Please, I am seeking a partner! I have been looking all over!

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  1. Hello there! I am looking for a fandom play. But it is open for changes!
    I am looking for a male, or a female that plays a male, Im not picky…But I am looking for someone to play Loki from Thor.
    A mix between the myth, the comics, and the movies.
    I am looking to pair him with his wife in myth and the comics of Sigyn.
    The plot line.
    Loki has had a crush on the Lady Sigyn since he was a child. Having grow up with other royals while living with his family in the palace of Asgard. But young boys don’t profess love to girls…they picked on them. So, as a young boy, he picked on her. All the time. But as they have grown into young adults he has began to distance himself from her, to shy to pick on her anymore. As she is to beautiful to bother.
    She is also about the be married off to a few good men. Her father, going to be the one that chooses her husband. But, Sigyn has secret eyes for one man. Loki. She speaks with him when she can, is sweet to him when they cross paths. And with the looming shadow of her father and her marriage to other men scaring her abit, she becomes more drawn to Loki.
    Dancing with him at the Summers Ball, much to her fathers displeasure.
    He announces she will be wed to a young warrior name Thedric. Both Loki and Sigyn are heart broken by this, but that will not disobey her father commands.
    But….they do see each other….in secret.
    Loki, can not continue to sneak around, he means to have her as his own.
    When Odin and a handful of his warriors, and sons, go to a near by star community to make sure the laws of Odin are being enforced on the people there…there is a small battle that takes place when the people do not just bow to Odin. During the battle…Thedric is murdered. But not by enemies hand. By Loki’s with the distraction of battle, Loki kills Thedric.
    Only to return back to Asgard, and “comfort” the now single Sigyn.
    Her father smells that something is a miss, and so does Thor. But, no one questions it. But now, Sigyns hand is free to wed.
    The storyline will twist with Thor approaching Loki about his relationship with Sigyn, lots of lies, drama, murder. Love, and lust.
    If you are interested please message me. I have been all over the internet trying to find someone to play with me lol.

  2. I don't think I'm your ideal partner (Not really into playing fandoms or romances) but you might get more takers if you don't plan it out so much. I know there are a few who are into it, but when I see a roleplay where every major plot point is already decided, I wonder why the person doesn't just write it all themselves and call it a fanfic, if they already know how they want everything to happen.

    Also, letting your partner decide how they want to play their character (they may want to copy his character from the Avengers, or just draw from the original myth), may make people more interested.

    Oh, and I'm not a romance RP-er so I may be biased, but I find that asking for a partner to pretty much play the person who's going to fall madly in love with your character, makes it sound like they'd automatically be playing a tag-along to your leading lady. Kind of a turn-off.

    Just some thoughts, they are not meant to sound mean, I'm just not very good at sugar-coating. I know how much it sucks to get frustrated looking for partners and thought I'd try to help out :)