EXERCISE Plot Challenge: "And then it crashed through the roof."

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    Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

    Challenge Phrase
    "And then it crashed through the roof."
  2. Certain clouds gain sentients and begin to grow giant icicles on their underbellies and release them on unsuspecting mortals whom they despise.
  3. A meteor falls to earth. The elderly couple living in the house wake up to the noise of the crash and inspect the space rock. Suddenly it pops open and a light of mysterious origin bathes them in its unearthly glow. When the light dissappears, the couple are gone, their clothes lying where they stood.
  4. TV sucks, we all know that right? But I was watching a news story about a UFO, I was bored, sue me. Another hoax of explainable light... puh, click, next channel. It said it was heading over my neiborhood and I was about to go and see this thing for myself WHEN IT CRASHED THROUGH THE ROOF.
  5. the small freighter had just left the communication range any one for 7 hours, when it crashed through the roof. Despite the sound it didn't do much damage, and the ship fixed itself. The small orb, no larger than a marble, whispered to all who saw it. Telling them dark secrets and dreadful promises.
  6. "Really, again?" was all Justine could muster as yet another heavenly being crashed through her roof. It was like a plot from one of those obscure animes, at this rate she was going to have a harem of angels at her disposal. "But why?" Was all she could ask
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  7. A young boy was watching the shuttle landing on the telly when, suddenly, IT CRASHED THROUGH THE ROOF.
  8. A winged creature has been spotted several times, flying in the night sky. As a strong believer of the supernatural, you find yourself staring up at the sky each night, hoping to catch a glimpse of it with your own two eyes. You're just about to give up for the night when out in the distance, you see a dark shape rise up from the treeline. It flaps it's wings and soars toward you. Frightened, you race to the safety of the indoors but the moment you step inside, you lose sight of the creature. And then it crashs through your roof in a cloud of dust and debris. When the cloud settles, a handsome angel stands tall in front of you and demands that you return to Heaven to stop the invasion.
  9. "... And then it crashed through the roof." Rinnovare said, indicating the rather large, sphere-like object in the center of the grand ballroom. Directly above it was a gaping hole in the huge building, the thing seemed to have crashed though three floors of living space before it had stopped on the ground floor. And even then, it was partly embedded into the floor.
    "I understand." Said the Detective, "But how did it get there?" Rinnovare gave the man a look as if he were looking at something he didn't quite understand.
    "Didn't you hear me the first time? I said, it crashed through the roof." And still the Detective didn't seem to understand.
    "But how?" This aggravated Rinnovare because of course he didn't know, he was just enjoying a dance and then next thing you know, the ceiling's coming down on your head. He waved a hand, dimissing the entire argument he was sure he was about to get into, along with his exasperation.
    "Can you get rid of it?" Rinnovare asked, "We were kinda in the middle of something here."
    "Uhm, yeah." The Detective said, scratching his head. "But I'll need to know how it got there."
    This was going to take a long time.
  10. Xavier was having a relatively normal day- and then it crashed through her roof. He wasn't sure exactly what 'it' was...but one thing was for sure. It was alive. How could he tell? Well, for one, it was breathing. Second, it was wearing some kind of prison jumpsuit and tangled in a net. Thirdly, it was human. Or...what would be a human, if it didn't have leathery wings protruding from its back.

    The thing coughed and began standing, freeing itself from the net quickly. It was a girl, much younger than him, and she was bleeding- in several places, now that he could see her fully. Helicopter blades sounded over his house and she cast a panicked glance up to the hole in the roof before her eyes landed on him.

    The man stood there frozen for a moment, his hands still clutched on the bowl of soup he was holding.

    She swallowed and smiled at him awkwardly. "Sorry about your roof."

    And she ran out his door without another word before taking to the skies again. He watched from the window as army choppers chased after her, helpless to do anything but watch the deathly dance.
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  11. There are those days when you wonder why you woke up that morning, ya know? So I generally love the holiday season. The carolers, the decorations, all of it just makes me smile...usually. Well my wonderful husband decided that we should put up a santa and reindeer on the roof. We talked about this for years, and well, this was THE year to actually do it.

    Seemed like a great idea, and I have to admit I agreed to it. Looking back on that I probably should have given it some real thought, beyond how cute it would look up there, but ...I didn't. So up her went and that's when the good idea went horribly wrong. First there was loud banging, that wasn't so bad. Then I heard some cursing, which I will admit made me chuckle a bit. I adore my husband but he's not the most gifted man when it comes to using tools and such. Since he's so good at everything else, I take a bit of delight in his struggles. Petty I know but hey I'm not perfect.

    But then, after the cursing there was a very loud crashing sound followed by a heavy thud overhead. That could not be good. So I ran up the stairs and found my husband, santa, and three of the eight reindeer in my bedroom on the floor along with a sizable chunk of the roof. I bit my lips, HARD, and crossed my arms as he extricated himself from the rubble. "Problems?" I asked fighting to stifle snickers, snorts and outright laughter.

    I know this will be expensive, and so does he. We both know our insurance company will never buy any story we might try to come up with to explain this, and even though it's really horrible it was just funny too. However as I was fighting my laughter I looked up and realized that sleeping under the stars...literally..was going to get old pretty fast in December.
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  12. All Emily Henderson wants is a quiet getaway at her little cabin in the mountains. But when a tree crashes through her roof - with the end sawed off, no less, by something sharp and more than likely man-made - she begins to wonder if she's stumbled upon something a little less than friendly in her mountain retreat town. As she continues to dig into the history of the cabin she bought, more and more suspicious activity happens about her house, and she starts getting very good at setting booby traps.
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