Plot bunnies? Where?!

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  1. All right, so I'm looking for some people to roleplay these ideas I keep coming up with. A few warnings before you roleplay with me:

    :poke: I love it when people post a paragraph or more in a response. Anything more than one sentence and I'll be happy. Otherwise I give what I recieve--you give me a small, one sentence reply, that's all you'll get from me.
    :poke:I play anything almost--> gay, straight, lesbian, bi, a talking bunny-demon (Don't ask, I've actually used this in a roleplay once. o-O It was ... odd. To say the least).
    :poke:I am always open to plot twists and developments. >:3 I'm also into screwing with my characters. Don't be afraid to give me ideas or suggest things.

    With those said~ There are the plots that I've come up with that I've been intently interested in playing out. The bolded ones are ones that I've got the greatest URGE to do.

    :poke:a) Cool person x computer geek friend (F/M) -- Follows the basic stereotype--Cool person needs help on homework so they turn to a friend they don't tell any of their school friends about: the scholarship geek. The 'geek' hadn't heard a peep from their 'cool' friend in a year or two. It was like the moment they got the scholarship they dropped off the radar for their friend. Now the other wants to use them to get a better grade in a class. Only on one condition does the geek decide, figuring that they wouldn't say yes to it: Sleep with me. (This one can be either mature or focus on the development of something deeper. Up to your digression though seeing how the two act would be a nice change. )

    :poke:b) Teacher x Student: This can go either way -- the teacher catches the student or the student catches the teacher. Either way in order to keep the secret the person'll do anything to keep from being revealed.

    :poke: c) Rider x Horse Trainer-- They have never been able to stand each other. Now, in order to train a new horse, the rider and trainer must work together or possibly lose the horse. Will they be able to put their differences away to train the horse or will their bias for each other be too much to overcome?

    :poke: d) Back in time-- The (can be boy or girl) was simply sitting next to a pond. Nothing terribly exciting about it. Just having a bad day and wanting to get away. Before they know it they are standing next to that same lake but there is no local noise and a bunch of people dressed in funny outfits staring at them as if they are some kind of magical being. They must figure a way back to their time or else lose their heart to the local (beauty/handsome man) and never return to their 20th century life.

    :poke: e) When a penny flips, there is a fifty-fifty chance on which side it ends up as. It is the same when gender is decided among pregnancy. But what if by some miracle, one was to land on the side? Neither female or male—but both; a hermaphrodite. Would one live a normal life, hiding what they were from all their peers, or would someone find out and use it against them? Would that person find a love or would their appearance destroy that likelihood? (This one can be coupled with another of these, or done alone and develop how the person treats them after they find out.)

    :poke: f) The seconds tick buy. There’s the car waiting in the school parking lot. 5 seconds. I just want to get out there. 4 seconds. I need that man’s product. 3seconds. It is taking too long! 2 seconds. I have to have it. 1 second. I’m out of my seat, running through the halls. I’m free. Eighteen, last day of class. I run out to the car and slam into the car and slouch so no one else could see who had gotten in the car. The squeal of the tires. The smell of rubber burning on concrete. And we are off. Adrenaline pumped through me as we soared through the highway. When we get into the countryside I sit up in the seat and look around. My eyes land there on the driver and my heart skips a beat. We were free of it all. Now may the adrenaline never end? (Adrenaline junkie story.)

    :poke: g) A teacher-to-be is placed with a teacher to watch and observe what ‘good teaching behavior’ is. Only the teacher she’s placed with is a person that doesn’t pay attention at all to them and leaves them sitting in the back of the room. That is until one late afternoon that they stay late to finish grading some products and a rose blooms.

    There you be. :3 Leave a message here or send me a pm and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :pdevil::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  2. Back in Time has caught my interest.
  3. I happen to like the first rp a lot
  4. Anyone? Yes? maybe yoU? :D
  5. I like 'e' if you aren't interested in either of my ideas. :)
  6. I'll do the cool person x computer geek friend!