Please Tell Me They Made it Bad Purposefully (Warning: Foul Language)

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  1. It's not particularly new or exciting, but please, for the love of Satan, somebody reassure me that there are not people who are genuinely this stupid.
    My inner Grammar Nazi is building another death camp as we speak.


    (Also, on the off chance that you find anything written so awfully that it makes your eyeballs throw up, please send it to me. I wish to try and see what I sound like doing a dramatic reading of such things.)

    Alright, I'm done.
  3. BWAHAHA. I love reading stuff like that out loud. It's hilarious. XD But yes, irritating, too.
  4. ...I tried to post something on this earlier. Couldn't figure out what to say. Left. Came back an hour later. and this is what I have to say;

    Go back to school people.
  5. "Well, that certainly is interesting," Iliana says, bitchily.
  6. The dramatic reading makes it even more hilarious than it already is. Seriously, I can only laugh at what this author is writing. I just hope that they have never showed it to their sister... Or if they did show it to her, she made them sit in the corner for several days straight. I needed a good laugh, though, so thank you very much, Sergean Shoveslap!
  7. You need your inner grammar Nazi checked out, since 'purposefully' is used incorrectly in your topic title. The word you're looking for, in that context, is purposely.
  8. I posted it at around half-one in the morning, with approximately four hours of sleep.
    Grammar Nazis are very busy people, and get little rest. Even they mess up sometimes.
  9. Oh my god. This is the greatest story ever! The horrendous spelling is perfect! The flow with the author notes interrupting the story is awesome. The lack of effort she put in is incredible. The story pissed me off, but I can't help but laugh because of the Narrator's awesome dramatic reading skills. Thank you for making my day.