Plight of Orien, the lost son

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    Night fell as a man in a black hood walked through the dense forest. His bow loaded with an arrow, he silently tracked the deer upon which he hunted. He'd tracked the deer for almost a half hour now, making good time. He knew of the threats of venturing in the woods, what lay wait for him. But the man pressed on with no fear within his deep blue determined eyes. He crept alongside the great oak, crouching. Suddenly, he stopped. A movement in the bushes from the side of him; that was not a noise any deer could make. He quickly snapped in the direction of the noise, coming face to face with a great wolf. "Eh, you guys usually hunt in pairs, so your mate has to be around here somewhere," he cooed as the bulky wolf snarled. A great wolf was much to be feared, for like and earth's hyena, it could tear through bones. This one was nearly twice the size of a normal great wolf, but didn't phase Darious. this big bulky maned dog would surly be on tonight's menu. A noise from in back told Darious that he had walked into an ambush. He released the arrow he had pointed at the wolf that stood in front of him and whirled around, loading his bow just in time. He released the arrow but it missed it's target. 'Oh man I'm in trouble!' Darious thought, rolling to one side and the furious great wolf dove in for the kill. It just got a mouthful of earth, which just made it's fury double. Darious pulled out a dagger just as the great wolf rounded on him, pushing it's weight against him. He could feel a rib break and he let out a shout of pain, then drove the dagger into the great beast's side. The wolf howled in agony as Darious twisted the blade, cutting it's sides open. The wolf fell over and Darious struggled to get up. But the arrow he had fired at this one's mate had just grazed it; and great wolves were known for avenging their fallen. It lunged at Darious, but by that time Darious had loaded his bow with another arrow and shot it through the great wolf's skull. He stood there for a few seconds, panted. He sat down next to his kill to catch his breath.

    Darious sat there for quite sometime, just catching his breath. he looked at his two attackers then back down. 'I'm sorry brother great and sister great, I had no choice,' he said a small prayer of apology to the newly stolen spirits. It was one thing to kill to eat, another to kill because you had to. And a whole different story to kill just to kill. He was honoured to have fought such worthy opponents, but wished that it could have came to an agreement then to this. Great wolves, as well as all creatures, shared a bond with the rangers. 'These two must have had it rough to have attacked me,' he thought. He looked closer; both were starved. 'No wonder'. He closed his eyes for a second to gather up everything that had just happened. But he fell asleep, his breathing constricted thanks to his injury. Memories for some reason flooded through Darious's mind; of his childhood.

    "Darious, you've got to run! Get out of here and get to safety!" a beautiful woman screamed at him. She had long wavy red hair and blue eyes to match it, her green dress framed her form. Desperation clung to her eyes, tears rolling down. Darious's father, Reggie, had already been killed. The nine year old cried. "I don't want to leave you mommy, how can I?" he cried. His mother hugged him close. "You won't be, you'll always be in my heart but right now you need to run!" without letting her son argue back, she threw him out the window and he landed into the haystack.

    His mother's scream made Darious rouse. He was twenty four now, much too old to have nightmares.
  2. It was another quiet, lonely night as Val walked the wilderness.
    It was cold and he was getting hungry, but there hadn't been a town or house in a while now and he was soon about ready to make a small camp under the next clearing he could find.
    Thankfully his fire magic, though useless as it could most often be, was good enough that he could start a nice fire.
    He shrugged at the thought and walked a bit further.

    He soon came across a decent looking place to rest and sat down, snapping twigs to make a small fire. The fire he knew might attract unwanted attention but right now he was just too worn out to care about any of that.
    He made a good pile of sticks and attempted a small fire spell to light them.
    Thankfully it worked.
    Now he had to worry about food. He looked around the area, seeing nothing near him like berries he could eat. He frowned and sat back, giving up for now.
    He didn't really actually try, but gave up all the same.
    It was too dark for him to want to wander far from his cozy fire.
  3. Samuel walked lonely through the forest. The only sound being the cracking of leaves as he stepped on them. The moonlit night should have been peaceful, however, he had just got orders from King Ladar- Kill the last of the Greyfond bloodline.

    He walked slowly, not even using magic to hide in the shadows. That is, until he heard a crackle of fire. He immediately stopped, and quickly wrapped himself in darkness. Any usual person would ignore the spot, but in light, it was less than invisible. [Just be quiet, don't move...] The mage thought.

    However, he stopped with a foot in the air, and when he gave up, his foot came down with a loud "crack" from leaves. [Oops...]
  4. "Still looking with eyes other than forward, I see Darious." Came a silent, familiar Voice. Bo'ssa was crouched by the two dead Wolves, Skinning them with a silver inlayed knife. His harshly jaggged armor moved silently with him, only sporadic, none of it was touching. just hunks of metal and hide adn fur and bone lashed to his brauny form in all the neccesary places. Bo'ssa's Equaly jagged greatsword was dug into the ground several feet from him with rust spots and more than a few scorchmarks.

