Plot Challenge: An Unwilling Apprentice



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Challenge Phrase: An Unwilling Apprentice
Rourantian is a 12 year old boy who, at the requirement of state is obligated to be a apprenticed to a trade; he's then apprenticed to a local butcher who finds nothing but fault in the young boys efforts to learn his trade. He eventually becomes so frustrated and unwilling to fulfill the mandated obligations of his apprenticeship he runs away. The butcher reports the boys runaway to the authorities who then proceed to hunt him down. Rour finds passage on a smuggling ship captained by a pirate named Sawtour, the boy learns the trade all the while being pursued by a relentless tracker who was brought in to hunt him down.
Set in Ireland during The Great Potatoe Famine there lives a young boy. His name is unimportant as he himself does not even know what it is. His family abandonded him on the streets of DUblin when they could no longer afford to feed him. Shortly thereafter they moved to America where they were never heard from again.

Walking down the street is a little known man who spots this young man curled up at the edge of an alley way waiting to die of starvation. The man's name? Unknown. His occupation? Necromancer. Kept in hiding so that the masses would not attempt to burn him at the stake as they were so known for doing to those with magical powers, or those who they suspected of magical powers. This man takes the boy in and raises him, all the while teaching the boy his trade. When the boy was old enough (Approximately 13) His master explained everything to him, immedietally upon which the boy tried to run away, but the Master rejected this idea and refused that wish, forcing the boy to finish training to become the Master's successor. After the boy has left training, he is loosed upon the world to do whatever he wishes...
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