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Welcome to my interest check!
credit to Igor Wikski for the amazing art​

About me.
I am an 18 year old pushing 19 currently in college for a law degree. I love going to the gym, photography, and picked up wrestling last year. I've always loved physical activity and combat, which is reflected in my favorite types of RPs to write. I'm mainly a slice of life/action guy. I love adventure stories where a given character goes on a quest in search of some greater end goal or desire to grow powerful. As you can probably guess, this also translates to a love of RPGs, shonen anime, and underdog stories. I'm a huge sap for romance stories but I don't appreciate ones that meander around for too long. That being said, I like romance as a way to spice up an already good plot, not as the main dish. I'm new, but I hope to have fun experiences writing with you all.

Rules and Preferences
-I will only play males as main characters, with females as secondaries. There can be exceptions to this rule if and only if the plot necessitates it and is interesting enough for me to consider.
-I prefer anime, then western drawings for face claims. I do not do real life images and prefer not to do written descriptions.
-If you pick a general fandom plot or pairing, message me with an idea unless there is already a pre-existing plot I have written there that you would want to do.
-Give me at least a paragraph to work with unless the characters are in the middle of a conversation.
-At the same time, don't fluff out paragraphs too bad. More detail is good sometimes, but after a certain point it becomes superfluous and actively detracts from the reading experience.
-This is obviously subject to change depending on the post length, but make sure you give me at least 3 posts a week. I will do the same.
-Mature content is fine, though if I want it to be the main focus I'll be coming to you.
-Be ready to tell me if you are not interested in writing with me anymore. Ghosting is annoying.

General Story Ideas
Your character is the heiress apparent of a kingdom infamous for its long history of cruelty and warmongering. While they were once a great empire——with her father leading the helm——over the past decade, he was hit with loss after loss after a supposed descendant of the God of Light singlehandedly united several of the smaller kingdoms to strike back. After numerous long and grueling battles, they eventually pulled off a large scale victory that left the kingdom in ruins.

Now, the new Queen must figure out a way to cope with the loss in territory, famine, and crippled economy that the supposed heroes of the continent inflicted. The only problem is that their culture valued strength above all else, with scholastics holding little relevance when the world seemed like it could so easily be subjugated. For years, her kingdom limps along to what seems like a certain death. That is, until one day a strange mage with a brilliant mind is found laying face down on the ground during one of her hunting trips. From that point on, their paths are intertwined. The major question is simple. Will she use his mind to repair the burnt bridges of her people? Or will she slowly walk the path of a conquerer to rebuild her lost empire?

Your character is a super genius villainess who has tried to rule the world over and over and over again. The one person constantly standing in her path is a superhero looked upon by the people as a paragon of justice. You are arch enemies whose rivalry has become legendary. Thing is, he has foiled her plans so many times that her attempts to rule the world have become almost another normal part of life for the citizens of the metropolis she tries her best to subjugate. Hell, she can walk the streets in casual clothing and people treat her more as a celebrity who's always putting on a show for them instead of the evil criminal she actually is. She has mixed feelings about this.

One day, however, there comes a time where a threat larger than she ever could be invades the Earth. A race of aliens come to invade and for the first time, the hero has met his match. He comes to her for help and she begrudgingly accepts, not liking that the spotlight is being taken off of her. Over the course of their battles together, the hero and the villainess grow closer as friends. Who knows? By the end of things, she may decide that the side of good is more fruitful than evil ever could be...

Two childhood friends grow up together privy to the world of the supernatural. They belong to a subset of humans capable of detecting and utilizing an aura that typically only belongs to mythological creatures. For years, they have been responsible for dealing with paranormal threats that have been running rampant around their hometown. After a certain point, they figured it was about time that they open up their own investigation agency for finding the root cause of seemingly paranormal consequences. Sometimes that means fighting, at other times that means negotiating, but what it always means is an exciting adventure waiting in store for the two.

In this world, the national pass time is a combat sport wherein two people with super powerful weapons are set to fight with one another. While this sport does not dominate every part of life in the world, it is prevalent enough to the point where those who are able to fight effectively are granted scholarships into prestigious schools. Thankfully, humans have evolved to be more durable than they ever have been before, so most fights end with one side unconscious or severely injured at worst...though there do exist underground matches where the participants can be left considerably worse off, to say the least.

Your character is a student of Three Dragon Academy. Are they a man or a woman? An aristocrat paying to be there or a poor student relying on a combat scholarship to stay enrolled? A weak combatant or one of superhuman prowess? That is all up to you. Only one thing is for certain, they are curious about a one armed student who has been dominating battles with but a broken blade.

*=Bold means my preferred role.

-Hunter/Vampire or Hunter
-Royal/Pirate, Thief, or Peasant.
-Monster Hunter/Monster Girl
-Delinquent/Goody Two-shoes


*Note, I would love to play against canons to my OCs for these. I'm not much for the reverse, but if you don't mind, I'm not particularly picky.

-Dark Souls/Bloodborne/Sekiro
-Granblue Fantasy
-Fate/Stay Night or Grand Order
-Shin Megami Tensei (includes mainline, Digital Devil Saga, Devil Survivor, and, of course, Persona)
-Yugioh GX (Craving some canon play for this one, but OCs are a-okay too.)
-One Piece
-Hunter x Hunter (My favorite anime of all time, have a character for this one. Would love to play against a canon girl for this one but again, love the setting so much it doesn't matter.)
-Mob Psycho 100
-One Punch Man
-Naruto (Another one I'd love a canon for.)
-Fire Emblem

Show's Over!

...And that about wraps it up! Be sure to let me know if you're interested in any of my ideas or have any of your own you'd be excited to bounce off of me. I'm a pretty open guy, so don't be afraid to ask.



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I am new to this site, but I have been role playing for years. That being said, I am in love with each of your plots. I am not certain if you are still seeking a writing partner or not.


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I am new to this site, but I have been role playing for years. That being said, I am in love with each of your plots. I am not certain if you are still seeking a writing partner or not.
I am. PM me with whichever ones you wanna do most, though.


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