    The Orc unceremoniously slung a finished hide over his shoulder with a sickening slurp. "Dead half a night by the looks of it. You should not have wandered out without telling. Aria would be..... displeased." The Orc spoke the last word with hesitation as if searching for the right term. He was wise, but not intelligent.
  5. Darious looked at the orc. "You forget yourself Bo'ssa, I am the deputy. Aria is my subordinate, why would I worry that I have displeased her?" he asked as he skinned the other wolf. He was promoted just a couple days ago, the previous deputy having died in battle. Darious was a strong warrior, he had the passion to be a true leader. He was calm, yet taught harsh lessons. He was wise most of the time but even he messed up every once in a while. Oden, his hell horse, stomped his foot with impatience. "Oden, stop that. I have taught you better," scolded Darious.
  6. "I couldn'tday, Darious." he said dryly, throwign the other hide over hsi shoulder. "Given your eye's, I won't ask if you want these hides. We live in Dire times When Even Great WOLF will risk Men's wrath for sustenance." He nodded and looked to the horse and back at Darious.

    "Shall we be getting back to camp?" he asked pointedly. Bo'ssa was usually short of words.
  7. Darious nodded. "Yeah, but we need to leave the area. Great Wolves hunt in threes usually and the third will be around here somewhere, and I would rather not face killing another creature today. i was hunting jackalopes today," Darious mounted Oden with great Wolf meat in the saddle packs. Marcus was going to wonder why Darious had went hunting alone.
  8. Thinking he was in the clear, Samuel began hovering, still holding the shadows near him. Once out of sight, he let the shadows free, and walked again, through the dark forest. "Now where could he be...?" The mage asked himself.
  9. Bo'ssa nodded and gathered his armaments, sheathing hsi massive jagged sword on his back and Running swift and heavy after Oden and Darious, keepign pace rather easily. It was alost a game these days with them, but the Orc's stamina was uncompromised.
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    Val stared like a trance at his fire, completely unaware of anything around him. He was so fixated he heard no noises or saw no movement except that of his fire.
    Suddenly he snapped out of it and got to his feet in a flash, looking around the area.
    Was there someone there?
    "H.. Hello?!" he called out, his back to the fire for protection.
    Was it bandits..? Was he going to die?
    He listened warily as he slowly began to sit back down, still scanning the darkness.
    Maybe it was just his imagination...
  11. Oden burst through the camp, running out of control yet again. "Damn it Oden stop showing off!" Darious pulled back on the reins and stopped him. Oden snorted with both amusement and frustration. Darious dismounted just as Marcus walked up. "Where were you? We have a war counsel to attend in an hour!" he snapped. Darious looked at him and sighed. "I'm back now," he replied.
  12. It was a long while since he began looking. Finding someone's was obviously hard in such a large forest. Heck, it was hard to find anything here. Well until he saw- fire, tents. Did he find it? He had to find out. He wrapped himself in shadows, and went as close as he could behind a tree. He looked as hard as he could for, apparently, Marcus and Marlynn.
  13. "Found 'im." Bo'ssa said, only about seven paces behind Oden. He looked at Marcus with unamused Eyes as he spoke.. then again, Bo'ssa always looked unamused, unassuming, and menacing.

    The two great wolf hides on his shoulder stunk of fresh meat.

    (Does Bo'ssa have any sort of position with the resistance other than grunt? never thought about that meself.))
  14. ((You can be))

    Marcus glared at Darious. "Damn it Darious when are you going to learn!" Marcus growled. Darious nodded. "I'm sorry okay?" he replied. "Besides, I spotted a good hide out."
  15. "Almost found it on the inside of a greatwolfs belly." Bo'ssa grunted, stepping past them and giving a half salute to Marcus as he went Towards his tent.


    The brauny form of the Orc Cast a leery shadow upon the tents while his footsteps brought him towards his destination. The crackle of torchfires brought his attention to a loose strap on his right shoulder. The massive plate of Iron there had rough hewn ornamentation upon it's dim polish. Symbols of Magick From Bo'ssa's people. Infront of him was an awkward shaped Tent of ruggedly stitched and expertly tanned Hides of various beasts. Centered around a lodgepole of carved totemic markings, The thick tent poles were lashed together with ropes, and Rough Nails held up various Skulls and a Few Herbs hung from sinew lines stretched across.

    It was Bo'ssa's littel piece of home in these strange lands. The journey thus far had not been Easy for him, But he'd be damned before he abandoned the ways of his people for that of the Elves or Humans.

    He reached back with a stretch fo muscles and pulled down his jagged greatsword, setting it down by the bed and sitting on a stump of wood to repair the loose strap on his pauldron.
  16. Marcus sighed and told Darious to follow him. Darious nodded and walked with his leader. "So the Freedom Fighters were spotted not far from here. I think they plan on making a move soon," Marcus started. Darious shook his head. "No, that's not the case, they were attacked last week, remember? More then half of their warriors were killed or taken prisoner," Darious replied.