Plot bunnies are eating my brain! Help!

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  1. Alright, so I'm looking for someone who's on A LOT and is willing to do an email chat roleplay. I need things with romance, but it doesn't have to be strictly romance, I like action too!

    I have no plots really in mind, so I'm up to almost anything. I have no life, therefore I'm on practically all the time myself.

    Actually, I do have one plot kind of in mind. Happy Tree Friends but with much less gore and killing. Much much less. More of a romance between Flippy and Flaky. I'd like to play Flippy, and do my best, even though I've never really tried a multipersonalitied messed up character xD But I think it could be cute sometimes... when it isn't slightly disturbing...Hehe.

    -I've been rping for 4-5 years now, granted most of those were chat based roleplays
    -I do have a language lab now for the summer, but that shouldn't be a problem in the way of posting and rping.
    -I am a girl, but I play both male and female and have no real preferences to my buddy as long as they don't have a STRICT gender lock. ^u^
    -Please be friendly...I like talking OOC.

    But yeah, if anyone wants to do anything, even the idea I have with HTF, just post or message me! I need someone before plot bunnies eat my brain!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.