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  1. Why hello there stranger, I'm looking for a adept 1x1 rp partner though I'd prefer Advanced. I'd like to possibly do a Bxb Roleplay, if not bxb then Gxb is fine. For the Bxb we can come up with a plot together but some of the ones I had were...
    • Cannibalistic Therapist/FBI Profiler. (Either this or the Hannibal Fandom. ;x)
    • Assassin/Rich and Elite Target.
    • Alpha/Unorthodox Omega
    • [Insert Supernatural Creature]/ Human.
    Of course there'd be plenty of NPCs Ahem or side characters and I have plots for most of these pairings. I'm really open to most ideas and have no problem with dark themes, however here are some things I can't stand.

    • Over feminine male Characters
    • People who say they can't play male roles. (That's a cop out)
    • People who respond to my 18 paragraphs with 5 sentences.
    Oooh And I also do fandom RPs . I may forget to list them all so please ask!
    • NBC Hannibal
    • Leverage
    • Bones
    • Revenge
    • Death Note
    • Fate/Zero
    • Psycho-Pass
  2. Is that cannibalistic therapist one still open? I've been looking to do something darker and that's right up my alley.
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  3. Sure thang. Pm me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.