Plot Candies (Dark, Romance, This and that)

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  1. M/M F/F, Purple

    Plot A: Her name was not really known after all she was nothing more than a nobody who walked the halls and some how she had made a friend or two but none of them stuck around. She was the weird one, the one that never really talked the one that no one heard speak. Some rumored she was a mute, other say she was too stupid to know how to speak. Though when some one is willing to get to know her the soon come to understand that there is more that meets the eye and looks can be rather wrong. Dark, Romance, Evil,

    Plot B: Her Father was a famous killer and her mother was his first victim. Though at the time it was after she was born that he had killed her. The reason was left un-known. Years later she is raised with the same man, only to find out that he was a demon lord and that the king wants her to marry his son. So what happens when she is told this not by her Father but by the man who she is suppose to marry? Dark, Romance, Forced bride

    Plot C: She was never a big fan of them, her younger sister on the other hand more than a big fan. She always thought the lead singer was a jerk and that was not something she wanted to deal with. So when her parents force her to take her little sister too go see them and she has to go back stage, what happens when she starts to fall for the singer? Though she knows she should not, after all she can't stand him. There is just something about him that draws her in. Romance, Cliche, Sweet, Cute

    Plot D: She was always interested in the dark arts but when she tries to summon a demon thinking it would not work and instead not only does it, but it turns out to be far stronger than she thoughts. What happens when he takes her to his realm to make her his own? Dark, Force, Kidnap, Sight Romance

    Plot E: Being watched from afar that was how she felt. Truth be told she was. If she had known that her great great grandparent had promised there first born girl to a demon as his bride she would have never complained about having so many brother's or that she had to take out the garbage or share her stuff. Dark, Romance, Kidnap

    I am currently looking for some one to Role play with. I would rather like it if they could at least post 3-5 lines at least. Are on some what often. I am willing to alter, change, and do any of these. Though I will only be the FEMALE!
  2. I would be interested in plot D.
  3. Sure if you want to give it a try you can PM me and we can get all question out?
  4. Plot b sounds like fun, but wouldn't she try to escape a few times?
  5. If you want we can discuss it more over Pm?
  6. Plot A sounds kind of....interesting. I will PM you if interested?
  7. Sure go for it!
  8. Srry about that forgot to put watch thread so I would be alerted by this >_<
    but still wanna do plot b if your still interested :)
  9. Sure, as for "Why she did not run" her Father put her under a spell, (Sort Of) So she does not remember it was HIM who killed there mother, but she believes it was some one else. :3 You can Pm me for more details.
Thread Status:
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