EXERCISE Plot Challenge: Alien Abduction

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    Plot challenges are designed to help you think quick and be inspired. We often play this game in the cbox, shouting out random words or phrases and see what ideas first pop in to people's heads.

    To Participate: THINK FAST. Don't waste any time. The first idea(s) that comes to mind, write it down and post it!

    NOTE: If you decide to borrow someone's concept for a roleplay, make sure you give credit.

    Challenge Phrase
    Alien Abduction
  2. Five people are waking up in some kind of abduction room, they have no memories of what had happened or why they were there. Some small grey men walked in to the room, they looked a litle human to how their body looked but they were much smaller and had to big eyes to be human, their fingers were long and small. The people that were laying tied on the abduction tables starred frightened to death on the thing that walked in to the room, if they could they would probably scream but their mouth’s were covered so they wouldn’t be able to talk.

    The Aliens just looked at them and touched their bodies, probably to see how their bodies were built. Then they left the room, but they would soon be back. If the people in the room were going to survive then they needed to escape fast, but how are they going to do that? <o:p></o:p>
  3. A boy makes constant remarks about seeing UFO's and everyone only gives him dirty looks and calls him crazy. The boy constantly tells him its true and that at night, he see's them. He even mentions that he almost has a close encounter with one. But, the people only mumble that he is a crazy child with an over active imagination. The boy turns away, angry and full of rage that none believes him, making him angry. The boy dashes passed the people and heads towards Colony Fields. The place where he saw one of the UFO's land. To his suprise he doesn't see a single crop circle anywhere.

    It was a big disappointment that there wasn't anything there and he stomped angrily on the ground. Swearing under his breathe. In the heat of his rage a gust of wind picks up, but over his head. He stops and looks up. What came next was shock, like ice down his spine as he realized what hovered above his head. A real-life UFO!!! But, it wasn't like the ones he had seen in movies on T.V. with the blinking lights, no no. It was plain if anything. The look was still stunning to the boy as he took a step back, scarred for his life.

    The hatch at the bottom base of the ship opened up and flashed a bright light, the boy felt his mind go blank and his vision go black. His head dropped and he mindlessly walked towards the ship like a zombie. Up the escalator-like stairs the ship let down. The light as well as the ship vanished into the thicket of the night.

    The boy was released from his mind control once he made his way to a strange laboratory. The walls were all white as well as he they were aligned with pods that circled the room. The pods were all dusty,so he couldn't really make out what it was. Out of sheer curiousity, he makes his way towards a pod dead in front of him, walking hesitantly. Once he is close, he wipes the pods glass and jumps back in fear. A human body, floated in the pod and connected to some type of device. He now knew that he wasn't crazy. He had to show this evidence to the townspeople.

    But how would he when he had no idea where he was? He sat down as he began to think. Soon after a wide door, about 5 feet wide lifts up. Three shadowy figures appear in the door.

    Who could they be and what would they do to him?
  4. Normally when someone says the words 'Alien Abduction' you might think that a conversation about conspiracy theories and whacky space nutjobs was about to ensue. I know that I certainly assumed something along those lines.... for most of my life, anyway. But eventually, it took on an entirely new meaning, simply because it was my reality. As strange as it might sound, my story began when I was abducted by a girl named Alien....
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  5. Uncle Joe always insisted that he had been abducted by aliens from the planet J6. We all assumed he's hit the sauce a little to heavy or since he'd come up in the sixties that he'd got a bad batch of LSD and had a very weird ride. Recently though Uncle Joe passed suddenly and to my surprise he left his house and everything inside to me. For the life of me I couldn't tell you why. He and I were never close, but I am the youngest son of his only brother, so maybe he thought I wouldn't get anything else. Who knows.

    After the will was read i was given a ring of keys, and a box with passwords, codes and numbers to safe deposit boxes, bus terminal lockers and even a P.O. Box. Uncle Joe was an odd duck, we all knew it, and this just seemed to confirm it. I started the tedious task or going to each location and collecting the contents of each. The bus terminal locker had three boxes inside it. The P.O. box had a locked wooden case and a bag full of coins. The safe deposit boxes had some very odd looking things in them, but he withdrew them all to examine at uncle Joe's house in private.

    He opened up the house and found it to be very tidy and even tastefully decorated. he was pleasantly surprised by this, but glad of it. It would make selling the place that much easier. He set the box down and went to get the other things from the care and set them all on the dining room table. He went through the first box he'd gotten page by page. His uncle Joe had over half a million dollars in the bank. He hadn't expected that, for sure. The bag of coins were worth a lot of money as well. What was going on? His uncle Joe was obviously not crazy. He started to read more of the contents of the box. He'd stolen weapons from the aliens, that was what was kept in the safe deposit boxes. There were detailed instructions on how to use each one and when. The three boxes at the bus terminal contained alien armor, that he'd been given apparently. The wooden locked box contained proof of his abduction, so the notes said. He used the key on the ring and opened it and closed it again quickly.

    Inside that box was the head of what looked to be an alien. He slowly opened it again and looked at it more closely, just to be sure it wasn't foam latex, or rubber. Sure enough...it was real. The last note in the box contained a warning about letting anyone else see his 'treasures'. But that seemed ridiculous as he felt the world needed to know all of this, and as soon as possible. He made a call to a local media personality and made an appointment for them to come and film his uncle's things.

    Not thirty minutes passed from the time of that call, that government agents appeared at the door. That's all I remember. Now I'm crazy old uncle Frank and no one believes me either.
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  6. The year is 3056 and the US government has cataloged and mapped out every planet with sentient life. Now, with the building of their newest stealth cruiser, the Lighthouse, they have set out on their newest operation- abduct two of each species in the name of science. They're all primitive anyway, there's no way they can exact their revenge. Right...?
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  7. It all started 5 months ago, in the small town of Cesterfield, a place where cornfields were plentiful and visitors were less so. The population was around 100, and it tended to stay that way, because no one left Cesterfield, not really. Your family was in Cesterfield, and with the family came the family business, so leaving, for most residents, just wasn't an option worth considering.

    The incidents that stemmed from 5 months ago, however, didn't need any considering, and therefor were a very different situation all together, because when people left Cesterfield, you knew something was very wrong. When crop circles appeared in your cornfields and your children claimed to see UFOs, you knew something was very wrong.

    Now, there are only 50 people left, and people have yet to see the aliens that are supposedly taking their neighbors. But when these neighbors suddenly begin to come back and act as if nothing happened, people begin to get suspicious. They begin to turn on one another. Soon, the whole town is thrown into turmoil. The abductions were the beginning, the calm before the storm.

    The part where they return is worse.
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  8. The flashes of light in the dark rung around in my eyes like drunken pinwheels, blinding me as I turned my face upwards.

    "Yes... Yes!" I shouted.

    I wanted to meet them. I wanted to know them. I wanted to become one of them. I wanted them to take me from this wretched Earth with its pitiful humanity, into the clean stars. Those extraterrestrial travelers had to have purged themselves of the vices of war, cannibalism, lust, death. I had always imagined them nomadic ascetics, journeying throughout the galaxy and plundering information from lesser world, and I wanted to see the universe so badly.

    "Take me! Yes, take me!" I shrieked up at the lights that danced overhead, brushing the corn fields around me with the backblow of their ship.

    And the lights began to drift away. I stared in confusion as the conflagration in the sky slid farther and farther into the distance, and I began to run after it, out to the fences, but it was going too fast, despite its lazy meander.

    And it hovered over a cow. And took it.

    It took a cow before it would take me.

    Those dickheads.
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