this building, I realise something. This is not just one building, its like seven, all blending in with the landscape so perfectly that no one would notice it. Not unless they squinted really hard at it, like I'm doing now.
Well thats just genuis, in my opinion anyways. But since when did the opinion of a nineteen year old boy, who by all rights should have never existed in the first place, count? Never, I know.
And then something hit me. Why was I out here, when I could be inside; where, hopefully, its warmer? See, I didn't know either. So I get to this door, its taller than me, which is not hard, and looks to be steel covered snow. I couldn't see any sort of button or panel, so I knocked. And waited.
And waited longer.
Whilst I was preparing myself for the long walk back to the plane, the door creaked, literally creaked, open. As if it were an open door in a normal house or something. Well, things like that only meant one of two things. One: Theres a ghost in there. Or, two: Theres a dead body.
I had to see exactly which one of my theories was correct, if they were at all. So I did what every self respecting teenager would do, I walked right in like it was my house.
I'm really upset that I did because three steps in, I fell down a flight of stairs. Who puts a flight of stairs literally three steps from the front door!?
This guy did. And by this guy, I mean the man standing in front of me. He's got that crazy, old guy thing going on. That hair, in addition to being white as the snow outside, is crazy. He's a skinny tall dude. Like the Doctor from Back To The Future, thats who I'm immediately reminded of. And I would like to think of that as a compliment to this guy. Because everything else about him is just weird. He keeps twitching and wriging his hands together and looking at that hammer on the table like he's seriously contemplating killing me with it. I mean, I know I'm in the wrong here, but thats completely uncalled for. I really don't think I could afford to take in my surrounding because of how this guy looks. But from the corners of my eyes, I can see all sorts of things that would be really fun to mess with.
I was shaken out my thoughts as the man cleared his throat. I looked at him, or focussed because I was already looking at him. And he said in the clearest, calmest voice I'd ever heard from a person.
"Welcome to my laboratory, Mr Andrews."
How did he know my name!?